Where is the Power Button on Hisense TV [Easy Guide]

So you just unpacked your shiny new Hisense TV. You’re eager to get it set up and start enjoying your favorite shows and movies on this top-rated television brand. But there’s one problem – you can’t seem to locate the power button anywhere on the TV to turn it on for the first time!

This is actually a common issue that many new Hisense TV owners face. The location of the power button varies considerably across different Hisense smart TV models and series.

We’ll explain exactly where to find that elusive power button on any Hisense television you might have. We’ll also cover alternative options beyond using the physical power button on the TV.

Power Button Placement Varies By Hisense TV Model

The power button placement differs depending on which Hisense TV you purchased. Modern Hisense televisions run one of several smart TV operating systems, including Roku OS, Android TV, Google TV or Fire TV.

Older VIDAA OS and XClass TV models also have power buttons in different locations.

Here is exactly where you can find the power button based on your Hisense television model:

Where is the Power Button on Hisense Roku TV?

Where is the Power Button on Hisense Roku TV

Hisense’s partnership with Roku has produced some of the most popular and highest-rated smart TVs from the brand.

If you’ve purchased a Hisense Roku TV from the R6, R7, R8 or R9 series, you’ll find the power button is conveniently located on the lower right side of the TV’s back panel.

To access it, gently pull the bottom edge of the TV screen a few inches forward. This will reveal the small power button tucked away on the bottom right rear corner of the television.

You may need to peer around the corner edge to see the actual power key imprinted with the standard power icon.

Once located, press and firmly hold this power button down for several seconds until the Hisense Roku TV powers on.

If the television was already on, holding the button will shut it down. Just be careful not to accidentally trigger a shutdown if you’re just looking for the button!

Where is the Power Button on Hisense Android TV?

Where is the Power Button on Hisense Android TV

In addition to Roku TVs, Hisense also produces smart televisions running the Android TV operating system. Models such as popular HD Android TVs like the Class H55 Series or 4K ULED Android TVs including the U6, U7 and U8 series.

On Android-based Hisense smart TV models, the power button is situated at the bottom center point on the rear of the television.

To access this bottom center power button, carefully pull the bottom edge of the TV screen forward 3-4 inches. Peer down and you should now see the small power key at the exact center point of the bottom TV frame.

Hold this bottom center power button down for a few seconds and the Hisense Android TV will spring to life.

Again, take care not to accidentally press and hold the button if the TV is currently powered on or it could initiate an unwanted shutdown.

Where is the Power Button on Hisense Google TV?

Where is the Power Button on Hisense Google TV

Google TV is the newest smart TV operating system option offered on select Hisense television models.

For Google TV editions in the Hisense lineup, the power button location is along the lower middle side region on the back of the television panel.

To reveal this side-mounted power key, gently pull the bottom bottom of the TV screen forward as you did for other models. Peer around the left or right edge until you spot the small but noticeable Hisense Google TV power button about midway up the side.

Perform a long 3-5 second press of this side-mounted power button to turn on your Hisense Google TV. You can use the same method to power down the TV if it’s already running.

Where is the Power Button on Hisense Fire TV?

Where is the Power Button on Hisense Fire TV

In partnership with Amazon, Hisense produces a line of budget-friendly smart TVs running the Fire TV operating system.

For owners of these Hisense Fire TV editions, the power button has been conveniently placed on the right side towards the bottom center of the television’s rear.

To easily access this rear bottom mounted power button, slide the Fire TV forward from its base a few inches. Look along the right side edge closest to the middle and you should see the small but visible power key.

Press and hold this bottom right power button for 3-5 seconds and your Hisense Fire TV will turn on after a brief startup sequence.

Where is Power Button on Hisense VIDAA & XClass TV?

Where is Power Button on Hisense VIDAA & XClass TV

Beyond the newest smart TV platforms like Roku, Android TV and Fire TV, Hisense has also produced televisions running older operating systems. Namely, Hisense VIDAA OS smart TVs and basic XClass TVs without any smart features.

For owners of these legacy Hisense television families, the power button location can be found along the lowermost center point on the rear of the device.

Tilt the television forward from its stand and peer down to see the power key situated on a bottom panel, centered just above ports like HDMI inputs.

Firmly hold down this solitary power button on older VIDAA and XClass models for a few seconds to power on the device from standby mode.

It takes some maneuvering to reach this bottom-mounted power position, so take care not to accidentally trigger a shutdown on an already running TV.

Using Hisense TV Remote Instead

Using Hisense TV Remote Instead

Thankfully, you don’t need to scramble around to find the built-in power button on your Hisense TV every time you want to turn it on or off.

Most Hisense television sets come bundled with the company’s custom infrared (IR) remote control. The remote features a large, dedicated power button at the very top that can be pressed to easily turn your television on or off.

So if you’ve misplaced the Hisense TV remote, try locating it to use this remote power button instead for faster and simpler day-to-day power toggling. No need to struggle reaching that rear-mounted power key!

Some modern Hisense television remotes also have power functionality accessible via:

  • Voice commands to Alexa, Google Assistant or the Hisense custom voice assistant. Just ask your voice assistant verbally to power on or off your television!
  • The Hisense Remote, NOW app available for iOS and Android mobile devices can also control power and other TV functions from your smartphone.

Leveraging voice assistants or smartphone apps can make powering your Hisense television even more seamless. Particularly if you happen to lose your physical remote or don’t want to scramble for those hard-to-reach power buttons!

Troubleshooting Hisense TV Power Issues

If pressing the power button on your Hisense TV or television remote isn’t turning the device on, don’t panic.

Here are some troubleshooting tips for a non-responsive power button on your Hisense television:

  • First, ensure the TV is plugged directly into a working GFCI electrical outlet. Try power cycling the outlet and use different outlets to rule out any outlet issues.

TV is plugged directly into a working GFCI electrical outlet

  • Try replacing the batteries in the Hisense remote control if the remote power button is unresponsive. Use brand new AA or AAA batteries based on remote model.

_AA or AAA batteries

  • In some cases, the Hisense TV itself may have a faulty internal power supply causing intermittent power failures. Contact Hisense customer service regarding repairs or replacing the faulty power supply module.
  • As a last resort, factory reset your Hisense television to wipe any glitchy software or firmware causing problems with the power and startup sequence. Just be warned that resetting removes all custom settings.

factory reset your Hisense television

  • For older Hisense TVs, the issue could simply be that the power button itself is dirty or defective from repeated pressing. Use electronic cleaner spray and gentle dabbing to clean the power button. Be careful not to get any liquids inside the TV housing though!

If all else fails, please reach out to the dedicated Hisense customer support team for personalized troubleshooting assistance. Hisense tech specialists can help diagnose if your power issues require component-level repairs.

Just be very careful not to accidentally lean, sit or press.


What if my Hisense TV has no buttons?

If your Hisense TV lacks buttons, be aware all models have a power button. Check the bottom center by the IR sensor, sides, back, or underneath based on your specific model.

Can I turn on Hisense TV without using the remote and power button?

Even without a remote or power button, you can switch on your Hisense TV. Use the RemoteNOW app or a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Where is the reset button on a Hisense TV?

You cannot find the Reset button on the Hisense-manufactured Android TV, Hisense Google TV, Hisense VIDAA TV, and Hisense XCLASS TV. If you use these models, you can use remote apps or external devices (mouse or keyboard) for navigation and reset the Hisense TV.

Do all TVs have a power button on the TV?

Many modern TVs are designed to be turned on and off using the remote control or a button on the front of the TV. Some TVs also have a power button on the side or bottom of the TV. However, some older TVs and some commercial displays may have a button on the back to turn them on.

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