How to Reset Hisense TV With & Without Remote In Minutes

We’ve all been there – one too many apps bogging things down, weird bugs popping up, or settings getting totally out of whack. Before you junk that Hisense television, try restoring it to factory fresh condition with a quick reset.

Resetting your Hisense TV clears out any glitches or corrupted data, removes bloatware apps, and restores the original software and settings. This tutorial covers multiple simple methods to factory reset your television with and without the remote in just minutes. Bid farewell to frozen screens, input lag, and performance issues!

Why Reset Your Hisense TV?

A factory reset gives your Hisense television a fresh start by erasing any problems that have built up over months or years of use:

  • Fixes software errors causing crashing, freezing apps, or glitchy picture/sound
  • Resolves connectivity problems with WiFi, HDMI or trouble pairing Bluetooth devices
  • Clears app cache/data to smooth out lagging or buggy performance
  • Wipes bloatware pre-installed channels and apps not being used
  • Restores setting changes causing problems from accidental misconfiguration
  • Prepares Hisense TV for sale – erases personal data and accounts

Why Reset Your Hisense TV

Resetting flushes out gremlins and bloat that have accumulated to bog down your television’s performance over time. This refresh often fixes common issues plaguing Hisense smart TV models. Best of all it is quick, straightforward, and makes your television feel brand new again!

First Steps – Restart/Reboot Hisense Television

Before factory resetting your Hisense TV as a last resort, the easiest first steps are to restart and soft reboot the system:

Power Cycle Hisense Smart TV

Unplug the television power cord from the electrical outlet, wait 30 seconds, and plug back in to reboot. Turn on your Hisense television – this power clear can resolve minor issues caused by app crashes or wonky standby modes.

System Software Restart

Reset functionality may be built directly into Android TV, Roku, Google TV or other Hisense smart television software itself for quick refresh and recovery.

Navigate through the settings menus:

  • Hisense Android TV – Select “Device Preferences” then choose “Restart” option
  • Hisense Google TV – Go into “Settings” then “Device” section for restart
  • Hisense Roku TV – Under “Settings” pick “System” then “Power” to restart

This quick software restart clears system memory and resets apps and connections without deleting personal data or settings. Perfect for fixing failed WiFi reregistering glitchy apps.

When to Factory Reset Hisense Television?

If rebooting or restarting the Hisense smart television does not alleviate issues with crashing, lagging, or problems connecting devices, it is likely time for a full factory restore. A few signs it’s time include:

  • Persistent screen glitches or frozen images
  • Apps frequently crashing/force closing unexpectedly
  • Remote suddenly not pairing/connecting
  • Stuck on boot screen/looping startup logo
  • General sluggish interface performance
  • Problems/errors after major software update

Resetting your Hisense TV restores the original software, clearing any corrupted files that cause these types of serious system problems. Bid adieu to bizarre issues!

How to Hard Factory Reset Hisense Smart TV

Performing a factory reset on your Hisense television erases ALL settings, wipes app storage, and returns software back to the original factory condition – as if you just opened the box for the first time again.

Back Up Important Data

Before completing a factory restore, copy important files or data off the Hisense television to external drives, cloud storage or mobile devices. Resetting erases all accounts, downloads, and personalized configuration so do not factory reset before copying anything you want to keep!

Factory Reset Methods By Hisense TV Operating System

The process differs slightly depending on which platform your Hisense television runs – here are the step-by-step methods to factory reset each:

Factory Reset Hisense Android TV

If running the Android TV smart platform, utilize these steps:

  1. Using D-pad navigation remote, go to “Settings” gear icon then scroll to “Device Preferences”
  2. Select the final option called “Backup & Reset”
  3. Choose “Factory Data Reset” option here
  4. Carefully read warning prompt then select “Erase Everything” to authorize wiping system back to factory defaults

Once reset completes, the television will reboot itself then automatically run the initial Android TV setup wizard again for WiFi and Google account linking.

Hard Reset Hisense Fire TV

For Element and other Fire TV Edition televisions here is how to factory restore:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” menu then select “Device” option

Hard Reset Hisense Fire TV

  1. Choose “Reset to Factory Defaults” – this erases all data/returns to original Fire TV OS

Choose “Reset to Factory Defaults”

  1. Confirm reset when prompted to erase all user content and personalized settings

The television will relaunch fresh Fire OS software ready for reprogramming WiFi, Amazon accounts, etc.

Factory Reset Hisense Google TV

If you own a newer model Hisense television powered by Google TV, utilize the following for factory reset:

  1. Go into “Settings” menu then select “Device Preferences

Go into “Settings” menu then select “Device Preferences”


  1. Choose the final “Reset” option then pick “Reset to factory data”

Choose the final “Reset” option then pick “Reset to factory data”

  1. Read warning prompt carefully then confirm erasing all Google TV user data

Patiently wait several minutes for the reset process to complete. The television will then relaunch fresh Google TV setup wizard to walkthrough repairing internet connectivity and logging into Google services from scratch.

Hard Reset Hisense Roku TV

For Roku smart TV platform models, factory reset with these simple steps:

  1. Open “Settings” menu and go to “Advanced System Settings”

Open “Settings” menu and go to “Advanced System Settings”

  1. Highlight and select Factory Reset to wipe Roku settings

Highlight and select Factory Reset to wipe Roku settings

  1. Confirm reset when prompted to erase all user data/settings

Once the reset completes, relaunch Roku’s initial setup to reprogram WiFi network credentials and Roku accounts.

Factory Reset Hisense VIDAA TV

For ULED models running the custom VIDAA Linux smart interface:

  1. Ensure TV is powered off then press and hold the “Settings” button on remote for 8+ seconds until recovery mode logo boots up

Factory Reset Hisense VIDAA TV

  1. This opens hidden utility menu – immediately select “Factory Data Reset” option

Factory Data Reset” option

  1. Pick reset and authorize erasing all user data to complete factory restore process

Television will automatically reboot into initialization where everything originally configured like inputs and WiFi will need to be set up again from scratch.

Factory Reset Hisense XClass TV

Only relevant for premium 2022 models like the U6H, U7H, U8H, etc. Utilize button on TV panel itself:

  • Press and hold front power button to force shut off television

Factory Reset Hisense XClass TV

  • Again press and HOLD power button until hidden System Recovery menu appears after 1 minute
  • Navigate recovery menu using volume/channel buttons on the TV set itself to highlight and select “Factory Reset Everything

TV set itself to highlight and select “Factory Reset Everything”

  • Confirm factory reset to erase all user data and restore to factory defaults

LCD display will go black when finished and power back on asking to re-run setup wizard.

Alternative Ways to Reset Hisense TV Without Remote

Did you lose or misplace the remote? Not to worry – Hisense televisions can also factory reset directly using buttons on the TV panel itself.

Here is the process:

  1. Ensure Hisense television is powered off and unplug from electrical outlet
  2. Press and HOLD the power button on the TV set (not remote) for 20-30 seconds until logo boot screen illuminates
  3. Continue holding power button for additional 10+ seconds once logo appears to enter Recovery Mode
  4. Use volume +/- keys on the panel to navigate factory reset menu option
  5. Select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option and confirm to erase all content and settings

Utilizing these alternative steps allows restoring smart functionality minus the remote even if display screen is totally glitched and unusable.

What Changes After Factory Resetting Hisense TV?

Wiping all television data brings software, apps and settings back to day one condition. Here is what to expect:

  • Removes all downloaded apps, games, channel preferences
  • Reinstalls the factory version of your operating system

Reinstalls the factory version of your operating system

  • Deletes all usernames, passwords, WiFi network profiles
  • Clears all continuity/pairing connections to mobile devices
  • Reboots fresh out-of-box setup wizard process

Personalized configurations and user storage get cleared out. But core Hisense television functionality resumes utilizing original software drivers. This retains HDMI ports, picture/audio profiles ready for fresh programming.

If running a Hisense smart TV, the platform’s operating system also returns to factory condition:

  • Android TV models restore pure Android interface and native apps like Play Store
  • VIDAA Linux reverts to base open-source smart TV environment
  • Roku TV resets Roku OS and ability to once the reset completes, the Hisense TV reboots itself and launches the initial setup wizard – almost like when first unboxing it from the store.

Follow on-screen cues to reconnect WiFi, relink accounts, rescan channels, and reprogram devices or streaming apps. This reconfiguration only takes a few minutes.

Tip: Have your WiFi password handy! Modern televisions disable many functions until establishing internet connectivity again.

Here are some quick things to re-personalize:

  • Set up WiFi connecting to your home network
  • Sign into smart TV accounts like Google or Amazon
  • Scan OTA antenna channels and add cable box or streaming devices

Scan OTA antenna channels and add cable box or streaming devices

Enjoy a like-new viewing experience! A factory reset often resolves even the strangest issues while allowing fresh programming tailored exactly how you want.


What if factory reset fails to reboot TV past logo screen?

Force shutdown by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds. Unplug the Hisense television for 2 minutes then reconnect and retry holding volume down + power button simultaneously until the boot screen appears properly for resetting.

What reappears after factory resetting Hisense television?

While all customized settings and data will be erased, the original version of the Android TV operating system and core Hisense apps will still load after a reset to resume normal functioning.

Will I need to rescan channels after factory reset?

Yes! Stations, external devices, applications, and WiFi settings will need to be reprogrammed from scratch. Luckily running through initial setup menus is quick and easy.

Can factory reset fix screen discoloration or burn-in on my Hisense TV?

Unfortunately no – resetting software cannot repair any physical display damage or worn out panel components. Screen uniformity issues require professional repair or panel replacement.

How long does a factory reset take on Hisense smart TVs?

The process itself only takes 2-4 minutes to complete. But factoring in reboot time and reconfiguration, plan on about 10-15 minutes total. Much quicker than troubleshooting obscure glitches!

Don’t Trash It – Reset It!

Before replacing your Hisense TV or paying for expensive technician repairs, take a few minutes to restart and reset built-in software. This refresh often resolves the most frustrating issues with crashing, freezing, connectivity problems or general sluggishness.

Factory resetting rewinds performance and functionality back to day one condition. Allowing you to easily reboot the television yourself without waiting days for service calls.

So don’t haul that glitchy Hisense TV to the curb just yet! Erase gremlins, clear corrupted memory, and flush out problems by resetting to factory condition. Then enjoy your freshly restored set for years to come.

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