How to Use Hisense TV Without Remote (Detailed Guide)

So your Hisense television remote stopped working, is lost in the abyss behind your entertainment center, or just won’t connect no matter how much you wave it around? Don’t panic. Even without the standard remote control, you can still access the essential functions and even smart features on your Hisense TV. This guide covers several methods for capably operating your Hisense television sans remote.

Top Reasons You Might Need to Utilize Your Smart TV Without a Remote

A number misfortunes can befall your Hisense remote leading you to need alternative ways to control, navigate and enjoy using the television. Common causes include:

Misplaced Remote Between Couch Cushions

Misplaced Remote Between Couch Cushions


The living room sofa with its expansive cushions so comfortable for bingeing the latest Netflix show also perfectly camouflages small dark remotes. Check down under and through the sides of the couch thoroughly if your Hisense’s remote seems to have vanished.

Pet Mistook It for Chew Toy

Pet Mistook It for Chew Toy

Dogs and cats can sometimes mistake remote controls for playthings. Ensure your furry friends don’t run off with the Hisense clicker when you’re not looking and treat it as a chew toy. The residual slobber stains and tooth marks diminish functionality!

Spilled Drink Soaked It

Spilled Drink Soaked It

Beverage spills spell disaster for remote controls. With all their sensitive internal circuitry and mechanisms they suffer significant impairment when soggy. Try the rice trick to dry it out if your remote gets soaked. But chances are it’s a goner if submerged.

Errant Throw Destroyed It

Errant Throw Destroyed It

Anger and aggressive gestures don’t mix well with small electrical devices. Throwing the remote in a fit of frustration because your favorite team is losing or show won’t load usually ends with a one-way trip to the trash. Handle gently even when mad!

Rambunctious Kids Buried It

Curious children captivated by all things technical and blinking often snatch remote controls without permission. Make sure to check under toy boxes, in closets, down heating vents, and other favorite hiding spots if kids frequent the area. Their tiny hands are at fault for many “vanished” clickers.

Dead Batteries Stopped It Cold

Battery failure remains one of the most common reasons remote controls cease working. Locate replacement cells or USB charging cords to restore your inoperative Hisense remote to working order. Proactively swapping batteries every few months helps. Recharging when low prevents avoidable failures.

General Wear and Tear From Heavy Use

For families or housemates cramming multiple hours of television enjoyment each day, remote controls endure quite a usage beating. Hundreds of button clicks daily eventually stress internal components causing chronic issues or outright failures. Consider the total lifespan and treat gently!

While losing the standard remote curtails ease of use, don’t fret. We’ll explore alternatives shortly! First, let’s summarize what functionality living without the Hisense clicker sacrifices when operating the television.

Core Functions Lost Without Hisense TV Remote

The remote control packed alongside your smart television provides maximum convenience toggling settings, navigating menus, traversing apps and more. Losing it means losing:

  • Channel surfing abilities – No numbers or channel up/down. Scrolling through channels manually on-screen grows tedious fast.
  • Text entry – Remotes feature full keyboards for painless text input. Using on-screen tools proves clunky.
  • Smart control – Access to apps, voice systems, and core software require remote navigation.
  • Playback manipulation – Play/pause, fast forward/rewind, skipping through shows all need that remote.
  • Advanced options – Niche toggles like closed captioning, languages, and sleep settings.
  • Simplified adjustments – Audio limiting or boosting? Picture tweaks? Remote makes it easy.
  • Support for 3rd party devices – Many accessories sync programming via the remote. Sans clicker they don’t work.
  • Motion control and pointing – Some remotes feature gyroscopes for gestures and gaming.

While mostly first world problems, losing these conveniences while trying to enjoy television proves frustrating. Now let’s explore ways to cope minus the remote!

How To Utilize Hisense TV Without Remote Control

Luckily Hisense sets don’t leave you completely high and dry without the standard remote clicker. You can leverage:

Manual Buttons On TV

Manual Buttons On TV

Every Hisense television features a series on-set manual buttons for core functionality including:

  • Power – Switching the set on/off
  • Channel – Up and down buttons
  • Volume – Audio level adjustments
  • Input – Toggle amongst devices like game consoles
  • Menu/Settings – Open the configuration sidebar
  • Additional – extras like Google Assistant or Factory Reset
  • Additional - extras like Google Assistant or Factory ResetWhile limited, these buttons enable basic power, channel, volume, input, and settings modifications without a remote. Use cautions when pressing menu buttons as accidentally factory resetting the entire TV proves possible!

Hisense Remote Control Mobile Apps

Hisense smart sets work with dedicated remote apps downloadable on mobile devices. Options like:

Roku TV Remote App

Roku TV Remote App

The official Roku app syncs with applicable models providing remote capabilities like:

  • Navigation buttons

Navigation buttons

  • Keyboard input
  • Voice commands

Voice commands

  • Automatic pairing
    This grants full smart TV control just like the physical remote.

Remote NOW App

Remote NOW App

Remote NOW equips similar remote functionality including:

  • App and menu navigation

App and menu navigation

  • Keyboard input
  • Settings adjustments
  • Automatic pairing
    Check Hisense model details before downloading to ensure compatibility.

IR Mobile Phone Control Apps

IR Mobile Phone Control Apps

Generic infrared IR mobile apps enable limited remote control via smartphones. Options to investigate:

  • Sure Universal Remote – Free IR remote
  • Remote Duck – Multi-device control app
    Functionality depends on smartphone IR blaster support but can toggle basics like power, volume, and channels.

External Media Devices with HDMI-CEC

External Media Devices with HDMI-CEC

Modern game consoles, streaming sticks and Blu-ray players often include HDMI-Consumer Electronics Control. This lets connected play/streaming devices command basics including:

  • Toggle TV power on/off
  • Switch inputs
  • Adjust volume
  • Control media playback
    Verify your Hisense model specifications list HDMI-CEC support. Then use your Xbox or Fire TV Stick for essential navigation by powers of CEC!

Aftermarket Universal Remote Controls

Aftermarket Universal Remote Controls

Don’t overlook replacement universal remotes providing consolidated control including:

  • Buttons mimicking lost remote

Buttons mimicking lost remote

  • Programmable activities
  • Support for 3rd party devices
    Models like Logitech Harmony remotes deliver the experience closest to the original remote. Though complex initial programming may be involved.

Handy Tips For Surviving Sans Hisense TV Remote

Keep these pointers in mind coping when lacking your remote:

  • Prevent solvable issues Maintain spare batteries. Recharge rechargeable remotes routinely. Store the remote carefully in a consistent marked spot for all household members.

Maintain spare batteries.

  • Use locating features – Many Hisense TVs include remote finder functions causing the missing unit to beep and betray its location audibly.
  • Consider cost-effective backup clicker – Affordable replacement Hisense remotes exist as handy backups for seamless replacements when originals go missing.
  • Consolidate devices through CEC – Reduce dependency on the easy-to-lose TV remote by programming your Xbox or streaming stick as a surrogate.
  • Accept limitations – Not every remote function proves replicable. But you can cope with workarounds for most features.

Getting accustomed to life without that familiar remote control introduces some hurdles. But don’t pull your hair out. Employ the tips and alternatives outlined here to comfortably command your Hisense television what that pesky clicker goes AWOL. Now flip open the couch cushions and dig around for it just one more time!

Troubleshooting Tips When Hisense TV Remote Not Working

Before pursuing the remote alternatives outlined so far, double check a few quick troubleshooting steps to revive your existing Hisense remote on the fritz:

  • Check Batteries

Check Batteries

Seems obvious, but flip that remote over and check the battery compartment. Dead, missing or improperly inserted batteries remain the most common culprit behind remote woes. Try fresh cells before assuming complete failure.

  • Inspect for Damage

Closely examine the external remote housing and buttons for any visible damage. Cracks, chips or malformations indicate potentially extensive internal damage behind erratic operation.

  • Remove Interference

Nearby items like stereos, microwaves or baby monitors transmitting interfering signals can hamper IR remote communication. Change positions and locations to restore connectivity.

  • Reset and Re-Pair Remote

Reset and Re-Pair Remote

Utilize the pinhole reset button on the back of the remote to reboot its core programming and then re-initiate pairing with the TV set using on-screen prompts.

  • Try Different Batteries

Not all battery brands equip equal operating lives and voltage in remote controls. Swap out AAA or AA cells for fresh batches from manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, or Energizer observing improvements.

  • Update TV and Remote Firmware

Like computers, television sets and components like remotes require periodic software and firmware upgrades improve functionality. Initiate updates using USB drives for the set and remote aiming to patch bugs.

  • Factory Reset the Television

If other troubleshooting fails, completely factory reset the Hisense TV to clear any system gremlins then program from scratch. Backup settings first before wiping devices.

When To Accept Your Hisense TV Remote is Beyond Repair

While the tips above resuscitate many remotes on the brink, at some point durability declines enough to warrant replacement. Signs your device qualifies for retirement include:

  • Missing components – Important elements like battery covers frequently become misplaced rendering them useless.
  • Visible exterior damage – Cracked casing indicates excessive wear and tear that permeates deeper internally.
  • Liquid damage – Moisture short circuits electronics. Attempting repair proves fruitless.
  • Chronic unresponsiveness – Erractic, infrequent command support makes the remote unusable for daily viewing.
  • Failed firmware updates – Software updates rarely succeed on unstable hardware.
  • No longer charges – Rechargeable remotes not accepting or retaining charges indicate unrecoverable battery failure.
  • Replacement costs outweigh new remote price – Don’t sink excessive money into obsolete components. Newer models with better technology offer better value.

While certainly an inconvenience, an aging and damaged remote ultimately necessitates retirement. Using the alternative control schemes mentioned earlier helps bridge the gap until acquiring a replacement remote.

Buying Replacement Hisense TV Remotes

When the age of your original equipment Hisense television remote ends, purchasing an affordable replacement with comparable functionality proves simple. Shop options like:

Hisense Direct

Check and support sites for model-specific replacements with accurate button mapping and programming. Expect prices between $15-50.


Search Amazon product listings for suitable universals like the SOAIY 2-Device Remote claiming Hisense model compatibility. Vet reviews before purchasing.


Brick and mortar retailers like Walmart stock third party replacement remotes compatible with major brands like Hisense TVs. Utilize free grocery pickup ordering if available.


Vintage television collectors frequent eBay with device expertise. Search for reputable sellers providing modern Hisense remotes or refurbished OEM models.

While buying online provides tempting convenience, take care vetting seller claims around remote compatibility and functionality support.

Final Tips For Smoothly Adapting to Losing Hisense TV Remote

Hopefully exploring the ways to command your Hisense television sans standard remote here calms frustrations over losing that tiny key to viewing enjoyment. A few final pointers adjusting without it:

  • Don’t panic – Losing the clicker doesn’t render the TV useless. Workarounds exist!
  • Avoid damage – Handle malfunctioning remotes gently to prevent exacerbating issues.
  • Research model-specific solutions – Compatibility varies across Hisense sets. Focus troubleshooting accordingly.
  • Bookmark alternative control apps – Download supplemental mobile software providing backup remote capabilities before problems occur.

Leverage these handy tips and tools to gracefully adapt when losing your Hisense television remote control. Master buttons on the TV itself, supplemental mobile apps, CEC-enabled media devices, and replacement universal remotes keep viewing a breeze. Soon you’ll forget that pesky original remote even exists!

Using Voice Assistants to Control Hisense TV Without Remote

Using Voice Assistants to Control Hisense TV Without Remote

Voice-based digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant offer another hands-free mechanism for managing core smart TV functionality.


Getting started with voice-based TV control requires:

  • TV with built-in microphone for receiving spoken commands OR
  • Connected external mic-enabled smart speaker
  • Updated firmware enabling control
  • Synced account linking TV and assistant ecosystems

Common Voice Commands

Once set up and permissions enabled, use voice statements like:

  • “Alexa/Hey Google, turn on/off Hisense TV”
  • “Alexa/Hey Google, set volume to 50 [or other number] on Hisense TV”
  • “Alexa/Hey Google, change channel to ESPN on Hisense TV”
  • “Alexa/Hey Google, switch input to HDMI 1 [or other input]”

This handles various power, volume, channel and input commands. Navigation proves limited but meets some basic viewing needs.


Voice-based systems lack capabilities like:

  • App, menu and platform navigation
  • Granular system adjustments
  • Text entry
  • Playback control

Vocal utterances mainly toggle basics only. Review assistant app details for all compatible interactions.

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