How to Factory Reset Hisense TV Remote of All Models Instantly

Is your Hisense television remote control giving you fits? Does it freeze up, respond intermittently, or not work at all? Before you trash it and buy a replacement, try resetting the remote first. Resetting your Hisense TV remote essentially restores it to factory default settings, often fixing quirky behaviors and re-pairing it with your television. The good news is every Hisense TV remote can be reset regardless of model. And the process only takes minutes!

Why Reset Your Hisense TV Remote

Resetting your faulty remote should always be step number one. Why? Factory resetting it back to original settings has so many benefits:

  • Fixes Frozen or Unresponsive Remote Issues – If certain remote buttons don’t work or intermittent signal problems, a fresh start clears out any glitches. Both infrared (IR) and Bluetooth connectivity issues causing remote lag can be helped through resets.
  • Resyncs Connection Between the Remote and TV – With remotes disconnected or de-paired from your set, restoring default configuration permits re-pairing quickly. Now you can power on/off and control channels again.
  • Erases Any Erroneous Reprogrammed Buttons – Bizarre issues arise when remote button assignments get altered accidentally. Resets clear this. Volume and channel controls will correctly map again after a Hisense remote factory reset.
  • It’s Fast and Convenient – Whole reset process takes just minutes with a paperclip or pen tip, right from your couch. No need to locate boxes and manuals. Certainly beats ordering replacements and waiting days for delivery before you can use TV normally again.
  • Saves Money Over Buying New Remotes – Latest Hisense television remote controls don’t come cheap, especially if needing multiple for families and man caves. For less aggravation and about $20-30 dollars back in your wallet, start with a DIY factory reset first.

So before tossing your Hisense TV remote in the trash in frustration, follow our model-specific reset guides below. There’s an excellent chance restoring factory defaults revives and re-syncs it to have your remote working smoothly again in minutes!

Preparation Before Resetting Hisense Remotes

To ensure your specific Hisense TV remote resets correctly:

  • Locate TV Model – Your Hisense television model number is key. It’s usually printed on a label at the rear. This precisely identifies which remote you own since they can vary by TV model series.
  • Check Remote Model Too – Is it a Roku, Alexa Voice, Google TV or other special Hisense remote? Their reset processes differ a bit. Unless remote model is apparent from buttons, back label may reveal precise model.
  • Get Paperclip or Pen Ready – Nearly all Hisense TV remotes have a tiny reset “button” on the rear that requires a clipped paper tip to press not fingers. Ensure you locate one first.
  • Have New Batteries Handy – We recommend inserting fresh remote batteries before and/or after factory resetting. Eliminate low battery issues potentially complicating remote fixes.
  • Know Correct Re-pairing Process – Most Hisense remotes must be re-paired to your TV after being reset. Your TV likely has its own pairing button. Owner’s manual has instructions too if unsure.

Okay let’s jump in to reset methods for popular Hisense television remote control models…

Factory Resetting Hisense Roku TV Remotes

Hisense makes both Roku TVs with basic infrared (IR) remotes and enhanced Roku Voice remotes. Here’s how to factory reset both Roku remote varieties to have them working perfectly again:

Resetting Roku Infrared Simple Remote

  1. Ensure your Hisense Roku TV is powered on if not already. You must reset with TV active.
  2. Locate tiny Reset button hole along top edge at the rear of remote.

Locate tiny Reset button

    3. Insert paperclip end and press/hold tiny Reset button inside hole.

    4. With reset button still depressed, press/release Power button once only.

    5. Rapid blinking from status light atop remote indicates successful reset sequence initiated.

    6. Release reset button whenever blinking status light appears.

This resets your Hisense Roku IR remote. But wait – reconnecting it it to the television is still required after!

Resetting Roku Voice Remote

  1. Turn on Hisense Roku TV if not on already.
  2. Find the miniscule Reset button hole along rear edge as before.

Find the miniscule Reset button hole

     3. Insert paperclip and press/hold the reset button down.

     4. While still holding reset depressed, tap either Power button or Voice button once only.

     5. When tiny status light blinks quickly, release reset hole – remote is reset!

Be sure to re-pair whichever Roku remote by carefully following TV screen instructions or manual after resets complete. Once reconnected, give buttons a test. With any luck, your formerly frozen or problematic remote resets back to full working order without needing replacement!

Resetting Alexa and Other Hisense Smart TV Remotes

Hisense also makes smart TVs powered by Fire TV, Google TV, Android and proprietary VIDAA operating systems. Their specific remotes reset a little differently:

Factory Resetting Alexa Fire TV Remote

Presshold Quick Settings shortcut button for about 5 seconds.

  1. Press/hold Quick Settings shortcut button for about 5 seconds.
  2. The remote LED will blink twice when successfully reset to factory fresh state.

Resetting Voice Control Fire TV Remote

  1. Press and hold Home button and Fast Forward/Skip button together for 10 seconds.

Press and hold Home button and Fast ForwardSkip button together for 10 seconds.

    2. LED shifts colors from orange to yellow when reset.

Be sure to re-pair Fire TV remotes to sync again after resetting.

Factory Resetting Google TV Remote

  1. Press/hold Back button and Home button simultaneously for 6-10 seconds.

Presshold Back button and Home button simultaneously for 6-10 seconds.

    2. Release when front LED light glows signaling successful reset.

Resetting Android TV Remote

  1. Press/hold Settings button until remote LED blinks once.

Presshold Settings button until remote LED blinks once.

     2. Enter 981 on number buttons.

     3. Remote resets to factory out-of-box settings.

Factory Resetting VIDAA Smart TV Remote

  1. Find tiny Reset hole along rear edge beside batteries.
  2. Press/hold for 3+ seconds with paperclip until remote LED glows.
  3. Voila! VIDAA TV remote resets to factory specifications.

Remember for each to re-pair remote with television afterwards before testing.

Troubleshooting Hisense Remote Problems After Resets

You followed step-by-step reset instructions carefully but your Hisense television remote still has issues? Before panicking, try these quick troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure batteries tested good or insert fresh ones in remote. Weak batteries are often the culprit with remote timeouts and spotty responses.
  • Check for obstructions between the remote and Hisense television receiver. Remote signals can’t pass through walls or cabinets as easily. Consider repositioning.
  • Too much light interference in a room decreases IR remote signal effectiveness. Dim bright overhead lights and draw blinds if remote behaves unusually only at certain times of day for no clear reason.
  • Reset the remote again holding reset button down longer. And triple check re-pairing the remote to your specific Hisense television afterwards. Being paired is mandatory for proper functioning.
  • Still having issues? Contact Hisense Support online or via phone for guidance. Customer service can confirm whether reset procedure was done correctly for that model’s remote. Factory resets seldom fail when steps followed precisely.

Be systematic eliminating variables with remote resets before declaring it broken. In over 90% of cases, a factory fresh start rescues problematic Hisense TV remotes, saving owners headaches and expense. Our simplified resets guides take the guesswork out making non-responsive controls work reliably again.

Quick Recap – Factory Resetting Hisense TV Remotes

Here are the key takeaways to recap factory reset procedures for reprogramming your Hisense television remote control:

  • Reset each remote from powered TV since steps differ between models
  • Initiate the reset pressing and holding the rear reset hole/button
  • For most models, additionally press a front button once while still holding reset
  • Watch for LED status indicator to blink rapidly or glow reset achieved
  • Release reset button whenever indicator light appears
  • Re-pair remote with TV immediately after reset completing
  • Test remote buttons thoroughly once TV recognizes remote again!

Restoring that faulty Hisense remote that’s driving you crazy truly is as straightforward as it sounds. So before replacing it, take just a few minutes attempting a factory reset first. There’s excellent chances responsive control gets restored pronto.


What is remote factory reset?

In a remote working reality, organizations wishing to manage the risk of lost, stolen, or misused devices need remote wipe capabilities. The ability to factory reset devices, delete data, and restore the manufacturer’s default settings, is ideal when preparing devices for a new owner.

Can you factory reset a device remotely?

Once the Android Device Manager is active you can access the lost or erase functions through the Android Device Manager website. You can select your device and issue a lock or erase command.

How do I reset my Hisense TV without the remote?

If you have a newer Hisense Roku or Android TV, there’s a handy little button in the back that easily resets the TV. Just use a toothpick, paintbrush, knitting needle, or tiny musket end from one of those green army man toys, and press the button for 15 seconds.

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