Where is HDMI Port on LG TV? 

We’ve all been there – excited to connect a new Blu-ray player, gaming console, or streaming stick to your shiny new LG TV only to be left wandering aimlessly around the back searching for that elusive HDMI port. HDMI ports allow you to connect a variety of external devices to your LG TV to display high-quality video and audio, but their location varies across LG’s different smart TV model lines.

This guide will show you exactly where to find the HDMI ports on any LG TV from their latest 2023 OLEDs all the way back to older models from the early 2010s. No more squinting at tiny labels or guessing which input is which!

HDMI Port Location Varies By LG TV Series

The location of HDMI ports on the back or side of LG TVs differs depending on which model series you have:

  • OLED TVs – Centralized port area in middle of back
  • NanoCell TVs – Ports clustered in center back
  • UHD/UHDTVs – Centered HDMI ports
  • Older LG TVs (pre-2019) – HDMI ports along edges

This is because the internal design and components of each LG TV series varies, which affects port configuration. Once you know whether you have an OLED, NanoCell, UHD, or older LG model, it’s easy to pinpoint where the HDMI ports will be.

OLED Series TVs

All current LG OLED TVs from the C3 back to older models like the C7 position HDMI ports in a neat row in the middle of the TV’s back panel. This centralized input hub makes connecting media devices easy:

  • 2023 LG OLED C3 Series – HDMI 1-4
  • 2022 LG OLED G3 Series – HDMI 1-4
  • 2021 LG OLED C1 Series – HDMI 1-4
  • 2020 LG OLED CX Series – HDMI 1-4
  • 2019 LG OLED C9 Series – HDMI 1-4
  • 2018 LG OLED C8 Series – HDMI 1/ARC, 2-4

Older OLED models like the LG C7 and B7 also share this centered HDMI layout. So no matter which contemporary LG OLED TV you have, you can count on finding HDMI ports clustered together in the middle of the backside.

Center back HDMI hub typical on LG OLED TV models

NanoCell and UHD TV Series

NanoCell and UHD TV Series

LG NanoCell and UHD/4K TVs use an HDMI configuration similar to OLED models, with ports grouped together rather than spaced along the edges.

For both 2021 and 2022 LG NanoCell models in series like NANO75, NANO80, and NANO90, you’ll find HDMI ports clustered in a block in the middle:

  • 2022 LG NanoCell 75 Series – HDMI 1-3
  • 2021 LG NanoCell 85 Series – HDMI 1-4

LG’s entry level UHD/4K TV lineup like the UN73 and UN70 series position ports the same way. So no hunting along the edges needed:

  • 2022 LG UHD 73 Series – HDMI 1-3
  • 2021 LG UHD 6970 Series – HDMI 1-3

Simply look behind any contemporary mainstream LG LED 4K television and you’ll quickly spot the HDMI input area thanks to the standardized middle port placement.

Older LG TV Models (pre-2019)

If you have an especially old LG TV predating 2019 like a SK8000 or UH8500 model, HDMI ports were positioned further apart,spread along the left and right edges of the back panel rather than centrally clustered.

For instance, this is what you would find on a classic LG LED model like the 55LF6000 from 2015:

  • HDMI 1 – Far left side
  • HDMI 2 – Left middle side
  • HDMI 3 – Right middle side
  • HDMI 4 – Far right side

So for vintage LG TVs, you’ll need to scan the edges to locate HDMI inputs rather than simply looking in the middle.

Thankfully contemporary LG televisions have now standardized on a convenient centralized HDMI hub configuration for easy media device connections.

HDMI ARC and eARC Explained


Before connecting devices, it helps to understand the different types of HDMI ports on LG TVs. Some are basic inputs while others support advanced audio transmission capabilities:

  • Standard HDMI – Carries only video/sound from devices to TV
  • HDMI ARC – Also conveys TV audio out to sound system
  • HDMI eARC – Enhanced ARC for uncompressed sound

HDMI ARC (audio return channel) ports can accept input from devices while also doubling as an audio output that transmits sound from the LG TV’s built-in streaming apps or live channels to an external speaker system.

HDMI eARC builds on standard ARC by adding bandwidth for lossless high-resolution audio formats like Dolby Atmos for truly immersive sound.

So when connecting a soundbar, AV receiver, or speaker system, be sure to use the dedicated HDMI ARC/eARC port on your LG TV rather than a standard HDMI input. Most LG sets label the special audio-enabled output clearly as HDMI ARC.

How to Tell HDMI Ports Apart

In addition to the HDMI ARC label that distinguishes that port from regular HDMI inputs, there are a few other easy ways to identify which HDMI is which on your LG’s back panel:

  • Port Labels – Most models have HDMI 1, HDMI 2 etc. marked next to each input.
  • Positioning – HDMI ARC is often the middle port
  • TV Onscreen Labels – Source selection menu labels each

So if you still aren’t sure whether to use HDMI IN 3 or HDMI 2 for your Xbox Series X, just connect it, power on the console, switch TV inputs, and look for the “Xbox” label to confirm which is which.

Finding where LG has tucked away HDMI ports is no longer a blind search thanks to their newer standardized centrally located input hubs, labeled ARC audio outputs, and handy built-in port identification.

Now you can set up rear speaker surround sound or dive into the latest 4K HDR video game without squinting at tiny text or trying to trace cables in frustration. Just plug confidently into the clearly marked HDMI input section located right in the middle of the back panel on any recent LG television.

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