How to use PixWox? A Complete Guide

PixWox is a popular Chrome extension that allows users to easily download content from Instagram. With PixWox, you can download photos, videos, Instagram stories, IGTV videos, reels and more to view and save offline. This handy extension also includes editing tools to customize images with stylish frames, photo effects, and face swapping capabilities.

In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of PixWox along with step-by-step instructions on using key features.

What is Pixwox?

PixWox is a free Chrome browser extension that interfaces with Instagram to help users download and enhance photos and videos.

What is Pixwox

It was created by the tech company Technowake and has become a top-rated Instagram enhancement tool. PixWox is only available as a Chrome browser extension and allows logged-in Instagram users to:

  • Download Instagram photos and videos
  • View and download Instagram Stories
  • Apply editing tools like frames, effects, filters
  • Download Instagram albums and IGTV videos
  • Swap faces in photos with the “Exchanging” tool

PixWox serves as an Instagram viewer, content downloader, and editing toolbox to customize the media and images you save from Instagram profiles and posts.

Key Feature Description
Downloads Save Instagram photos, videos, Stories, albums, IGTV
Effects Enhance images with filters and editing options
Exchanging Swap faces in photos with personalized face datasets
Frames Add stylish borders and frames around profile pictures or photos

So whether you want to view an Instagram story without the author knowing or create a customized profile frame, PixWox provides the capabilities.

How to use PixWox?

PixWox runs as a browser extension within Google Chrome desktop browser. So the first step is:

Use PixWox on Chrome

To use PixWox, you’ll need to download and install the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Once installed, simply click on the PixWox icon in the top right corner of Chrome to launch the extension. You’ll be prompted to log into your Instagram account. Enter your username and password to access Instagram through PixWox.

Then navigate to any Instagram profile or post and click on the PixWox icon next to the username or post to start downloading that user’s content.

The PixWox interface is easy to use. It resembles Instagram but adds options to save media to your desktop.

How do you use PixWox to download and view an Insta Story and video?

To download and view Instagram Stories using the PixWox Instagram story viewer:

  • Navigate to the Instagram profile page of the user whose Story you want to secretly view
  • Make sure the blue circle indicator shows they have an active Story
  • Click on the PixWox browser extension icon next to their username
  • Select “Stories” from the dropdown menu
  • Choose the video quality (HD recommended)
  • Click on the downward arrow icon to download the user’s full story
  • View the downloaded Instagram Story in the “Stories” section of PixWox

The same general process applies to downloading single Instagram photos or videos:

  • Go to the post you want to download
  • Click the PixWox extension icon
  • Select download format (JPEG, PNG, or MP4 for video)
  • Adjust quality if desired
  • Click the download icon and view in your device folders

How do you use Pixwox’s different options in the interface?

How do you use Pixwox's different options in the interface

PixWox has tabs across the top of the interface that allow you to access specialized downloading and editing capabilities.


The Frames feature allows users to create customized frames and borders around their Instagram profile pictures or other photos:

  • Click on the Frames tab in PixWox
  • Browse frame styles like Flowers, Love, Winter, Butterflies
  • Select color scheme and adjustments
  • Upload a photo from your desktop
  • Position and adjust the frame overlay
  • Download the photo or save to use as a profile picture


Exchanging lets users pick an existing photo and swap one person’s face with a different face:

  • Import a group photo into PixWox using Exchanging
  • Select the face to replace with the face selector
  • Upload a preferred face photo
  • Adjust sizing and positioning
  • Apply additional touch ups like skin smoothing
  • Export the exchanged photo with new face


The Effects tool allows applying filters and edits like:


  • Brightness and contrast
  • Hue and saturation tweaks
  • Photo effects like Chrome, Moonlight, Summer
  • Blemish remover
  • Vignette filters
  • Text and emoji overlays


The Photos tab shows all images on a user’s Instagram profile. You can scroll through and download photos individually or bulk download a user’s entire Instagram photo feed.


Albums downloads the collections of images users share in Instagram albums. Rather than downloading photos one by one, you can grab an entire album and save media bundles locally using PixWox.

Pixwox Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Download various Instagram content Does not save Instagram captions or data
Editing tools like frames, effects, filters Compatible only with Chrome desktop browser
Simple install as a Chrome browser extension
Free and fast downloads



PixWox provides an easy way to bulk download Instagram content like photos, videos, and Stories to your device. The editing options also allow you to get creative with filters, text additions, frames, face swaps, and touch up effects.

It’s a free helper extension for both downloading your photos for backup as well as customizing media before sharing or saving them. The tools enable using Instagram content beyond the app itself.

Just keep in mind PixWox only works on the Chrome desktop browser after logging into your Instagram profile. But for easy and versatile saving or editing, it’s a handy one-stop Insta enhancer.

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