How to Use Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Mode on Your LG Smart TV

LG’s Picture-in-Picture (PIP) feature, also known as Multi-View, allows users to view two input sources simultaneously side-by-side or with one source in an inset window overlaid on top of the other. This enables functionality like watching TV while also monitoring something on your phone screen. This guide covers everything you need to know to use PIP mode on your LG Smart TV, including how to activate it, modify settings, troubleshoot issues, alternatives for older TVs, and more.

Checking if Your LG TV Model Supports PIP

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Before utilizing PIP, verify that your LG smart TV is capable of handling multiple media feeds at once in a split-screen interface. Generally, LG Smart TV models from 2016 onwards with WebOS 3.0 and higher operating systems have Multi-View combinations and Picture in Picture capability.

To check if your TV has PIP mode, press the Settings button on your LG Magic Remote. Then select General > Additional Settings > Multi-View. If you see options to enable PIP mode and customize display positions, then your LG smart TV supports simultaneous media playback.

Older LG TVs may have a feature called Dual Play instead of Multi-View. While similar, it has some video size and positioning restrictions when displaying two inputs. Check your specific model’s user manual for clarification.

Enabling PIP Mode on an LG TV

Enabling PIP Mode on an LG TV

Once confirming your LG smart TV has PIP Mode capability, activating it is simple. Follow these steps:

  • Press the Home button on your LG Magic Remote to access the launcher bar.

Press the Home button on your LG Magic Remote

  • Select a video app to launch like a streaming service or live TV input for your main display. Play the video normally.

Select a video app

  • Long press the Multi-View button on your remote. This opens a list of available sources.
  • Highlight another video input or app for the Side by Side display. Your selection opens as the PIP sub-window.

Alternatively, open the Input List from the launcher bar instead of long-pressing Multi-View. Choose apps for both the main screen and side window beforehand.

Once completing the above process, you will see two videos play simultaneously. The main video occupies most of the screen while the PIP thumbnail floats in a corner. Continue reading to learn PIP customization and controls.

Opening a Second Video Source in PIP View

A key benefit of Picture in Picture mode on an LG Smart TV is engaging with two media sources at once. For example, you can monitor a security feed PIP while streaming movies on the main display.

To launch a second video in the PIP Mode overlay window:

  • Long press Multi-View then highlight another input source like an external gadget connected via HDMI. Or pick a built-in app like YouTube or the web browser.
  • Use the Input List from the launcher bar to select main screen and side window apps before activating Multi-View.
  • Tap the Swap icon in the PIP toolbar to exchange videos between the main feed and sub-window instantly.

You have full control over which media inputs occupy the large and small displays in PIP Mode. Feel free to mix streaming videos, live television, external devices, apps, and more for a customized viewing experience.

Resizing and Repositioning the PIP Window

Resizing and Repositioning the PIP Window

Personalize your Picture in Picture mode even further by tweaking the PIP sub-window dimensions and location. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch two video sources in Multi-View mode as outlined above so both play simultaneously.
  2. Press the PIP Settings button on your LG Magic Remote. Alternatively, move the joystick downward while PIP is active.
  3. Adjust options like PIP size, position, and transparency to your preferences. You can also swap videos between the main screen and PIP overlay.

For exact modifying, consider using the Pointer function on your LG Magic Remote. This displays an on-screen mouse cursor for clicking and dragging the PIP thumbnail accurately.

Below are examples of PIP Mode combinations utilizing different window placements and sizes:

Feel free to customize aspects like transparency levels and thumbnail dimensions based on your particular usage needs.

Swapping Video Sources Between Main and PIP Displays

A handy shortcut when using your LG TV’s Picture in Picture mode is quickly swapping videos between the primary feed and PIP sub-window. Rather than manually launching media inputs in the launcher bar menu, simply press the Swap icon.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Activate PIP Mode from the Multi-View menu and launch two video apps or inputs as outlined earlier. Videos begin playing simultaneously.
  2. Press the Swap button seen on the right side of the floating PIP thumbnail, or push the LG Magic Remote joystick upward.
  3. The main media feed and PIP sub-window will instantly toggle positions on your display. Repeat pressing swap whenever you want to exchange their locations.

This speedy operation means you can check a secondary video input like a front door camera preview without interrupting your primary movie stream. Then resume entertainment via another quick swap.

Using PIP with Specific Devices and Apps

Besides swapping overlays back and forth, tailor your LG TV’s Picture in Picture functionality toward specific media gadgets and streaming apps. Consider these examples:

  • View web browser tabs or YouTube clips in the PIP thumbnail while console gaming on the main screen. Monitor walkthroughs and tutorials without pausing your progress!
  • Connect an HDMI Splitter to display content from two external devices simultaneously. For instance, preview a Blu-ray movie PIP while gaming on a console.
  • Keep an eye on live CCTV streams pip while streaming Netflix or catching up on recorded shows.

Mix and match to create unique Multi-View Combinations: App 1 (Large screen), App 2 (Small screen), Current broadcast. The possibilities are unlimited!

Adjusting Audio and Subtitles in PIP Mode

Controlling audio sources and enabling subtitles while using your LG TV’s Picture in Picture mode only takes a few quick steps:

  1. Press the Q.Settings button while PIP is active to open an adjustment menu.
  2. Switch on options like “Main Audio Out” and “Subtitle” for customization.
  3. Choose audio and subtitle preferences specifically for both primary and PIP overlays.

These settings give you command over which video feed plays sound and which displays captions. Set the main screen to prioritize audio while enabling subtitles only for the PIP thumbnail.

LG’s Picture in Picture Mode introduces creative viewing possibilities through Multi-View overlays. Check your smart TV model for compatibility, then explore mixing apps, gadgets, live television, and external devices across a customizable split-screen interface. Enable PIP when multitasking or leisurely monitoring secondary videos.

Supported Input Source Combinations for Multi-View PIP

Not all input sources can be viewed together in a multi-view combination. Here are some of the verified compatible dual HDMI and app pairings:

Generally, you cannot use the same input for both the main screen and the PIP (picture in picture) window. So HDMI 1 as the main background and HDMI 1 again as the PIP will usually not work. If you find yourself facing difficulties in accessing certain features or inputs on your LG TV, it might be worthwhile to explore how to Unlock Your LG TV from Hotel Mode. This can be particularly helpful if your TV is restricted in certain functionalities, and unlocking it from Hotel Mode may provide you with more flexibility and control over its settings.


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