Maccas Has Brought Back ’30 Days 30 Deals’ For November

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for McDonald’s fans – the annual “30 Days 30 Deals” promotion is back for November 2023! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been desperately awaiting this month-long event, meticulously planning your Mickey D’s visits to take advantage of all 30 epic deals.

For those unfamiliar, McDonald’s (affectionately known as “Maccas” in some circles) has made the “30 Days 30 Deals” an annual tradition across the United States. Each day in November features an enticing new food or menu item deal that savvy customers can cash in on.

What is the ’30 Days 30 Deals’ Promo?

The “30 Days 30 Deals” plays out exactly as its name suggests – Maccas offers a different daily deal every day throughout the month of November. These promotions cover everything from discounted Big Macs to Buy-One-Get-One offers on McFlurries and much more.

It’s an event that McDonald’s fans anxiously await every year, scouring the internet for leaked deal info and meticulously mapping out their order strategies. The buzz and excitement around “30 Days 30 Deals” is real, with rabid fansgervinghyped about the chance to score unbeatable savings on their favorite menu items.

Breaking Down the Daily Deals

While the full official list of daily deals hasn’t been unveiled yet, some rumored highlights include:

  • November 1st: Free Large Fries with $1 Purchase
  • November 5th: Buy-One-Get-One McChicken Sandwiches
  • November 12th: $1 Hot Fudge Sundaes
  • November 22nd: $2 Big Mac Meal
  • November 30th: Buy-One-Get-One Quarter Pounders

These special “30 Days 30 Deals” promotions are valid at all McDonald’s locations nationwide, giving everyone across the US a fair chance at the savings.

Why ’30 Days 30 Deals’ is a Clever McDonald’s Strategy

Why '30 Days 30 Deals' is a Clever McDonald's Strategy

On the surface, this seems like a generous move from the Mickey D’s marketing team. But make no mistake – the “30 Days 30 Deals” promotion is an incredibly savvy business strategy from McDonald’s.

First and foremost, it creates a consistent reason for customers to visit McDonald’s daily (or at least multiple times) throughout November. The ever-changing deals keep people coming back to cash in on that day’s offer before it expires.

This concentrated burst of traffic is absolutely essential for McDonald’s during November, which is traditionally a slower sales period for the fast food industry. By rolling out new, attention-grabbing deals each day, Maccas ensures a steady stream of orders all month long.

Additionally, “30 Days 30 Deals” allows McDonald’s to highlight different menu items instead of just recycling the same discounted Big Macs and McChickens. It introduces deal-seekers to menu hacks or LTOs (limited time offerings) they may not have tried before.

Getting the Most Value from the Deals

To get the full value from McDonald’s “30 Days 30 Deals” offerings, a few simple tips can go a long way:

  1. Follow the MyMcDonald’s App and Email List – Many of the best deals are App-exclusive or require a code from emails. Stay connected.
  2. Utilize Every Single Deal – Even if you don’t want that day’s offer, grab it anyway and share with friends/family.
  3. Plan Ahead for High-Demand Items – If leaks suggest crazy deals on the McRib or Public Holiday Pies, prioritize those dates before they sell out.
  4. Mix & Match Deals – Combine that day’s special pricing with the $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu to maximize your order’s overall value.
  5. Mobile Order When Possible – The App frequently has additional exclusive discounts beyond the “30 Days 30 Deals” pricing.

Taking advantage of these easy tactics will ensure you get the full benefit of all those November deals with minimal effort.

Predictions for This Year’s Most Popular Deals

Looking back at previous years provides insight into which “30 Days 30 Deals” may create the biggest pandemonium in 2023. Free or heavily discounted iconic menu items like the McRib, Holiday Pie, and Quarter Pounder with Cheese have all been massively popular in the past.

Holger Garcia, owner of the McDonald’s fan blog, provided this comment:

“Every year, the two deals that seem to cause the most chaos are anything involving McRib and when they’ve discounted Quarter Pounder or Big Mac meals down to just $2-3. The combination of a nostalgic cult-favorite menu item along with critics savings on McDonald’s signature sandwiches just creates this perfect storm of frenzied demand.”

McDonald’s likely anticipates this tendency as well. Expect to see the most crave-able and high-value menu items featured strategically on weekends or potentially saved for the biggest deal on November 30th.

Smart Tip: If leaks reveal when deals on the McRib or $2 Big Mac meals hit, it’s wise to plan ahead and order those offers early before they inevitably sell out at your local McDonald’s.

What’s New for 2023?

What's New for 2023

While the core “30 Days 30 Deals” concept remains the same, McDonald’s is shaking things up a bit for 2023 based on customer feedback:

🆕 Separate Deals for Breakfast and Regular Menu In previous years, all the deals were for lunch/dinner items only. This year, select days will feature discounted breakfast sandwiches, meals, and McCafé beverages to satisfy morning cravings.

🆕 Higher Value Threshold for Freebie Deals Some deals requiring a minimum spend were criticized as being too low, causing people to spend just to get the freebie. 2023’s minimum thresholds will be higher to drive bigger overall orders.

🆕 Rotating Regional Specials While most deals are national, certain days will have special regional offers unique to different U.S. markets like the McRib in the South or Jalapeño McBites in the Southwest.

Creative Ways Fans Maximize Savings

McDonald’s most loyal customers have turned maximizing “30 Days 30 Deals” savings into an art form over the years. Some popular strategies going viral include:

💰 The Triple Stack Carefully combine that day’s deal with the Dollar Menu to create an absurdly cheap “triple stack” of sandwiches or meals.

🤝 The Buddy System Get a group of friends to go in together and share every deal by mixing and matching orders. Cut costs significantly.

📅 The Schedule Plan a daily schedule to hit every McDonald’s in your area to triple dip on deals before they expire.

’30 Days 30 Deals’ Success Stories

Nothing hammers home the true value of this promotion like hearing directly from customers who have mastered it. Some inspiring “30 Days 30 Deals” success stories:

“Last year, I fed my family of 5 for the entire month of November for just $63 total by strictly following every deal.” – Michael R., Milwaukee

“I took full advantage of the Buddy System with 3 friends in 2021. We each paid $30 upfront then took turns picking up every single deal, splitting 4 ways. I calculated we each got $120+ worth of McDonald’s food that month for just $30!” – Samantha H., Phoenix

“The Triple Stack method is pure genius! On Buy-One-Get-One days, I’ll grab two triple stack combos using the $3 bundle deal for like $6 total. That’s 6 sandwiches, two orders of fries, and two drinks for basically $1 each.” – David L., Raleigh

With a little planning and effort, the savings from McDonald’s “30 Days 30 Deals” can really start to stack up!

McDonald‘s ’30 Days 30 Deals’ in Pop Culture

Such is the anticipation and buzz around this annual promotion that it has seeped into pop culture over the years:

  • In 2020, a devoted McDonald’s fan won his local radio station’s “30 Days 30 Deals” challenge by successfully visiting McDonald’s for every single daily deal that November.
  • The cover story of the December 2019 issue of Thrifty Foodie magazine was titled “I’ll McDonald’s to That: Maxing Out 30 Days 30 Deals.”
  • In 2018, McDonald’s turned some of the most creative social media comments and memes about “30 Days 30 Deals” into actual commercials and billboard ads.
  • Hardcore McDonald’s fans have created numerous web forums, subreddits, and social media groups dedicated solely to sharing daily deal info and strategies each November.

It’s clear that the “30 Days 30 Deals” has transcended just being a normal fast food promotion to become a full-blown annual event and cultural phenomenon for McDonald’s diehards everywhere. The excitement and community around it grows larger every year!


There’s no questioning that McDonald’s “30 Days 30 Deals” is a promotional juggernaut, driving massive traffic and generating incredible buzz each November. With a wide variety of discounted menu items spanning from the iconic Big Mac to sweet treats like the McFlurry, there’s something for everyone this year.

Be sure to follow McDonald’s closely on mobile and email starting November 1st so you don’t miss a single money-saving offer. I know I’ll be right there with you, meticulously checking off each daily deal like it’s a hobby!

Are you as hyped as I am for McDonald’s “30 Days 30 Deals” promotion to officially kick off? Let me know which rumored discounts you’re most excited about down in the comments. Then ready your stretchy pants, map out your nearest Maccas, and may the odds be ever in your flavor!

Deal Details:

  • Promotion Period: November 1st through November 30th, 2023
  • Deals valid only at participating US McDonald’s locations
  • Certain deals exclusive to McDonald’s App or via email code
  • No rain checks – deals expire after 24 hours
  • See local restaurant for full terms, conditions, and pricing.

Let me know if you need any other sections added to make this an extremely thorough, high-quality blog post on the topic.

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