How To Turn On Vizio Tv Without Remote

It’s happened to all of us – you sit down ready to binge your favorite show and realize you’ve lost the TV remote, again. Now you’re stuck with a blank black screen and no way to turn on your Vizio television…or so you think.

While replacing a lost Vizio TV remote should still be on your to-do list for regular use, you can leverage alternative methods to power on the TV even without the traditional clicker. Vizio sets specially come equipped with accessibility features and smart capabilities specifically for these scenarios.

Read on to learn several clever ways to turn on your Vizio TV without using the standard remote control.

Locate the Manual Buttons on Your Vizio Television

Locate the Manual Buttons on Your Vizio Television

The quickest way to power on and control your Vizio television without the remote is to use the manual buttons built directly onto the TV. Most Vizio models have physical buttons for basic functions such as:

  • Power – For turning the TV on and off
  • Volume – To control the loudness up or down
  • Channel – For scrolling through channels to select programming
  • Input – For changing the displayed input source

You’ll typically find these buttons along the lower edge of the back panel or the side edge of the TV, depending on your exact model. But don’t worry – the buttons are specially marked with easy to understand icons indicating their function.

Once you locate them, simply press the button with the power icon. Your Vizio TV screen should flash on! While limited compared to a remote, the manual buttons offer reliable functionality to power on the television and adjust critical settings in a pinch.

Why the On-TV Buttons are So Useful

Having manual options built right onto the television makes a world of difference for accessibility. If your remote runs out of batteries or falls victim to the couch cushions one too many times, you won’t be left without options.

The physical buttons also come in handy if you need a temporary TV power on button before fully setting up alternate accessories and apps for remote-less use. Or, they can simply serve as a backup when other connectivity issues arise.

It’s a key reason Vizio TVs have earned a reputation for reliable, easy everyday use for consumers across experience levels. Keep reading to uncover even more clever ways to turn on your entertainment without a remote.

Harness Your Smartphone Power with the Vizio SmartCast App

Harness Your Smartphone Power with the Vizio SmartCast App

Today’s smart televisions can connect to and be controlled by more than just a traditional plastic clicker. Modern Vizio TVs are designed to interface with Vizio’s SmartCast application for mobile devices through WiFi connectivity.

You can download and install the free SmartCast app for your Android or iOS phone or tablet via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. When setting up the app for the first time, follow the step-by-step instructions to pair your television. Typically you will need to:

  1. Select your specific Vizio TV model within the app
  2. Ensure your mobile device connects to the same WiFi network used by the TV
  3. Verify a numeric code displayed on your Vizio matches the one shown in the app

Complete these quick connectivity steps, and your smartphone will transform into a multifunction remote for your Vizio television.

Even if you’ve misplaced or lost the clicker remote, the SmartCast app then allows you to:

  • Power on your television
  • Adjust, mute and control volume levels
  • Change channels and inputs
  • Access connected apps like Netflix and YouTube
  • Adjust picture settings
  • Turn closed captions on/off
  • And more!

It’s like having remote control capabilities in the palm of your hand.

Why Embrace the SmartCast App Method

Utilizing the convenience of your smartphone as an interactive second screen remote offers a wide range of useful benefits:

  • Access extra features like integrated streaming apps and voice commands
  • Completely customizable interface and favorites menus
  • Easy to read room-to-room even without line of sight of the TV
  • Works as an eco-friendly approach instead of using batteries
  • Sleek and modern alternative to traditional button-filled remotes

Tapping into mobile and smart functionalities prevent losing just a small plastic gadget from coming between you and your favorite sitcoms.

Take Voice Control to the Next Level with Google Home & Alexa

Take Voice Control to the Next Level with Google Home & Alexa

Have you ever watched Captain Kirk or Tony Stark issue voice commands to control everything around them and thought that seemed like sci-fi? Well, welcome to the real-world future!

When configured properly within a connected smart home, Vizio televisions can also be powered ON using only the sound of your voice alongside devices like the:

  • Google Home/Nest Speakers
  • Amazon Echo/Alexa
  • And more

Here’s a step-by-step overview:

  1. Connect Devices – Ensure your Vizio TV and smart speaker use the same WiFi network for communication. You may also need to enable permissions and linking within device settings.
  2. Add Your TV – Within your Google Home or Alexa app, select to add the Vizio TV as an external device for control. For Amazon Alexa, you’ll want to enable the dedicated Vizio Skill.
  3. Speak Out Loud – Then you can use voice commands like “Hey Google, turn on the living room TV” or “Alexa, turn on Vizio” to automatically have your television power on hands-free!

Leveraging smart assistants to remotely control devices with the power of your voice feels like magic. ButConfigure everything correctly, and it takes just seconds to power up your entertainment center without ever finding that lost remote stuck in the couch.

Why Embrace Voice Commands

Utilizing voice capabilities to control your lost Vizio TV remote offers awesome benefits:

  • 100% Hands-free functionality
  • Work seamlessly alongside other smart devices
  • Control devices even when not in line of sight
  • Power on multiple components like soundbars with one command
  • Customize names for natural speech interactions
  • Feels like you’re living in the future with AI helpers!

Vizio TVs work great as part of an ambient listening smart home. Never worry “where’s the remote” again!

Leverage Alternate Devices Like Game Consoles as On Triggers

Game Consoles as On Triggers

Did you know turning on other devices connected to your Vizio TV can also indirectly power it on automatically?

Modern televisions are designed to activate when receiving an input signal from one of their HDMI ports. This allows them to turn on when needed while saving power when inactive.

You can leverage this built-in connectivity to use alternate gadgets around your entertainment center as triggers to power on your Vizio television. For example:

  • Start streaming a YouTube video or Netflix show on a Chromecast plugged into your TV, and the detected video signal will automatically turn the television ON to display the content.
  • Similarly, pressing the power buttons on connected video game consoles like an XBox or PlayStation will trigger the Vizio TV to power up when connected via an HDMI input.
  • Turning on a Blu-ray player, Apple TV media box, or other multimedia gadgets connected to your Vizio will act as remote-free “ON” switches you may already have on hand!

Benefits of Using Connected Devices to Control Power

Piggybacking onto existing player consoles, streaming sticks, and disc players as alternative ways to power ON your Vizio TV offers smart conveniences:

  • One button functionality from gadgets you already own
  • Allows playing movies and gaming without the remote
  • Automatic power saving when not actively being used
  • Reduces device clutter from multiple remotes

Check your TV manual to ensure the “CEC” settings are enabled if needed. Then you can stop stressing about where that Vizio remote disappeared to hiding in your home! Entertainment access awaits.

Final Tips to Embrace Life Without Losing Vizio TV Remotes

Hopefully now you feel empowered by the many clever features Vizio builds into their televisions specifically to enable functioning without remote controls when needed!

Here’s a quick summary of the best ways to turn ON a Vizio TV without a traditional clicker:

  • Manual Buttons – Use the physical buttons along the TV frame whenever accessible
  • SmartCast App – Install on your smartphone for robust mobile controls
  • Voice Commands – Connect a Google Nest or Amazon Echo for hands-free voice power
  • Other Devices – Use gaming consoles, Chromecasts and media players already wired into HDMI inputs

While picking up a replacement remote is still recommended for everyday viewing, utilizing the methods above can get you out of a bind. Now you’re ready to stop stressing over lost Vizio TV remotes and get your entertainment fix! Learn how to reset a Vizio TV effortlessly!


Where is the power button on a Vizio TV?

The power button is usually located on the back towards the bottom right corner of Vizio TVs. It may also be along the side edges on some models. The button has a power icon and allows manually turning the TV on/off.

How do I force my Vizio TV to turn on?

If your Vizio TV is powered off and won’t respond to the remote, press and hold the physical power button on the back or side of the TV for 10-15 seconds.

Why is my VIZIO TV just a black screen?

If your VIZIO TV is only showing a black screen, it’s likely powered on but not receiving a video input signal. Try pressing the input or source button on the remote or TV to cycle through connected device inputs like HDMI ports. Also ensure devices are powered on and connected properly. If the black screen persists, a hardware issue may be preventing startup.




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