How to Enable Game Mode on Hisense Smart TV [All Models]

Playing games on a Hisense smart TV can be a great experience thanks to their premium displays and powerful onboard processors. However, without enabling the dedicated Game Mode setting, issues like high input lag, ghosting, and uneven frame pacing can occur which detract from gameplay.

The good news is that all modern Hisense TVs come equipped with a Game Mode feature which significantly improves responsiveness and performance for gaming when switched on. This guide will show you how to easily turn on Game Mode across the various Hisense smart TV platforms.

How to Turn On Game Mode on Hisense Android Smart TV

How to Enable Game Mode on Hisense Android TV

If you have a Hisense Android TV like the Hisense U7H or U8H Series, here are the steps to activate Game Mode:

    1. Using the remote control, select the Settings option from the app ribbon at the bottom or the main system menu

Know the Optimal Gaming Settings for Hisense TVs


    2. Navigate to the Display or Picture settings

Navigate to the Display or Picture settings

    3. Scroll down and locate the Game Mode sub-menu

    4. Toggle Game Mode to On

Alternatively, pressing the dedicated Game Mode button on select Hisense Android TV remotes will also instantly enable gaming optimizations.

Once enabled, your Hisense television will switch to low latency display presets tailored for responsive gaming with reduced input lag for a smooth experience.

Some additional gaming settings worth adjusting include:

  • Matching the display’s refresh rate to your console’s output for seamless frame pacing
  • Selecting an optimized game picture preset like Game Mode Plus
  • Setting connected devices to use Enhanced HDMI formats for the highest bandwidth
  • Disabling motion enhancement features like Motion Clearness to minimize lag

How to Enable Game Mode on Hisense Google TV

How to Enable Game Mode on Hisense Google TV

For Hisense Google TVs including their ULED series models powered by the intuitive Google TV interface, here’s how you can unlock Game Mode:

    1. Access the main Settings menu from the home screen 

    2. Navigate to Device Preferences > Display & Sound

    3. Locate and select the Game Mode option to toggle it On

    4. Toggling Game Mode to the On position enables all the necessary adjustments for low latency gaming in supported content types automatically.

Additionally, under Advanced Settings, you’ll also notice specialized options like Auto Low Latency Mode and Match Content Frame Rate to further enhance gaming performance.

How to Use Game Mode on Hisense Fire TV

How to Enable Game Mode on Hisense Fire TV

Modern Hisense Fire TV editions make activating Game Mode just as easy with the steps below:

  1. From the Fire TV home screen, select the Settings icon
  2. Go to the Display & Sounds section
  3. Scroll down and toggle the Game Mode option to On

With Game Mode now activated, your Hisense Fire TV will automatically switch to optimized low latency visual settings to minimize input lag for gaming.

To further tune picture quality, access the dedicated Game Picture Mode under Adjust Display Settings which dials in ideal levels for color, brightness and contrast.

How to Get Game Mode on Hisense Roku TV

How to Get Game Mode on Hisense Roku TV

Hisense Roku TVs also come loaded with a special Game Mode tailored for gaming across various resolutions and frame rates. Access it by:

  1. Opening Settings from the Roku TV home screen
  2. Navigating left to the options listed under Display
  3. Scrolling down to Game Mode and selecting On

This instantly transforms your Hisense Roku TV into a responsive big-screen gaming display by reducing processing lag for a smooth experience.

For the best results, dive into the Expert Picture Settings menu to fine-tune motion handling, color temperature and other enhancements precisely for your chosen game genre or console.

How to Enable Game Mode on Hisense VIDAA TV

How to Enable Game Mode on Hisense VIDAA TV

Hisense VIDAA ULED TVs running the proprietary VIDAA smart interface also come equipped with dedicated gaming functionality in Game Mode:

  1. Open the main system Menu and go to Settings
  2. Select Display > Sound from the left sidebar
  3. Toggle the Game Mode slider to the On position

With Game Mode now activated, input lag will be significantly reduced as your Hisense VIDAA TV optimizes itself for super responsive gaming visuals.

Under Advanced Settings, you can tweak motion smoothing, noise reduction and color temperature to balance picture quality and lag reduction even more precisely.

How to Turn On Game Mode on Hisense XClass TV

How to Turn On Game Mode on Hisense XClass TV

Hisense’s flagship XClass TVs powered by the intuitive Android-based XClass operating system make activating Game Mode simple:

  1. Launch Settings from the XClass launcher
  2. Navigate to Display & Audio options
  3. Select the Game menu
  4. Toggle on dedicated Game Mode which auto-configures low latency presets

You’ll immediately notice a smooth, lag-free experience ideal for fast-paced action games thanks to Game Mode.

For the best gaming experience, dive into the Game Dashboard for specialized settings like Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and eARC sound pass-through.

Know the Optimal Gaming Settings for Hisense TVs

Know the Optimal Gaming Settings for Hisense TVs


While Game Mode auto-configures low latency settings, further refining picture adjustments can transform your Hisense television into the ultimate big-screen gaming display.

Ideal settings include:

  • Enabling Game Mode Plus preset under Picture Mode
  • Setting HDMI ports to Enhanced format
  • Matching the refresh rate to your console’s output
  • Disabling motion enhancement features to reduce lag
  • Tuning color temperature, contrast and brightness to your lighting

Knowing what display settings to tweak for responsiveness versus visual quality can be tricky. Luckily, many Hisense TVs come with built-in optimized Game Mode Plus presets that dial these in automatically the moment Game Mode is activated.


How to enable game mode Hisense 43R6 Series 6 43″ 4K UHD LED TV?

To enable game mode, use the remote to access the TV settings menu. Navigate to the “Picture” section and select “Game Mode.” Turn game mode to “On” to optimize the TV’s settings for gameplay by reducing input lag and improving response time. Make sure to toggle game mode off when you are done gaming for the best overall viewing experience.

What is the game mode on Hisense a68h?

The Hisense A68H TV has a Game Mode that optimizes settings for gaming when enabled. It reduces input lag and improves response times for a smoother, more responsive gaming experience. Game Mode disables certain video processing features that can slow gaming interaction.


Regardless of whether you own a Hisense smart TV running Android TV, Google TV, Fire TV, Roku or proprietary platforms like VIDAA and XClass OS, activating Game Mode is essential to minimize lag for responsive controls.

Combined with the specialized gaming design of Hisense TVs featuring premium panels, HDMI 2.1 ports and powerful onboard audio, you’ll instantly unlock an immersive big-screen gaming experience tailored for today’s consoles.

So take your gameplay to the next level by setting your display correctly. Hisense Smart TV Keeps Turning Off [Causes & Fixes] Turn on Game Mode and leverage built-in gaming settings to become fully immersed in your favorite digital worlds.

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