Hisense Smart TV Keeps Turning Off [Causes & Fixes]

Few things are as disruptive to a TV viewing session as your Hisense smart television abruptly shutting down without warning. Attempting to determine exactly why your Hisense TV continues turning itself off can be infuriating, but is key to preventing repeat occurrences.

This comprehensive troubleshooting guide will overview the numerous technical and mechanical reasons that commonly trigger Hisense TVs to spontaneously power down. We will also detail a variety of DIY troubleshooting steps from adjusting configurations to inspecting internal hardware you can methodically perform to resolve the root cause.

Top Causes for Random Hisense TV Shut Offs

Pinpointing the specific reason your particular Hisense television keeps ceasing functionality is pivotal to preventing future disruptive power interruptions mid-program.

Energy Conservation Settings

Many Hisense TVs feature customized versions of standard energy saving modes that monitor activity and automatically shut down the TV after set intervals of idleness. For instance, if “Auto Power Off” is enabled after 4 hours of remote input inactivity, the TV will abruptly turn off with no warning.

While such capabilities are intended to reduce energy consumption when the television is not actively being watched, sporadic shut downs are a nuisance. Dig into Settings, Power, Timers or similarly named submenus to disable any “Energy Saving” or “Auto Power Shut Off” type sleep functions misconstrued as idleness by the TV.

Sleep Timer Options

Sleep Timer Options

Separate but related to Energy Savings capabilities, your connected Hisense TV may also present owners with dedicated timer programs to count down a set duration before physically powering down components after a specific number of hours.

For example, activating a 120 minute Sleep Timer for the sake of conserving electricity after falling asleep could be forgotten and thus incorrectly perceived as an abnormal behavior for TV operation the next day. Evaluate any currently configured timers that could be overriding default always on power settings.

Outdated Firmware Causing Conflicts

Smart televisions receive periodic system software updates from the manufacturer to patch programming bugs, refine performance, and add functionality. However, if you delay installing recent OTA updates or face Internet connectivity issues on the TV side, you may miss key upgrades.

Executing processes on outdated firmware prone to triggering random restarts could explain seeing your Hisense TV shut itself down on occasion. Browse for notices about pending system software patches and install them promptly when able.

HDMI or Remote Link Inconsistencies

Entertainment devices connected to Hisense television HDMI inputs can actively communicate power states between components. For example, powering down a streaming media player connected via HDMI-CEC may inadvertently tell the TV to enter standby mode as well.

Likewise, stuck buttons on aging remote controls could be sending repeated Sleep or Shut Down signals to the TV every so often. Check for pairing conflicts with input devices that mirror power states.

Power Fluctuations Destabilize TV

Power Fluctuations Destabilize in Hisense TV

While a modern flat screen television like those Hisense ships may seem like solid state equipment impervious to electrical deficiencies presented, in fact stability of the AC supply matters specifically to avoid random crashes.

Triggers like severe voltage drops, frequency fluctuations, or distorted power sine waves will interrupt delicate onboard electronics and promptly cut power rather than operate incorrectly.

Lightning strikes, faulty wiring, aggressive home loads like HVAC systems cycling on and fridges funnel excess dirty power to TVs. Install UPS battery backups if electrical stability is questionable.

Internal Heat Build Up Forces Shutdown

Television components tightly concentrated into slim chassis to stay lightweight and hang on walls can be prone to retained heat issues over time as fans pull in less air. Thermal protection routines purposefully cut power if temperatures inside the TV body rise excessively.

Dust or pet hair accumulation within the ventilation holes or ports eventually impacts airflow circulation and heat dissipation, accelerating shutdown scenarios. Inadequate breathing room around the installed TV can likewise cause overheating events depending on the direction heat escapes.

Resolving Sudden Shut Off Problems on Hisense TVs

Before arbitrarily replacing suspect Hisense televisions suffering from abrupt black screens mid-viewing, methodically attempt these troubleshooting procedures to successfully revival operation without continued power interruptions.

Restart the Hisense Smart TV

Restart the Hisense Smart TV

As counterintuitive as it may seem, simply unplugging problematic Hisense TVs exhibiting turn off behaviors for 60 seconds before restoring AC cords and restarting mimics a hard computer reboot. This forces onboard processors to clear temporary glitches that may be responsible for lock ups. If operating correctly after a restart, your TV may not require additional service.

Adjust Energy Saving Settings

Adjust Energy Saving Settings

Since power saving modes remain one of the most common triggers for Hisense TVs inadvertently shutting down when still desired for entertainment due to incorrectly tracking activity, thoroughly check Settings for available timers, sleep functions, or “Auto Shut Off” triggers to disable entirely. Some Hisense models also present an Eco mode that applies extra auto shutdown aggressiveness when activated during late night viewing.

Turn Off Sleep Timers

Turn Off Sleep Timers

Do you utilize sleep timer functions for the convenience of automatically shutting your television down after 2 hours of watching late night talk shows in bed for instance? It’s easy to forget programs like this remain configured the next time you sit down to catch a sports game the following day and have the TV incorrectly power off.

Evaluate enabled countdown timers or scheduled on/off intervals in the settings that should be disabled to prevent unwanted TV blackouts.

Install Latest Hisense Firmware Updates

Install Latest Hisense Firmware Updates

Given how extensive smart TV firmware development spans, there exists the possibility of the current software installed having bugs that cause occasional crashes. Manually forcing system updates from either OTA notification prompts or the Support pages online will download the latest stable releases with potential fixes for shut down problems baked in.

Note: Always unplug and reconnect TV power when the update sequence is complete despite on-screen instructions often indicating otherwise. This step finalizes activating newly transferred firmware correctly.

Reconnect HDMI or Remote Link Connections

Reconnect HDMI or Remote Link Connections

Since associated home entertainment gear can directly turn off Hisense TVs via HDMI-CEC control or accidental button press sequences can overload IR signal repeats triggering shut downs, spectrum analyzer apps from your phone can validate continuous power state commands aren’t being sent unnecessarily. Resetting and repairing problematic peripheral connections stopping wayward shutdown signals proves useful.

Improve Ventilation Around TV

Since insufficient airflow contributing to excessive internal temperatures commonly creates protection routines cutting power to avoid Hardware breakdowns, adjusting the clearance around your flatscreen to permit better front to back airflow keeps components cooled appropriately. Strategically place household fans to blow room temperature air into the rear TV vents for maximum heat transfer.

Compressing canned air blasts directed into the exhaust and intake ports along the perimeter of cabinet rear also help drive out obstructive dust buildup inside blocking proper ventilation and temperature regulation.

Factory Reset Hisense TV Software

Factory Reset Hisense TV Software

If you’ve narrowed the root cause of continual shut down problems to a system settings conflict or compatibility bug, returning TV memory contents back the generic manufacturer default state clears out potential instability restored apps and customizations gradually accumulated that seem incompatible somehow.

Access factory reset tools dependant on Hisense model and series either under Support options or Tools then Setup menu trees once displays function again temporarily. The restore can require 15+ minutes.

Request Professional TV Repair

Request Professional TV Repair

When applied shutdown fixes suggested like controlled restarts, settings tweaks, input reprogramming, electrical corrections, ventilation improvements or software resets do not resolve Hisense TVs powering down during viewing sessions contact support teams about warranty service requests.

Trained repair specialists can facilitate advanced HDMI handshake troubleshooting, electrical load calculations, multiplexed signal analysis plus extensive component testing checks to pinpoint internal faults causing operational failure after which boards are replaced restoring functionality.

Purchase a Replacement Hisense Television

Purchase a Replacement Hisense Television

If relentless troubleshooting involving numerous factory reset attempts, electrical corrections, adjustments and part swaps mediated by call center staff prove unable to resolve sudden power loss defects plaguing older model year Hisense televisions subject to discontinued support, replacing the obsolete, unreliable unit altogether may represent the most cost and time effective path forward to learn How to Get Hulu on Hisense Smart TV.


Why is my HiSense TV turning on and off by itself?

The main reasons a Hisense TV turns on and off randomly are having enabled energy saver modes that wrongly see inactivity and shut off, set sleep timers incorrectly shutting it down, outdated software with bugs, overheating from insufficient air flow, and failing hardware needing repair.

How do I turn off subtitles on my Hisense TV?

Navigate to Settings > Channel & Broadcast > Subtitles and select the “Off” option to disable subtitles. Press Exit to go back and confirm subtitles no longer display.

How do I turn on game mode on Hisense TV?

To turn on game mode on Hisense TV, you need to go to the settings menu, select picture style, and choose game. If the game option is grayed out, make sure your HDMI is set to optimal and the source is your gaming console.


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