How to Connect Hisense TV to WIFI With & Without Remote

Getting a new Hisense TV connected to your home WiFi can unlock countless entertainment possibilities. However, if you’ve just brought home your brand new Hisense smart TV, you may be puzzled trying to figure out how to connect it to the internet and your WiFi network. Connecting your Hisense TV to WiFi may seem intimidating, but it’s actually quite simple if you follow this easy 4-step guide. We’ll outline the full process whether you have the Hisense Fire TV, Roku TV, VIDAA TV or Android smart TV model.

What You’ll Need Before Connecting Your Hisense TV to WiFi

Before starting the WiFi connection process for your Hisense Television set, let’s overview the essentials:

  • Hisense Smart TV – Your new television set will need to be a model that supports built-in WiFi connectivity. Modern Hisense TVs have wireless networking capabilities.

Hisense Smart TV

  • WiFi Router – In order to connect your Hisense TV to WiFi, you of course need a WiFi router broadcasting a wireless signal in your home. It must be set up and operating correctly.

WiFi Router

  • WiFi Password – Have the proper WiFi credentials for the wireless network handy so you can enter them on the TV. This is usually the WIFI password you use for other devices.
Requirement                                                                                                            Description
Hisense Smart TV                                                    A model with built-in WiFi
WiFi Router                                                    Broadcasting wireless signal
WiFi Password                                                    To enter into TV during setup

*Having these three things prepared ahead of time will enable a smooth WiFi connection process.

Preparing the Initial Hisense TV Setup

Before connecting your TV to WiFi, complete the initial setup steps:

  • Unbox – Unbox your new Hisense TV and carefully place the panel where you intend to mount or position the television.
Preparing the Initial Hisense TV Setup
Preparing the Initial Hisense TV Setup
  • Power On – Plug the TV into an AC power source and press the power button to turn on the device for the very first time. This will initiate automatic boot up and configurations
  • Initial Setup – When you first boot up the TV, there will be some prompts guiding you through basic setup options like:
    • Language preference
    • Time zone
    • Accepting Hisense terms and conditions
  • Complete all initial steps before moving onto the WiFi connection

*The WiFi connection capability will not be available until after the setup wizard finishes installation and configurations for the Hisense device.

Connecting Your Hisense Smart TV to Your WiFi Network

Without further ado, here are the necessary steps to join your Hisense TV to your home WIFI Network:

  1. Access Settings Menu – Using the buttons on your Hisense TV remote, go into the Settings section, often denoted by a gear icon. Navigate to the settings area on the home screen.
  2. Select Network Options – Within settings, choose the “Network” selection, or sometimes called “Network & Internet.” Find the option that pertains to wireless internet connectivity.
  3. View Available Networks – You should now see a listing of nearby WiFi networks that your Hisense TV is able to detect. Locate yours in this list and select it.
  4. Enter WiFi Password – If prompted, enter the proper WiFi password to authenticate access to your wireless network. This is the same password you use for your other devices like laptops and phones that access the network.
  5. Test Connectivity – Load a web browser or installed app that requires internet access to verify a successful connection. If working properly, your Hisense TV takes care of the rest!


  • Access Settings Menu

Access Settings Menu

  • Select Network Options

Select Network Options

  • View Available Networks

View Available Networks

  • Enter WiFi Password
  • Test Connectivity

*Once appropriately connected to your WiFi, your Hisense smart television will have access to all networked resources and can utilize capabilities like streaming apps!

Troubleshooting Tips If You Can’t Connect Hisense TV to WiFi

If you carefully followed the above directions but are still unable to get the Hisense TV linked to your home WiFi network, don’t panic yet. Here are some troubleshooting tips for remedying connectivity issues:

  • Reboot the WiFi Router – If internet is working for other devices but not the new Hisense TV, reboot your WiFi router. This refreshes the wireless signal which may help connectivity.

Troubleshooting Tips If You Can't Connect Hisense TV to WiFi

  • Use Ethernet Instead – If your WiFi is unreliable, use an ethernet cable for a stable wired internet connection between the router and Hisense TV.
  • Factory Reset the TV – Reset your Hisense television to factory default settings in case of any software issues preventing networking capabilities. Then retry the WiFi setup.

Factory Reset the TV

  • Manually Enter Details – If your wireless network isn’t showing up to select, try directly entering the WiFi network name and WiFi password manually via the Hisense TV settings menus.

Enjoy Effortless Streaming and Features After Connecting to WiFi

Get ready to experience excellent sharp entertainment with your new Hisense TV once successfully hooked up to your home WiFi network! You’ll delight in access to:

  • Streaming Apps – Binge watch shows and movies! Download popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Disney+ and many more on Google Play Store, VIDAA Store or respective platform.

Enjoy Effortless Streaming and Features After Connecting to WiFi

  • Web Browsing – Surf the web through an integrated browser app.

Web Browsing

  • Smart Controls – Take advantage of Smart remote apps and voice assistants connected over WiFi.

Connecting your all-new Hisense television set to home wireless internet access can initially seem daunting. However, by following the clear guide above, you’ll have the TV set up and connected in virtually no time. Soon you’ll be streaming endless entertainment thanks to helpful WiFi connectivity.

How to Connect Hisense Smart TV to WIFI With Remote

How to Connect Hisense Smart TV to WIFI With Remote

Connecting your new Hisense smart TV to your home WiFi network is simple when using the television remote control. Start by grabbing your Hisense television remote and pressing the Home button to access the main smart TV menu. Next, use the directional arrow buttons to scroll to and select the Settings icon. 

Within Settings, choose Network, then View Wireless Networks. Here you will see a listing of available WiFi SSIDs to join. Scroll through and pick your desired wireless network name, then enter the correct WiFi password when prompted using the remote screen keyboard to type. Ensure you enter the password carefully and accurately. 

Finally, with your Hisense TV now connected to the home WiFi thanks to a few clicks of the remote, launch an internet-based app like YouTube or web browser to verify your successful wireless connection. Then you can begin streaming movies, playing music, and more from apps!

How to Connect Hisense Smart TV to WIFI Without Remote

How to Connect Hisense Smart TV to WIFI Without Remote

You can connect your Hisense smart TV to WiFi even without the traditional remote control handy. Start by downloading the Hisense RemoteNOW smartphone app, available on both iOS and Android devices. Launch the app and ensure your phone is on the same wireless network as the Hisense TV. 

The app will automatically detect the nearby television. From here, use the Remote NOW virtual controls to navigate to the Settings menu, choose Network, then View Wireless Networks. Tap to select your router’s WiFi name. Use the app’s keyboard to type in the correct WiFi password and connect. You can also access Settings using the TV buttons rather than remote app. 

Once joined to the home WiFi, do a connectivity check within Remote NOW by launching an internet-connected feature like web browsing or YouTube. This will verify your Hisense TV is wirelessly communicating with your home WiFi router for streaming entertainment, app downloads and smart controls without needing the physical remote!

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