How to Clear Cache on LG Smart TV (Detailed Guide)

Clearing the cache on your LG Smart TV is an easy and effective way to boost performance if you notice apps freezing, buffering, or generally sluggish behavior. As you stream content and browse the internet on your LG TV, temporary internet files and data build up over time, slowing things down. By clearing this cached data, you give your LG Smart TV a fresh start, often fixing app crashes and lag.

When to Clear Cache on LG Smart TV

Knowing when it’s time to clear the cache on your LG Smart TV can prevent frustration. Signs that cached files have built up too much include:

Clearing the cache helps by removing these temporary internet files and giving your LG Smart TV a clean slate. Apps and streaming services have to redownload current data rather than running on outdated cached versions. It’s a good idea to clear cache every few weeks or monthly to keep your LG Smart TV running fast and efficiently.

Turn Off LG TV to Clear the Cache

Tutrn Off LG Smart TV

The simplest way to clear some cache data is to completely turn off your LG Smart TV:

  1. Press the power button on your LG TV remote or on the TV itself if there is a physical button.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet to fully power down the TV.
  3. Wait at least 60 seconds before plugging the power cord back in.
  4. Turn on your LG Smart TV normally using the remote.

This clears some accumulated cache as the temporary internet files reset when powered off. For a deeper clean, also clear the app cache and browser cache outlined in the next steps.

Close Background Apps to Clear Cache

Close Background Apps to Clear Cache

Closing apps running the background is key for clearing app cache data:

Close the Recent Apps Automatically

You can set your LG Smart TV to automatically close recent apps after a period of inactivity for a hands-off approach:

  1. Select the home button on your remote.
  2. Select the settings cog icon at the top to open settings.
  3. Navigate to General > About This TV
  4. Select Auto Close Recent Apps
  5. Choose timing like “After 1 Hour”

This automatically shuts down apps after defined periods of no usage, cutting down on background cached data.

Close the Recent Apps Manually

Manually closing recent LG apps fully clears cached memory:

  1. Double tap the home button on your remote.
  2. Scroll left and right to see recently opened apps.
  3. Select the X icon on each open app to close it.
  4. Repeat until all apps show as closed without cached data running.

Closing all recently opened apps like Hulu, YouTube or ESPN frees up cache being used in the background for faster streaming, fewer loading circles and crashes.

Clear LG TV Web Browser Cache

Clear LG TV Web Browser Cache

Remove cached web browsing data for a faster, cleaner internet experience:

  1. From the LG home screen, select the web browser app.
  2. Select settings, privacy and security or clear history.
  3. Choose the option to delete cookies, cached images and files.
  4. Close and reopen the browser.

Without excess cookies and cached images, web pages will load their freshest versions. This also helps sites dealing with login issues or loading outdated CSS/content.

Other Possible Solutions to Remove Cached Data

If apps are still having issues after the above steps, try uninstalling the problematic apps from your LG Smart TV:

Uninstall and Reinstall the App

  1. Highlight the troublesome app.
  2. Press and hold the select button on remote until the menu pops up.
  3. Choose uninstall.
  4. Redownload a fresh version of the app from the LG content store.

Reinstalling provides a completely fresh cache versus logging out which often leaves some temporary data behind.

Reset the LG Smart TV

If problems persist across multiple apps, a full factory reset clears all cached app data:

  1. Go to General > Reset to Initial Settings
  2. Enter your PIN code if prompted
  3. Select Reset to Initial Settings
  4. Choose yes to confirm and initialize the full reset.

This returns your LG Smart TV to factory settings, removing all accumulated cache files for a clean slate. Log back into apps and set up streaming services again. This should have your LG TV working like new.

By regularly clearing cache and browser data, closing background apps, uninstalling/reinstalling sluggish apps, and resetting your LG Smart TV to factory conditions as needed, you can keep your smart TV streaming smoothly for years to come. Additionally, if you ever find yourself wondering ‘How to Unlock Your LG TV from Hotel Mode,’ following these maintenance steps will ensure optimal performance and functionality.


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