Hisense TV Warranty: How to Check & Claim in 2024

Hisense has grown into a global electronics force by selling affordable smart TVs packed with features. However, despite competitive pricing on popular models like the Hisense Roku TV, product reliability remains questionable compared to top-tier brands. This makes understanding Hisense TV warranty coverage essential to protect your investment.

This guide will clarify Hisense TV limited warranty details in plain language. We’ll also dive into extended warranty options, check active status, and file claims if issues arise. Read on for proactive steps to take regarding 2024 Hisense warranties.

Hisense TV Limited Warranty – What is it All About

Every Hisense television sold in the United States automatically comes with a one-year limited warranty. This provides protection against defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months from the original date of purchase by consumers.

Specifically, the Hisense TV warranty covers:

  • Repair by Hisense authorized service centers in the US
  • On-site repair visit fees
  • Replacement parts
  • Labor

Coverage excludes providing replacement stands or wall-mounts. So don’t expect those for free if damaged. Additionally, the warranty only applies to Hisense smart TVs bought from an authorized American retailer. Unauthorized resellers void the terms.

The standard one year reflects the minimum Hisense TV warranty period. However, select higher-end models do actually extend coverage further:

  • Hisense ULED TVs – 3 years

Hisense ULED TVs – 3 years

  • Hisense U7, U8, U9 Series – 2 years

Hisense U7, U8, U9 Series – 2 years

Check your specific TV model name and series number listed in the user manual under Settings > Support. Also compare terms between retailers. Amazon, Walmart, and Costco have slight variations, especially regarding extended plans.

What’s Reasonable to Expect from a Hisense TV Lifespan?

With proper care and usage, Hisense LCD and LED 4K TVs can reasonably last between 5-7 years on average before severe issues arise. However, exceptions exist in both directions:

  • Cheap entry-level models using lower-quality components may fail sooner. Purchasing extended protection helps hedge against premature problems.
  • Hisense ULED and UHD models with better constituent parts can exceed 7-10 years lifespan with luck. But increased usage hours also wear down electronics over time.

In any case, the included 1 year warranty provides a short coverage window. Read on for details on extending safeguards further with purchased service plans.

Weighing Hisense TV Extended Warranty OptionsWeighing Hisense TV Extended Warranty Options

What happens once the standard 12-month warranty expires? Without continued protection, repair costs come entirely out of your pocket.

Extended warranties help reduce financial risk by providing parts & labor coverage for mechanical and electrical failures. Hisense partners with Allstate to offer official plans with various term lengths. These include:


  • 2 Years Total – Covers TV until 3 years from original purchase date
  • 3 Years Total – Covers TV until 4 years from original purchase date
  • 4 Years Total – Covers TV until 5 years from original purchase date

The longest 4 year plan essentially quadruples the initial included coverage. Just remember limitations and exclusions still apply. Accidental damage, cosmetic defects, and normal “wear and tear” generally do not qualify for repair claims.

In addition, Hisense TV extended warranty pricing depends on factors like:

  • TV model series
  • Screen size
  • Contract length

Expect to spend $80-$350+ for multi-year Allstate plans. For example:

  • Entry-level 43″ TV – $129 for 3 years total
  • Mid-range 65″ TV – $219 for 4 years total
  • High-end 75″ ULED TV – $349 for 4 years total

SquareTrade and Asurion also advertise extended warranty plans. But Hisense may not honor claims from unapproved third-party sellers. Carefully review policies before purchasing or risk denial.

Should I Buy Extended Coverage?

ultimately, deciding on supplemental Hisense TV protection depends on your risk tolerance. Do you prefer peace of mind knowing potential repairs are covered? Or would you risk the TV failing outside the standard 1 year just to save money upfront?

Keep in mind you must purchase extended plans while the factory warranty still holds. Buying at month 10 leaves you less open warranty time than buying at month 3. Don’t wait until the last minute!

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Claim Hisense TV Warranty

Don’t wait until your Hisense television stops working fully to check warranty status. Be proactive with the process below to get ahead of problems while covered:

Step 1: Gather Key TV Details

  • Hisense TV model #
    Example: 43A7300F, 58U6HF, 65U7HF, 75U9DG
  • TV serial # – Found on back of chassis
  • Original new purchase date
  • Copy of dated sales receipt

Step 2: Initiate Warranty Claim Procedure

Call Hisense US customer support line at 1-888-935-8880. Explain the malfunctioning TV issue and have records available showing active coverage under limited or extended warranty terms.

Call Hisense US customer support line

Technicians will remotely attempt diagnosing the problem using built-in smart platform tools. This helps them judge whether a visit from authorized repair center is approved or not.

You may need to provide photos, videos, or live video chat to assist. Formalizing an unresolved claim also involves emailing, faxing, or mailing the documentation. Hisense provides instructions on next actions. Don’t proceed with repairs unless given explicit approval.

Step 3: Schedule Service for Hisense TV Defect Repair

Once Hisense approves the claim after diagnosis, you’ll discuss repair options:

  • Certified repair center visit
  • Boxing and shipping to service depot

Both options are free for issues confirmed under active warranty. Hisense covers parts, labor, and return freight costs. Just don’t throw away boxes or packaging until the claim concludes.

Regardless of servicing method, the repair timeline usually concludes within 2-3 weeks from claim initiation. But can vary depending on parts availability.

If Hisense ultimately denies the claim as user error or non-warranty damage? Unfortunately all out-of-pocket costs for third party repair fall upon the customer. Avoid this predicament by buying extended coverage.

How to Check Hisense Tv Serial Number

You can locate your Hisense TV’s unique serial number in a few quick places. First, use your remote to bring up the menu and navigate to “Settings”- scroll to “About” or “Device Information” to find model and serial details there. Second, check the sticker on back of the actual TV toward the bottom side area. This clearly labels the model number and serial for ID purposes. Finally, with some models tuning to a blank channel can make your serial briefly display on the back of the dark screen – so try that method as well. Finding this number is useful for warranty, customer service needs, or troubleshooting model-specific issues down the road.


How can I double check the warranty status?

Contact Hisense Support at the number listed earlier. Select the warranty inquiry prompt and provide your TV’s serial # plus original purchase date from receipt. Cross-reference against internal coverage records showing term limits.

What common TV problems does the warranty NOT cover?

Physical damage from drops or improper installation. Cosmetic defects like scratched screens or cabinets. Signal reception issues. Accessories like remotes and wall brackets. Normal “wear and tear” from heavy usage over time. These require paid repair not covered under warranty.

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