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Chase Stokes is one of Hollywood’s fastest rising young stars who has made a stellar entrance with his magnetic performance as John B in Netflix’s runaway hit Outer Banks. As the lead protagonist and narrator, Chase’s talent and on-screen charm has captivated millions of viewers.

With Hollywood good looks, outdoorsy adventurousness, and acting versatility, Chase Stokes has become a household name almost overnight. Let’s explore more about this breakout star’s background and meteoric rise to fame.

Chase Stokes’ Early Life and Family

Chase Stokes' Early Life and Family

Born on September 16, 1992 in Annapolis, Maryland, Chase Stokes is the second child of business consultant John Stokes and case manager Nikki Osterman. He has an older brother named Kaden Stokes who has also done some acting work.

Due to his father’s changing jobs, Chase’s family moved frequently when he was young, living in different east coast locations like South Florida and Chesapeake Bay. When he was 10, they relocated to Anchorage, Alaska for his dad’s job. Moving across such radically different landscapes gave Chase adaptability and ruggedness from an early age.

The family finally settled down in Orlando, Florida during Chase’s high school years. He attended Timber Creek High School where Chase excelled both academically and in athletics. He represented Timber Creek Wolves in football, baseball and track events.

Later, Chase attended Valencia College and University of Central Florida, graduating with degrees in economics and engineering. Though he seemed set for a corporate career path, the acting and entertainment bug bit Chase hard during college. He soon moved to Los Angeles in 2016 to fully devote himself to acting.

Before Acting Fame: Modeling, Music and Minor TV Roles

To support himself when he first shifted to L.A., Chase did some commercial modeling gigs and shot with brands like Hollister, T-Mobile and Gap. With his tall, athletic physique and chiseled bone structure, he was much in demand.

He also nurtured a lifelong passion for music by producing two songs Behave and Dr. Wanted in 2020. Chase has mentioned he taught himself instruments like the guitar, piano and drums during high school and college.

While waiting for his big acting break, Chase Stokes also played minor one-episode roles in hit shows like Stranger Things, First Wives Club and Daytime Divas. He portrayed Reed Kelly in Stranger Things, a popular school jock that bullies one of the protagonists.

Big Break in Outer Banks

Chase Stokes’ fortunes transformed when he auditioned for and won the central role of John B Routledge in teen adventure series Outer Banks. As the main protagonist and narrator, Chase demonstrates strong acting talent and range portraying John B’s complicated personality – troubled by his father’s disappearance but determined to find the truth.

Set in the stunning waterfront town of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, the mystery drama surrounds John B and his close friends (“Pogues”) frantically hunting for a legendary treasure linked to John B’s missing dad.

Released on April 15, 2020 soon after global lockdowns began, Outer Banks took off to become one of Netflix’s biggest hits, reportedly scoring over 70 million views within a month.

Critics widely praised Chase Stokes’ performance, the plotlines and pacing of Season 1, direction by Jonas Pate, and the picturesque Charleston backdrop. Netflix was quick to renew the serial, with Season 2 released in July 2021 and Season 3 under production.

Thanks to his magnetic, intense on-screen persona in Outer Banks, Chase has transformed from a promising newcomer to bonafide Gen Z heartthrob status, with over 16 million ardent Instagram followers and counting.

When asked about his newfound fame, Chase said:

“It’s elevating for sure…My life has changed dramatically, drastically, and I’m still getting used to it.”

Romance Rumors with Madelyn Cline

Romance Rumors with Madelyn Cline

Ever since Outer Banks released, Chase Stokes has been plagued by intense media speculation around his relationship status, especially with gorgeous co-star Madelyn Cline who portrays his screen love interest Sarah Cameron.

The pair are frequently photographed together, posting cute couple-like photos on Instagram and making public appearances. However, they avoid officially confirming the relationship.

In November 2021, Entertainment Tonight reported that Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline broke up after over a year of dating due to demanding work schedules.

But recently, it appears the stars may be rekindling their romance after photographers spotted them canoodling on the beach in March 2022. Regardless of their exact status, “Chadelyn” fans root ardently for this photogenic pair and hope they reunite.

Chase’s Acting Methodology and Preparation

In interviews, Chase emphasizes that he takes on acting roles only when he feels truly connected with the character at a deeper emotional level:

“I have to be able to relate to the character and their struggles on a personal level for me to want to portray them.”

Once committed, Chase Stokes becomes fully invested in preparing for and researching his roles. For Outer Banks itself, he spent weeks living amongst the coastal towns of North Carolina, learning to sail, surf, fish and immerse in the cultures and dialects.

Chase is also executive producer for Outer Banks alongside showrunner Jonas Pate. Being intricately involved allows Chase to shape story arcs and provide creative inputs to develop richer, multi-dimensional personalities.

Workout Regimen and Diet

Workout Regimen and Diet

Naturally athletic from teenage sports days, Chase Stokes needed to bulk up physically for his daredevil John B character in Outer Banks. He gained nearly 10 pounds for Season 1 itself, emerging with an enviable lean, ripped physique.

Chase revealed to Men’s Health magazine that he follows an intense daily workout regimen, often training twice a day. His routine mixes:

  • Strength training with heavy weights
  • Calisthenics like pull ups, push ups and planks
  • Cardio bursts of stair running or treadmill sprints
  • Outdoor activities like football, basketball and acro-yoga

Along with sufficient protein for muscle recovery, Chase’s diet focuses on nutrient-dense whole foods like salmon, veggies, ancient grains, healthy fats and fresh fruits. Refined sugar, processed foods and alcohol are strictly limited for this Netflix star.

Chase Stokes Net Worth

Being part of one of Netflix’s most watched original shows has accelerated Chase Stokes’ income and net worth rapidly over the past two years.

Industry estimates currently place his net worth between $650,000 to $900,000 though some media claims push the figure up to $1 million already.

As Outer Banks’ popularity grows across age groups and regions for its second and third seasons, Chase Stokes’ paychecks and wealth will likely keep rising exponentially. Early success has also opened up lucrative modeling, endorsement and cameo opportunities that Chase is selectively capitalizing on.

With his versatility, popularity and fortune’s upward trajectory, Chase Stokes has the world at his feet for a long thriving career in entertainment.

What’s Next for Chase Stokes?

As audiences eagerly await the next season of Outer Banks, Chase Stokes remains busy expanding his acting portfolio beyond the teen drama genre.

His next major project lined up is lead role of Cooper Clay in Peacock’s 2023 YA mystery series One Of Us Is Lying adapted from Karen McManus’ bestselling novel. He portrays one of five students in detention who become suspects when one of them suddenly dies.

In interviews, Chase confirms that the plot and characters drew him strongly to the project. Shooting is currently under way for a late 2023 release date.

With Chase Stokes’ rising stardom showing no signs of slowing down, fans are eager to see what diverse, more mature roles come his way once Outer Banks concludes after its fifth season as planned.

For now, Chase is living his dream playing the daring John B character close to his own heart, traveling and creating unforgettable memories with his “Pogues” crew. As he mentioned

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