Andrew Tate Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Kickboxing Career, and More 2024

Andrew Tate has exploded into wider public consciousness in recent years for his outspoken, aggressive and often highly toxic views, especially towards women. However, Tate had already led an eventful life long before his recent rise to internet stardom and fame from his online presence.

This comprehensive profile covers Andrew Tate’s background, family life, physical appearance, career as a championship kickboxer and later shifty webcam businessman, personal relationships and string of controversies leading to bans across social media.

Early Life and Upbringing

  • Andrew Tate was born Emory Andrew Tate III on December 1, 1986 in Washington D.C. to an American father and English mother.
  • He holds dual citizenship with both British and American nationalities.
  • Tate largely grew up in Luton, England after moving there at a young age where he and his younger brother Tristan were raised by their single mother.

“My mother was my rock, my idol. She worked 12 hours a day to provide for us.” – Andrew Tate

  • The family lived under tight financial constraints in council estate housing projects rife with violence and crime. Tate has recounted getting into frequent street fights from a young age growing up in such a rough environment.
  • As a child, he trained in various martial arts to defend himself including judo from age 5 eventually taking up boxing, kickboxing, karate, wrestling and MMA. This lifelong combat sports training nurtured his competitive nature.
  • Tate struggled academically diagnosed with ADHD, depression and dyslexia which he attributes to bullying at school leading him to act out.

“I didn’t fit in at school…I had learning difficulties and health problems. I was depressed and insecure.”

  • He was expelled from several schools for unruly behavior before dropping out of secondary school altogether by age 16 with no formal qualifications.

Family and Relationships

Family and Relationships


  • Andrew Tate’s father Emory Tate Jr. was an American chess International Master renowned in the world of professional chess.
  • His mother is English and raised Andrew and his siblings mostly as a single-parent in Britain working odd jobs to support the family.


  • Andrew’s younger brother Tristan Tate grew up training in martial arts alongside him. They remain close business partners to this day.
  • Tristan is also a kickboxer and fought on the undercards of Andrew’s matches. He gained some notoriety appearing on Romanians Big Brother reality show for a period alongside Andrew.


  • Andrew Tate has been in a long term on-again/off-again relationship with Sofiya Guliyeva, a woman from Moldova who describes herself as his girlfriend.
  • The two seem to have reconciled after Andrew’s playboy ways resulted in a split some years back.
  • While rumors of engagements have surfaced over the years, Tate claims they never officially married and don’t plan to either although she remains loyal by his side.

Controversial Misogynistic Views

  • Throughout his career, Andrew Tate’s comments asserting male dominance over women or diminishing their worth as he sees fit have sparked much criticism and claims of outright misogyny.
  • He has overtly claimed women are men’s property, should not drive, be allowed to go to nightclubs without their man, deserve mistreatment if they cheat and that 18 year old girls are “more attractive than 25 year olds because there’s still innocence in their eyes”.
  • Tate views himself as a relationship expert and masculinity coach for men’s dating issues despite chavinistic worldviews that women’s groups call extremely regressive and problematic.

“I’m an absolute misogynist and I don’t mind admitting it.” – Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate’s Imposing Physical Appearance

Andrew Tate's Imposing Physical Appearance

  • Standing at around 6 feet tall and reportedly weighing 210 pounds in peak physical condition, Andrew Tate cuts an imposing, intimidating figure.
  • His extremely muscular and ripped physique sculpted over years of elite combat sports training and competition demands respect, if not always admiration.
Attribute Measurement
Height 6 ft
Weight 210 lbs (~95 kg)
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark Brown
  • Tate also has various tattoos covering his torso and arms incorporating mythological deities and symbols of wealth, success and provision emblematic of his persona.
  • His personal dress style features the finest designer clothing and expensive jewelry constantly flashing luxury logos and exotic cars for show – all further crafting his image.

“I only wear the finest designer clothes – Givenchy, Gucci, Versace. I live a fast lifestyle with fast cars and boats and jets.”

Andrew Tate’s Net Worth

Andrew Tate's Net Worth

Pinning down Andrew Tate’s exact net worth is difficult with estimates ranging wildly:

  • Unverified reports estimate Tate’s current net worth somewhere between $10 million to over $100 million dollars. However, these numbers remain speculative and unproven.
  • The vast majority of his wealth and income stemmed from running illicit webcam sex businesses based in Romania and selling “Hustler’s University” courses that promote his get-rich-quick scheme and questionable philosophy on life.
  • Tate relentlessly flaunts his extravagant, luxury lifestyle on social media through exotic cars, designer goods, global travel and expensive modern mansions indicating access to substantial financial resources – although no reliable independent financial accounting exists.
Attribute Details
Estimated Net Worth $10 million-$100 million
Primary Income Sources – Webcam studio businesses
– “Hustler’s University” courses & affiliates
– COBRA crypto token
Other Assets – Global luxury residences
– Expensive sports cars
– Private jet rental
Age 37 Years
Nationality British/American
Relationship Status Girlfriend Sofiya Guliyeva
Education Dropped out of school at 16

Sofiya Guliyeva

  • There is debate regarding whether Tate has truly earned his immense alleged wealth legally from his various online courses and business pursuits alone or through more shadowy methods.

“My businesses are perfectly legal…I’ve been under deep government investigations with no illegality found.” – Andrew Tate

Doubts Regarding Andrew Tate’s Riches

  • Some speculate his fortune stems primarily from unlawful activities or family ties rather than his webcam businesses, courses and other online income sources.
  • Critics and former friends have described his webcam businesses as scams and money laundering fronts exploiting women despite claiming everyone earns fairly.
  • Others theorize the majority of his wealth comes from Tate’s chess champion father or benefactors within his Masonic order not solely his own work.
  • Overall Andrew Tate’s claims of becoming vastly wealthy from his own legitimate hustling rather than illicit activity or outside help remain questionable.


Prior to his recent rebranding as an internet guru and self-help personality, Andrew Tate pursued a professional sports career as a championship kickboxer and ran dubious webcam businesses.

Kickboxing & Martial Arts Career

  • From a young age, Andrew Tate practiced martial arts and excelled at kickboxing going on to become a top-tier professional fighter.
  • Notable career achievements include:
    • 2006 Enfusion World Champion
    • ISKA World Cruiserweight Champion (2x)
  • Tate officially retired from professional kickboxing in 2011 at age 25 with an impressive record of 43-9 and multiple championship belts cementing his status as a double world champion.

Reality TV Appearance

  • In 2016, Tate first entered wider public attention appearing on the UK Big Brother reality show alongside his younger brother Tristan.
  • However, the duo were quickly removed from the popular television program within 6 days after a controversial video surfaced showing Tate repeatedly hitting a woman with a belt.

Webcam Studio Businesses

  • After retiring from sports by his mid-20s, Andrew Tate moved to Romania to launch a lucrative online “webcam studio” business.
  • His company recruited local women luring them in to perform erotic webcam livestream shows for international clients under the premise they would earn steady incomes and royalties.
  • In reality, numerous media investigations exposed Tate’s enterprises as a fraudulent pyramid scheme taking advantage of vulnerable Eastern European women despite claims everyone earned fair wages.
  • Ex-employees described women being coerced into performing graphic paid-for-abuse acts against their will and controlled under threat of retaliation.
  • Tate’s webcam businesses shut down under mounting legal heat and sex trafficking allegations which he vehemently denies to this day.

Hustler’s University Course

  • Around 2015 Andrew Tate began focusing efforts towards building his personal brand and cultivating an audience of impressionable young males drawn to his brash, aggressive messaging around obtaining power and dominance.
  • He launched “Hustler’s University 2.0“, an online course promising to teach “every step to building a high income online business” through various video packages members can purchase for fees up to hundreds of dollars.
  • Tate uses his own questionable journey to riches through webcam businesses as evidence he holds the secrets to get rich quick without acknowledging the harm caused or legal concerns.
  • He further spreads his toxic ideology via his show “The War Room” podcast and rapidly growing network of collaborators and affiliates which he claims has reached millions of people.
  • However, Tate remains an extremely divisive figure described as a “misogynistic cult leader” by critics as he continues facing backlash and bans across mainstream social media platforms.
Key Ventures & Income Sources
Professional Kickboxer (Retired)
Reality TV Appearances
Webcam Businesses (Shut Down)
“Hustler’s University” Courses
The War Room Podcast
COBRA Crypto Token

Recent Controversies & Platform Bans

  • August 2022 – Banned from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and other major platforms
  • Accused of spreading misogynistic hate speech, violence and dangerous rhetoric
  • Relies on own websites, offline channels and messaging apps to spread views
  • Known For: Toxic worldviews, Misogyny, Get-rich-quick schemes
  • Critics Describe As: Cult leader, Pyramid schemist, Dangerous rhetoric

So in summary, prior to his recent finding immense controversy as an influencer, Andrew Tate pursued careers in championship kickboxing, reality television, and running morally dubious webcam businesses before rebranding as a self-help internet personality promoting questionable life philosophies to his many young male supporters – though critics allege he profits from them through deception and manipulation.

Personal Worldview & Philosophy

Behind Andrew Tate’s newfound internet fame and all his questionable money-making schemes lies a very concerning personal worldview he spreads that warrants deeper analysis.

Core Values

At the heart of Tate’s messaging to supporters lies what he presents as traditional conservative values:

  • Male dominance over women in domestic relationships
  • Strict gender role expectations and dynamics
  • Alpha male aggression in pursuit of accumulating greater wealth

Why Tate Resonates with Young Men

Analysts attribute Tate’s surge in popularity among boys and young men to:

  • Feeling lost without direction, power or success which Tate promises
  • Rejecting progressive shifts in societal gender roles and values
  • Finding comradery and community in Tate’s online movement

Toxic & Dangerous Ideas

However, crucially Tate propagates many concerning toxic ideas to vulnerable audiences:

  • Advocating domestic abuse is ever acceptable
  • Depriving women’s autonomy and dehumanizing rhetoric
  • Normalizing pyramid “get-rich-quick scheme” economic models
  • Promoting achieving life purpose through conspicuous wealth

Described as Delusional Cult Leader

  • For these reasons, many describe Tate as a delusional, narcissistic cult leader profiting off impressionable men by selling them lies and false promises around financial prosperity.
  • They accuse his “Hustler’s University” courses and movement as an exploitative pyramid scheme making himself rich by deceiving and manipulating others.

Bans From Social Media Platforms

By 2022, Andrew Tate’s controversial opinions, alleged hate speech and dangerous misinformation spread across the internet led most major platforms to ban his presence:

Social Media Platforms Status
Meta/Facebook Banned
Instagram Banned
TikTok Banned
YouTube Terminated channels
Twitter Suspended in 2017, New 2022 account banned
  • While no longer on mainstream platforms, Tate remains present through his own websites, private messaging channels and networks.
  • He continues profiting through his online courses, downloads, and other for-sale offerings aimed largely at young males which continue fueling his movement.
  • Tate paints his deplatforming as affirming his anti-establishment views further cementing loyalty amongst supporters despite slowing his growth.

Tate Responds Defiantly

“I’m universally deplatformed, but still omnipresent in the psyche of the younger generation”

  • The broad social media bans indicate wider public wariness towards figures like Andrew Tate normalizing dangerous misogynistic ideas among online youth communities often facing uncertain futures.

So in conclusion, Andrew Tate built an empire by exploiting vulnerable populations through unethical and legally dubious money-making enterprises while promoting extremely problematic personal philosophies – leading him to ultimately face intervention by large technology platforms and growing public criticism in response.
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