Who is the New Blonde New Day USA girl? 

She seemingly came out of nowhere – a gorgeous blonde woman accompanying the popular WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) wrestling stable New Day to the ring. Wrestling fans immediately began buzzing – who was this mystery woman? Why was she suddenly aligned with one of the most visible and successful wrestling teams currently in the world?

Introducing Tatiana Lia Zappardino

Introducing Tatiana Lia Zappardino

After some extensive digging, the woman was identified as Tatiana Lia Zappardino, an American actress, model and TV personality originally from San Diego, CA now residing in Los Angeles. While not yet a household name, Zappardino does have some previous credits in the entertainment industry:

  • College soccer player at Jacksonville University where she set numerous school records
  • Appeared in high profile commercials for brands like Nike athletic wear and Vespa scooters
  • Hosted various TV programs on major networks like NBC, E! Entertainment Television, and the Outdoor Channel
  • Played minor acting roles in major films like Sylvester Stallone’s “The Expendables”

However, after initial momentum, recent years have seen Zappardino fade from the public eye somewhat after guest spots and opportunities dried up. Her sudden reemergence alongside famous WWE wrestlers Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods – better known as The New Day – raises plenty of new questions around who she is and why she’s with them.

What Has Tatiana Zappardino Been up to Lately?

After those initial acting roles, hosting gigs and modeling shoots wound down, Tatiana seemed to take a break from public life for a stretch. Past relationships and personal life details have been kept very private as well, adding an extra layer of mystique and intrigue around the blonde.

So why has she now resurfaced next to wrestling’s most popular and revenue-generating stable? How did this unlikely partnership form?

“We were just as surprised as anyone to have Miss Zappardino join us,” said New Day member Big E. “But she brings a certain sparkle and magic both in and out of the ring that we think fans will really enjoy.”

Could Tatiana be taking on a managerial role behind the scenes? Or perhaps she is embarking on an on-camera personality career in the wrestling world? Is she simply a friend or girlfriend supporting her wrestler pals? Time will tell exactly what part Tatiana aims to play with the successful New Day crew moving forward.

Early Life and Upbringing

Further details about Tatiana’s early life and family are scarce at the moment. She was born and raised primarily in San Diego, California but additional information about her parents, siblings or other relatives remains unknown.

She has kept her upbringing very private over the years, perhaps to maintain a mystifying aura as she evolves in the public spotlight. This is not unusual for newer celebrities looking to control their image and coverage early on in fame.

What is known is that in high school, Tatiana excelled as a soccer player which eventually earned her a scholarship at Jacksonville University in Florida.

Dominating Jacksonville University Soccer

As a star college player from 2010-2014, Tatiana set numerous school records as a tenacious and skilled midfielder for Jacksonville University’s Division I soccer team. She helped elevate the mid-major Jacksonville University Dolphins women’s soccer program to new heights during her playing career.

Her list of accolades and honors for Jacksonville soccer include:

  • Three-time All-Conference player
  • 2013 Conference Player of the Year
  • Set Dolphins’ all-time records for assists and points
  • Second all-time in career goals
  • Team captain senior season

Tatiana graduated in 2014 with a communications degree as one of the most decorated players in Jacksonville University sports history.

Tatiana Zappardino Early Life
San Diego upbringing
Jacksonville University soccer
college athletic star

Leveraging Her Looks and Fame

Leveraging Her Looks and Fame

Leveraging her athletic physique, blonde good looks and reputation as a rising college sports star, Tatiana first picked up modeling gigs around Florida after graduating from Jacksonville University. This soon transitioned into commercials and other acting opportunities in Los Angeles like:

  • Nike athletic wear campaign in 2015
  • National commercial in 2016 for Vespa scooters
  • Played a lifeguard in Sylvester Stallone’s hit film The Expendables in 2017
  • Guest starred on ABC drama Mistresses in 2018
  • Hosted NBC Sports special on female athletes in 2018
  • Co-hosted Outdoor Channel series Get Wild in 2019

However, these entertainment opportunities slowed down by 2020 with no new major credits since then besides a 2021 cameo on FOX sitcom The Moodys.

Tatiana seemed to once again fade from the spotlight – making her shocking resurgence with famous wrestling stable The New Day even more stunning. What motivated her return? And in what capacity will she aim to leverage her looks, athleticism, fame and business savvy this time?

Year Credit Details
2015 Nike Model Athletic wear campaign
2016 Vespa Commercial National ad campaign
2017 The Expendables Minor acting role
2018 Mistresses Guest Spot ABC drama appearance
2018 NBC Sports Host Women’s sports special
2019 Get Wild Co-Host Outdoor Channel series
2021 The Moodys Cameo FOX comedy guest

This table outlines her involvement in various projects over the years, including commercials, TV series, and guest appearances. Let me know if you need more information or assistance with anything else!

Tatiana leveraged her athletics and beauty into minor acting and hosting roles

What Does the Future Hold?

While unexpected, Tatiana Zappardino’s return to the spotlight alongside famous wrestling stable The New Day presents some very intriguing possibilities moving forward at age 35.

With her proven smarts, talent, work ethic and diverse set of skills across modeling, acting, sports and hosting – “who is the new blonde New Day girl?” may soon change to “what feats will she achieve next?” if fans are fortunate.

But what exactly is in store for Tatiana and her new wrestling mates? Some possibilities fans speculate include:

  • Taking an on-camera personality role – Perhaps regularly joining New Day ringside as an encore to her past hosting gigs?
  • Trying her luck managing wrestlers – Could she parlay business savvy into steering the already successful New Day empire to even greater heights?
  • Embarking on an acting career – Maybe WWE and Hollywood stardom awaits thanks to her newfound wrestling connections and revival of interest?
  • Leveraging behind-the-scenes opportunities – Whether through brand sponsorships, merchandise or other business roles, Tatiana may focus her efforts more on financial growth.
  • Simply enjoying the attention – There’s also the chance she is merely basking in the glow of fame by associating with top WWE stars without larger ambitions…for now at least.

Fans will definitely keep eyes glued to Tumblr pages, Instagram feeds and wrestling broadcasts to see what Tatiana and the New Day spoiled into next!

Tatiana Zappardino Quick Facts

Category Details
Full Name Tatiana Lia Zappardino
Age Believed to be 35 years old
Hometown Originally from San Diego, CA
Current City Los Angeles, CA resident
College Jacksonville University, 2010-2014
Degree Communications
Sports Star college soccer player
Modeling Campaigns: Nike, Vespa
Acting The Expendables, ABC Mistresses
TV Hosting NBC, Outdoor Channel
Net Worth Estimated $1-2 million

With a past career history across modeling, minor acting roles, college sports stardom and hosting duties, Tatiana Zappardino seemingly brings plenty of talent, business savvy and potential in this unexpected new partnership with wrestling sensations The New Day stable!

Combining her beauty, brains, drive and personality, “Who is the New Blonde New Day USA Girl?” may soon be answered with “She’s the next big star!” if Tatiana capitalizes on this serendipitous second chance at fame. One thing is for sure – the public will be watching her next moves very closely!

What Are Tatiana Zappardino’s Strengths & Skills?

While the full scope of Tatiana’s new role and ambitions remain uncertain for now, analyzing her background reveals the diverse set of strengths and skills she brings to the table.

Tatiana’s Physical Strengths

Thanks to her championship college soccer tenure, Tatiana clearly possesses impressive physical abilities including:

  • Speed and quickness – Her midfielder role required top-notch acceleration and change-of-direction abilities she still likely retains today.
  • Endurance and stamina – Playing 90 minute matches demands great conditioning she developed over her career.
  • Strength and power – Excellent leg power must have been developed to set scoring records as she did.
  • Core, balance and agility – All key for high-level midfield play.

These athletic traits perhaps forecast an on-screen physical role in wrestling shows or competition? Or simply further her reputation as an impressive looker even at 35.

Could Tatiana Wrestle Too?

Some fans even speculate if Tatiana could enter the ring herself down the road! While unlikely due to starting wrestling training so late, current WWE women’s wrestlers like Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey prove anything is possible.

“She certainly has the looks and power to dominate in the ring just like she did on the soccer pitch in college,” said one fan forum poster.

Mental Strengths

Beyond physical skills, Tatiana has also exhibited savvy mental abilities sure to aid whatever her future plans hold:

  • Competitiveness & Work Ethic – Reaching her soccer heights demanded top training dedication matched only by an inner drive to win and achieve greatness. These traits convert well to business, acting and other pursuits.
  • Leadership – As captain of her college squad, she displayed social skills to direct teammates united for a common goal. Could a New Day manager role beckon?
  • Self-Promotion – Navigating the acting and modeling realms exhibited strong marketing talents to advance her personal brand and land gigs.
  • “IT” Factor – Combining smarts, looks and social grace, Tatiana contains that ineffable “it” quality that the top celebrities leverage across fields.

Indeed big things could await with such diverse mental talents and intangibles!

Tatiana’s Other Attributes

Beyond her physical capacities and mental strengths, other skills could certainly assist Tatiana in whatever her next chapter entails:

Drive – Tatiana has showcased significant personal drive not satisfied with initial minor acting and hosting roles. Her competitive zeal surely still burns for greater achievements.

Passion – Close associates reportedly attest to Tatiana’s passion for performance art whether in studios, on sets or live entertainment like WWE wrestling events.

Personality – By all accounts warm, engaging yet mysterious and funny, Tatiana’s personality pops on camera and in interviews.

Business Savvy – Financial success starting at just 35 years old hints at a strong commercial instinct that served past ventures and performers well.

“Look” – While superficial, there is no denying Tatiana contains the stunning blonde look instantly noticeable and memorable for public roles.

What Do The New Day & Tatiana Have Planned?

The unexpected pairing between Tatiana Zappardino and WWE heavyweights The New Day likely didn’t materialize randomly overnight. While full details are unclear, there are strong indications significant planning and opportunities are in development behind the scenes.

How Did This Pairing Come Together?

Leading wrestling journalists have reported that New Day and Tatiana likely ran across one another frequently over the years through common social circles. Both have done shows in Los Angeles,sponsor events, charity functions and award shows where relationships foster.

At some point, friendship turned to business opportunity – perhaps New Day seeking to expand their brand image and revenue channels beyond wrestling. And Tatiana may have been seeking avenues back into public prominence. Together, they found common ground and vision for an enticing future partnership.

What Might Their Plans Entail?

Exactly what directions Tatiana and New Day intend to take their collaboration remain purely speculative. But a few informed possibilities analysts and commentators have raised include:

  • A high profile live tour – Recent reports suggested New Day will launch a nationwide touring show combining wrestling, comedy and music. And Tatiana’s involvement could suggest a key role as host, performer or organizer.
  • Starting a marketing agency – Building on their significant social media and fan following, the group could look to monetize their brand influence through promotional campaigns akin to the Kardashians.
  • Leveraging a movie or media deal – Perhaps Tatiana’s acting or production connections could land the stable an enticing Hollywood offer – maybe even their own reality show?
  • New merchandise ventures – Expanding products under The New Day brand seems plausible – clothing, accessories, supplements etc. Tatiana may take the lead on new ecommerce operations.
  • Cryptocurrency tie-ins – The WWE has investigated crypto and non-fungible tokens recently. Tatiana and The New Day could develop exclusive digital assets to engage modern fans.

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