Queen of Versailles’ $200M Dream Mansion That’s Still Unfinished

In the heart of Florida, an extravagant vision of unparalleled opulence lies incomplete – the infamous Queen of Versailles’ dream mansion, a colossal $200 million project that has captured global attention with its staggering ambition and tumultuous journey.

This behemoth of a luxury home, inspired by the grandeur of France’s Palace of Versailles, was conceived by timeshare mogul David Siegel and his wife, Jackie, as an embodiment of their wildest aspirations.

An Palatial Vision Years in the Making

The seeds of this audacious dream mansion were planted in the early 2000s when David and Jackie Siegel, known for their lavish celebrity lifestyle, began envisioning a residence that would eclipse even the most extravagant Florida estates.

Enamored by the opulence of Versailles during a visit, the couple sought to recreate that regal splendor on an unprecedented scale, acquiring a vast 60-acre plot in Orlando’s exclusive Windermere community.

Their plan? To construct a 90,000 square foot mansion with every conceivable amenity, from a 30-car garage and a 10,000 square foot spa to a professional baseball field and not one, but two separate grand ballrooms. The design, a magnificent fusion of French neoclassical and modern architecture, was a testament to the Siegels’ unwavering pursuit of grandeur.

Hitting Pause: The 2008 Financial Crisis Strikes

Hitting Pause The 2008 Financial Crisis Strikes

As construction commenced in 2004, fueled by David Siegel’s timeshare empire fortune, the dream mansion slowly took shape, with its steel frame and concrete shell rising from the ground. However, the 2008 global financial crisis delivered a devastating blow, forcing the Siegels to abruptly halt work on their Versailles-inspired estate.

“We were keeping a lot of subcontractors working, and every time I’d have a meeting, more people were being laid off. It was breaking my heart.” – Jackie Siegel

Facing mounting debts and legal battles, the couple was forced to downsize their extravagant lifestyle, even firing their household staff of over a dozen butlers, housekeepers, and groundskeepers. The once-bustling construction site fell silent, leaving the unfinished mansion a haunting reminder of their shattered dreams.

Fit for Royalty: Decadent Details of the Unfinished Behemoth

Even in its incomplete state, the Queen of Versailles’ dream mansion boasts mind-boggling proportions and amenities fit for royalty:

  • 90,000 square feet of living space, making it one of the largest single-family homes in America
  • 30 bathrooms, including multiple his-and-her bathroom suites
  • A 20,000 square foot master bedroom suite with a double-sided fireplace and Jacuzzi tub
  • A 10,000 square foot spa with a massage room, sauna, and hair salon
  • A 20-car garage with an additional 10-car “car vault” showroom
  • Two grand ballrooms for hosting lavish events
  • A professional baseball field and two tennis courts
  • A massive indoor roller-skating rink and a private bowling alley
  • A 30-seat home theater with a private lounge

From the meticulously crafted Versailles-inspired architectural details to the extravagant materials used, such as marbles, custom ironwork, and 24-carat gold embellishments, no expense was spared in the pursuit of opulence.

Resuming the Dream: Slow Progress Continues

Resuming the Dream Slow Progress Continues

After years of stagnation, the Siegels reignited their dream mansion’s construction in 2019, determined to see their vision through. Today, the site buzzes with activity once again, as workers toil to bring the unfinished portions to completion.

While significant progress has been made on the exterior and some interior spaces, many areas remain bare concrete shells, serving as stark reminders of the arduous journey ahead. Through a series of visuals and videos, viewers can witness the current state of the unfinished mansion, a surreal blend of lavish completed sections juxtaposed with vast, unadorned spaces.

A Polarizing Project: Criticism and Defense

As news of the Queen of Versailles’ dream mansion spread, it sparked a heated debate around the ethics of such excessive wealth and consumption. Critics decried the project as an egregious display of opulence, arguing that such resources could be better allocated towards addressing societal issues like homelessness and poverty.

“It’s just an obscene waste of money. There’s something wrong with a society that allows that kind of wealth to be concentrated in so few hands.” – Critic’s Quote

However, the Siegels have staunchly defended their aspirations, citing their hard-earned fortune and the economic benefits their project brings to the local community through employment and tourism.

“We’re not trying to flaunt our wealth. We just want to build something unique, something that will be remembered forever.” – Jackie Siegel

The debate rages on, with some lauding the Siegels’ ambition and others condemning it as a symbol of wealth inequality and excess.

Will It Ever Be Finished? Experts Weigh In

Will It Ever Be Finished Experts Weigh In

As the Queen of Versailles’ dream mansion slowly inches towards completion, construction experts have weighed in on the daunting task that lies ahead. Many cite the sheer scale of the project, coupled with its intricate design and lavish materials, as significant challenges.

According to industry estimates, completing the unfinished mansion could cost an additional $60-$100 million and take several more years of dedicated effort. Logistical hurdles, such as securing specialized craftsmen and sourcing rare materials, further compound the challenge.

Despite the obstacles, the Siegels remain steadfast in their determination to see their dream mansion to fruition, though some skeptics question whether they possess the financial means and stamina to achieve such a monumental feat.

As the world watches with bated breath, the fate of this $200 million luxury home remains uncertain, leaving us to ponder – will the Queen of Versailles’ opulent vision ever be realized, or will it forever remain an unfinished testament to the couple’s boundless aspirations?

Share your thoughts on this controversial and captivating story – should the Siegels persevere, or is their dream mansion an exercise in excess? Join the conversation and let your voice be heard.


Did the Versailles house ever get finished? 

No, the massive 90,000 square foot “Versailles” mansion in Florida that timeshare mogul David Siegel and his wife Jackie started building in 2004 remains unfinished to this day. Construction was halted in 2008 due to the financial crisis before being resumed at a slower pace years later. As of 2023, major portions are still incomplete shells.

How much is The Queen of Versailles mansion worth? 

While the total cost to build the gargantuan mansion was originally estimated at $100 million, the projected cost has ballooned to over $200 million after years of delays and rising expenses. However, the actual market value is unclear given its unfinished state and unique, overly customized design.

Did the Versailles house ever sell? 

No, the “Versailles” mansion dubbed as one of the largest single-family homes in America has never been sold. It was envisioned from the start as a private residence for David and Jackie Siegel and their family, not as an investment property to sell.

Is David Siegel still married? 

Yes, David Siegel is still married to his wife Jackie, whose over-the-top dreams and determination sparked the construction of the iconic unfinished Versailles mansion in the first place. Despite financial troubles and legal issues that temporarily derailed the project, the couple has remained married through it all.

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