Need a transparent background for your presentation slides? Of course, PNG images are the best!

You are a businessman and it is very likely that you have to do meetings or presentations several times a month. In your meetings, having slides with animations in them is very important. While it may not be your job (to put them together), you should at least understand the use of some important tools for modifying images in slides. 

One important technique for presentations is to make the background of an image disappear so that the audience can focus only on the main object (in the image). For that, you need PNG images and all their resources. That might include services like Creative Fabrica which provides millions of PNG images that can be freely explored and downloaded for free for commercial creative designs. You can use this great service for just $3.99 per month. You can’t get much cheaper! This Amsterdam-based service is a lifesaver for graphic designers and end consumers who don’t have the time to design everything from scratch.

We’re talking about transparent PNG images that can have their backgrounds edited. With this functionality, it’s easier to use them in brand design. It’s much easier and more adaptive than JPEG or GIF. PNG images with transparent backgrounds are very adaptive to typical presentation slides, thus easily integrating with other formats. 


Come on, to use one or more images in your presentation slides, which would you prefer? A visible background or an invisible one? The latter, of course, right? That way you can switch between media but the image will show up just fine. Transparent means not white so don’t be confused by the difference between the two. Such PNG images can be applied for logo creation, profile photos, or even electronic signatures. In other words, PNG images are adaptive to various contexts of use or rather contexts of the display. Is that the only advantage? Of course not because PNG images allow for better rendering. They are by far the best. 

How to convert regular images into PNG format?

You can use some software. By converting to PNG, you can ensure your images can be enlarged without compromising on their quality properties. In simple terms, your image still looks like it did before the conversion but bigger (because you’ve enlarged it). All you need is to import a photo into the eraser tool, followed by clicking the download tab. Once that is clicked, the software will change or remove the background. Result you can save as a PNG file and you’re done!

What can be concluded is that the compression characteristic of PNG is “lossless”. This means that all the properties of the original image are retained by the resulting image, which is already a PNG file. PNG is arguably able to store more information than JPG and GIF. It’s also worth noting that the background transparency levels associated with PNGs are not singular. They vary and users can customize them according to their needs.

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