How to Change Input on LG Smart TV

Having trouble getting your LG smart TV to connect to the source or input you want to use? Frustrating when the TV doesn’t switch inputs seamlessly, isn’t it? Well, struggle no more! This simple guide walks through the quick process to change inputs on your LG TV in just a few steps.

Understanding Input Sources on LG Smart TVs

Input Sources on LG Smart TVs

An input source on your LG TV refers to the external device sending a signal to the TV such as a cable box, Blu-ray player, gaming console, streaming media stick, laptop, and more. Basically, anything plugged into your TV’s HDMI ports that you want to view or play content from.

Here are some of the most common input sources people connect:

  • Cable or satellite box

Cable or satellite box

  • Blu-ray or DVD player
  • Gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation

Gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation

  • Streaming devices like Roku or Amazon Fire Stick
  • External speakers or sound system
  • Computer or laptop
  • And more!

Having multiple devices connected is why you need to be able to easily switch between different input sources.

Preparing Your Devices Before Changing Inputs

Before attempting to change inputs on your LG smart TV, it’s important to first make sure all your external devices you want to use are powered on and properly connected to the TV.

Here are some tips for avoiding headaches:

  • Check that devices are plugged into the correct HDMI input ports on the TV.
  • Confirm external devices like game consoles are turned on.
  • Ensure power cables and HDMI cables are securely inserted at both ends.
  • Try a different HDMI cable if issues persist, in case of a faulty cable.
  • For streaming sticks and computers, ensure WiFi is enabled to allow casting or screen sharing to the TV.

Taking this quick peek at your connections will prevent the frustration of no signal displaying when trying to view a new input source.

Accessing the Input Menu on Your LG Smart TV

The input menu on your LG smart TV is where you actually change the input source. There are a couple ways to access this:

  1. Use the ‘Input’ or ‘Source’ button on your LG remote. This takes you directly to the input menu.
  2. Access it from the settings menu:
    • Use remote and select the cog icon from the top row of main menu options to enter settings.
    • Navigate to “Connection” or “Devices” and select “Input List” or “Edit Input Labels”

Either way, this brings up the list of connected devices and inputs to switch between.

Tip: With some LG TVs you can also press the icon button on an LG Magic Remote to prompt the TV to display currently active input and connected devices.

Selecting the Desired Input Source

From within the Input List menu, simply use the arrow buttons and ‘OK/Enter’ button on your LG TV remote to choose the input source you want to switch to.

The TV displays a list of options like:

  • HDMI 1
  • HDMI 2
  • Cable Box
  • Blu-ray Player
  • Game Console

And more depending on your specific devices connected.

You’ll then see the picture change as it swaps over to the selected input.

Pro Tip: You can rename the inputs to match your connected device so it’s clearer which is which. For example labeling one connection as “Roku” rather than just “HDMI 3”.

Using Quick Access Input Changes

For inputs you switch to often like game consoles or streaming sticks, there’s even faster ways to change sources that skip having to dig through the settings menu each time:

  • Device Specific LG Remote Buttons: Many LG remotes have quick access buttons built-in to instantly pull up certain inputs like cable box or HDMI. Just press button to switch over.
  • Quick Access Menu: Bring up this menu by long pressing number button ‘0’ on LG’s Magic Remote. This also displays connected inputs for 1-click changes.
  • LG ThinQ Mobile App: Use LG’s iPhone/Android app as a remote to swiftly select favorite input sources.

So there you have it! With just your LG television remote, changing inputs is a breeze. Now enjoy seamlessly switching between all your entertainment devices.

How to Change HDMI Input on LG Smart TV With Remote

How to Change HDMI Input on LG Smart TV With Remote

  • Emphasize how useful the LG TV remote makes changing inputs 
  • Outline how the process works specifically using an LG remote control

Steps to Change HDMI Input Using LG Remote

  • Access Input menu button on remote directly 
  • Use device-specific input shortcut buttons 
  • Utilize Quick Settings access on Magic Remotes  
  • Select HDMI port in Input menu
  • Rename HDMI inputs for convenience

Tips for Easy Changes

  • Keep batteries fresh in remote
  • Program LG remote to control other devices too
  • Utilize remote apps on your phone if you misplace physical remote

How to Change HDMI Input on LG Smart TV Without Remote

  • If LG TV remote goes missing/breaks, inputs can still be changed
  • Outline alternative methods without relying on physical remote

Use Your Smartphone App

Use Your Smartphone App

  • Download official LG TV Remote app   
  • Easy access to input menu from app
  • Additional features like voice controls   

Via Settings Menu Directly  

  • Use buttons on back/side of TV to access settings
  • Navigate to input or devices menu to change source

Through Device Specific Apps  

  • Many streaming & cable boxes have their own apps 
  • Can switch LG TV’s input source connected to that device only


Q: Why does my LG TV keep switching back to the same input?

A: This is likely caused by the “Auto Input Sensing” feature which automatically changes to an input when a device is powered on and sending a signal. You can disable this in your Settings if preferred.

Q: Why can’t my LG TV find the device/input I just connected?

A: Try power cycling devices, checking cables, or changing HDMI ports. Also ensure external devices are turned on and try re-running Input setup from Settings > Connection > Device Connector again.


Changing the input source on your LG Smart TV is a quick and easy process that can be done in just a few steps using your TV remote. By pressing the Input or Source button and selecting the desired input from the menu, you’ll seamlessly switch between your connected devices like gaming consoles, streaming sticks, cable boxes, and more. With handy features like device-specific shortcut keys and quick access menus on LG remotes, input swapping is simpler than ever. So next time your LG TV screen goes blank because it’s on the wrong input, you’ll know exactly how to switch it back to the active source you want to use. If you need to reset your streaming apps as well, be sure to check out our guide on How to Log Out of Netflix on LG Smart TV / All Devices for signing out from all devices accessing your Netflix account directly through your smart TV.

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