How to Cancel Apple TV Subscription 

In the era of endless streaming entertainment options, monthly subscription costs can quickly spiral out of control. With high-quality services like Apple TV+ and premium channels available directly through your Apple devices, it’s tempting to sign up to boost your viewing selection. However, in an effort to trim expenses, you may decide an Apple TV subscription is no longer worth keeping active each month. Luckily, canceling your Apple TV+ service or a la carte Apple TV channels is simple to do on your own through account settings or by reaching out for customer support assistance.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Canceling Apple TV+

Included with the purchase of new Apple devices, Apple TV+ is the tech giant’s on-demand streaming platform for exclusive original movies, documentaries and shows. If you find yourself barely using the service after your free trial or device-bundled offer expires, ending this $4.99 monthly subscription is straightforward:

Use Your Desktop Account Settings

The easiest way to cancel Apple TV+ without additional assistance is by visiting your account management page online:

  1. Open Safari, Chrome or any desktop internet browser

Open Safari, Chrome or any desktop internet browser

    2. Go to the Apple Account Management page and log in with your Apple ID

Apple Account Management page and log in with your Apple ID

    3. Click on the option for “Subscriptions” under Media and Purchases

Click on the option for “Subscriptions” under Media and Purchases

     4. Locate your Apple TV+ subscription details under active services

Locate your Apple TV+ subscription

    5. Select the blue “Cancel Subscription” button and confirm cancellation

Select the blue “Cancel Subscription” button and confirm cancellation

Once processed, your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing period before officially ending. At that point you will lose access to all Apple TV+ shows and movies through the TV app. Don’t worry – should you change your mind down the road, reactivating this streaming video service is as simple as subscribing again from any device using your Apple ID. Just keep in mind that additional free trials may not be available, so standard $4.99 monthly pricing will apply going forward.

Leverage iPhone or iPad Settings

If accessing a desktop or laptop isn’t convenient, you can alternatively leverage the settings on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to cancel:

  1. Open the iOS Settings app on your device
  2. Tap your name and Apple ID banner at the top of the screen
  3. Select Subscriptions to view active plans
  4. Tap the Apple TV+ subscription line to manage
  5. Hit the Cancel Subscription option at the bottom
  6. Confirm cancellation details to process ending the streaming subscription

You will continue to have full Apple TV+ access until your current billing cycle finishes. Rejoining in the future just means restarting another monthly subscription through any Apple device or the TV app.

Turn Off Auto-Renew on Apple TV Channels

Turn Off Auto-Renew on Apple TV

If sifting through all the shows on the many streaming platforms out there feels overwhelming, Apple TV channels make it quick and easy to access just your preferred networks all in one place for a monthly fee. However, with single channels ranging anywhere from $3 to $15/month, costs can quickly snowball. Luckily, the process to cancel Apple TV channels subscriptions that you no longer want is fairly straightforward once you know where to look across your iPhone, iPad or Apple streaming device:

On Apple TV Set-Top Box

On Apple TV Set-Top Box

If you primarily access Apple TV channels through an Apple streaming media player connected to your television, here are the steps to disable auto-renew for specific channel subscriptions:

  1. From the Apple TV Home Screen, open the Settings app
  2. Select Users and Accounts > iTunes and App Store Purchases
  3. Tap your Apple ID
  4. Navigate down to Subscriptions and choose the channel you want to manage
  5. Slide the toggle for Auto-Renew to the off position
  6. Exit settings when finished

With auto-renew disabled, your channel access will deactivate when the next renewal payment attempt fails after your current billing period.

Through iPhone or iPad

You can also quickly manage and cancel any Apple TV channel subscriptions directly from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the iOS Settings app
  2. Tap your name and Apple ID information at the top
  3. Scroll down and select Subscriptions
  4. Tap the individual Apple TV channel you want to cancel
  5. Hit the Cancel Subscription button at the bottom
  6. Confirm your cancellation details

As soon as the latest billing period you already paid for expires, you will lose streaming access through the Apple TV app. Re-subscribing is always an option by repeating the original sign-up process.

Contact Apple Support to Cancel Any Subscription

Contact Apple Support to Cancel Any Subscription

Don’t stress if you have issues locating where to cancel subscriptions you no longer want through your device settings. Apple’s customer support teams are there to help! Here are the best ways to reach out:

Start an Online Chat Session

Start an Online Chat Session

Sending a direct message online is the fastest way to get personalized support with managing or canceling your Apple subscriptions:

  • Visit the Contact Apple Support site
  • Select Apple TV and describe your specific issue
  • Choose Chat as the contact method

An Apple advisor will help troubleshoot any problems canceling Apple TV+ or channel subscriptions through your account.

Call 1-800-APL-CARE

If speaking conversationally is more your style, call 1-800-275-2273 to access Apple phone support agents prepared to:

  • Reset account passwords if you get locked out
  • Walk through subscription management flows
  • Process subscription cancellations for Apple billing issues

Don’t hang up until the representative confirms your chosen Apple TV subscription has been successfully ended and you receive a ticket number or confirmation email for reference. This ensures no billing errors or subsequent charges.

Regardless whether you contact support online or over the phone, Apple’s customer service teams are trained to quickly remedy problems managing subscriptions tied to your Apple ID account. Leaning on them whenever website tools fail makes cancelling Apple TV+ or channel subscriptions hassle-free.

Expectations Post Apple TV Cancellation

Wondering what happens after you terminate those Apple streaming video subscriptions? Here is what to expect once the request processes:

  • Immediate access through remainder of current billing cycle
  • Cancellation in effect once existing billing period expires
  • Final charges or payments on next originally scheduled date
  • Return visits require complete resignup process

Reviewing a few key details at the start when initially activating Apple TV free trials or paid subscriptions can set proper expectations should you later choose to pull the plug. But with helpful step-by-step cancellation instructions right on your devices or through supportive customer reps, unwinding these commitments is swift and uncomplicated.

Cancel Forgotten Apple Subscriptions Today

It’s easy to lose track of seldom used Apple services signed up for months or years ago. But regular subscription charges can really add up over time and strain personal budgets. Now that you know exactly how to cancel Apple TV+ or unwanted Apple TV channel streaming plans directly through your account or by chatting with customer support agents online, reclaiming a few dollars each month is totally achievable. Take action to axe those forgotten Apple subscriptions lingering and lightly used so you can reallocate spends to what matters most or pad savings.


How do I stop Apple taking money from my account?

Click Account Settings. Next to Payment Information, click Manage Payments. (If you’re using an older version of macOS, click Edit next to Payment Type.) Click Edit, then click Remove Payment Method.

How do I cancel my Apple subscription on Android?

You can’t cancel your Apple subscription directly on an Android device. Instead, use a web browser to visit Apple’s “Manage Subscriptions” page, sign in with your Apple ID, find the subscription, and cancel it from there.

How do I cancel my Apple TV after 7 day free trial?

To cancel your Apple TV subscription after the 7-day free trial, open the Apple TV app, navigate to the “Watch Now” tab, tap your profile picture, select “Subscriptions,” find your Apple TV subscription, tap on it, choose “Cancel Subscription,” and confirm your decision.


In conclusion, canceling an Apple TV subscription is a straightforward process through the Apple TV app on your device. By accessing your subscription settings, you can easily cancel the service. Additionally, if you encounter issues with your Apple TV remote, you can reset it by following simple steps provided by Apple’s support resources.


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