Hisense TV Remote App: Guide to Install and Control TV Without Remote

Tired of turning over cushions hunting for a lost Hisense TV remote buried in your couch? End the frustration and join the mobile app remote control revolution! The official RemotNOW application from Hisense transforms compatible Android and iOS smartphones and tablets into enhanced virtual remotes to command your television with precision and ease.

This comprehensive guide examines key features within the RemoteNOW mobile app for Hisense Smart TVs. Learn simplified set up steps to start viewing content and navigating menus directly from your mobile device screen. Never misplace a tiny remote again thanks to advanced voice commands, gesture pointing control and seamless Internet-of-Things (IoT) integration built into this remote replacement app.

Streamline Hisense TV Control With Remote NOW

The RemoteNOW software solution emphasizes simplicity and personalization over the outdated limitations chained to hardware-based remote controls. Fans of Hisense television models with Smart capabilities can now bypass annoying buttons to directly access favorite apps and inputs thanks to customizable on-screen remotes.

Streamline Hisense TV Control With Remote NOW

Fully interactive touchscreen operation makes navigating VIDAA systems faster by organizing personalized app layouts similar to mobile device interfaces owners already understand intuitively. One-touch video playback, voice-activated Google Assistant links to compatible smart home devices and backlit buttons for late night streaming in the dark represent just a taste of what RemoteNOW aims to make possible.

Frequent travelers tired of toting multiple remotes can rejoice after ditching easily misplaced old-school remote controls. The at home or on-the-go convenience provided by downloading the RemoteNOW virtual remote app ends reliance on infrared signals. Everything needed to directly operate Hisense Smart TV essentials fits right inside an owner’s pocket!

Key Advantages of The Hisense RemoteNOW App

What unique conveniences or entertainment enhancements does embracing RemoteNOW promise over a conventional button-stickered rectangular remote?

  • Enjoy multi-angle interaction thanks to motion gesture detection permitting casual wrist flicks to cue up playlists or launch apps hands-free
  • Effortlessly type using smartphones touchscreen keyboard replacing tedious cursor-based text entry
  • Optimize room ambiance integrating app remote with smart home lighting or thermostat systems through If-This-Then automation routines
  • Command your television by simply speaking voice requests to pull up desired media or adjust settings
  • Mount phones on treadmills or stationary bikes to stream content during workouts minus constantly glancing down while changing channels manually

And those perks merely scratch the surface of everything Hisense packs into their innovative RemoteNOW controller solution aimed at greatly improving entertainment experiences. Owners privilege app pairing during initial television set up skip tiresome hunting for misplaced remotes plaguing many households!

Step-By-Step Guide to Install Remote NOW

Curious if the RemoteNOW application works with personally owned Hisense Smart TV or Roku models? Follow the simplified instructions below:

Download Remote NOW App

Download Remote NOW App

The mobile software is available free supporting both iOS and Android devices through phone or tablet app stores:

  • iOS App Store Link (remote now app…)
  • Android Play Store Link (remote now app download…)

Installation only takes moments permitting instant access to RemoteNOW app features.

Connect Devices to Local Wi-Fi Network

Remote NOW interacts using home Internet network, not infrared beams. Confirm television AND mobile device connect to the same Wi-Fi router signal to enable communication.

Locate current Wi-Fi details under:


  • Settings -> Wi-Fi

Android-Settings -Wi-Fi


  • Settings -> WiFi

IOS-Settings -Wi-Fi

If the router name and signal details fail to match between devices, connect gadgetry to identical network.

Enter On-Screen Pairing Code

Launch the RemoteNOW app then:

  1. Choose Hisense as television brand within app
  2. Select correct model series
  3. Input 8-digit code displayed on TV screen into smartphone
  4. Validate successful pairing

Assistance links and troubleshooting advice provided within Remote NOW help answer common connectivity questions.

Customize app preferences under the settings menu once synchronization finishes to optimize responsiveness. Now the virtual remote unleashes control of your Hisense television using intuitive touch and gestures!

Unlocking Voice Commands Through Remote NOW

Why scroll through countless streaming platforms or cable channels manually seeking entertainment options? The Remote NOW app allows owners to bypass button pushing by instead issuing voice commands using integrated Google Assistant technology.

Access this feature under app menu:

Microphone Icon -> Hold to Speak

Microphone Icon - Hold to Speak

Then clearly speak requests like:

  • “Search for [movie/TV show]”
  • “Launch [Hisense streaming app name]”
  • “Turn the volume up/down”
  • “Switch input to Cable box”

Enable permission access then feel relief from perpetually hunting lost remotes to laboriously pull up playlists!

Gaining Precision Control Through Air Mouse Pointer

Shaky hands or vision challenges making the hunt-and-peck Smart TV keyboard tedious? The Remote NOW application boosts navigation precision implementing an invisible air mouse pointer controlled through deliberate smartphone movements.

Under Settings, toggle Air Mouse Pointer to ON then gently pivot held mobile devices side-to-side and up-down to direct an on-screen cursor. Select menu tabs or apps cleanly without struggling to steady unsteady hands for pinpoint clicks!

Optimizing Hisense TVs With Remote NOW

The official Remote NOW mobile app from Hisense checks all the boxes improving entertainment functionality for compatible television models. Consumers enjoy unlimited control variations ditching limiting buttons by customizing personalized virtual remotes.

limiting buttons

Home entertainment has never been easier through expanded voice commands, air mouse pointers and more. But what proves additional perks or integrations extend capabilities further?

Connecting Smart Home Devices

Hisense TVs embracing cutting-edge VIDAA operating systems integrate both Google Assistant and Alexa compatibility through Remote NOW. This smart ecosystem linkage enables app users the option to directly manage connected household devices like lighting, door locks or robot vacuums through routine programming or voice guidance.

Here are just a few examples of remote triggering conveniences:

  • Turn down lights when starting a movie

Turn down lights when starting a movie

  • Lock doors before bed when powering off television

Lock doors before bed when powering off television

  • Adjust thermostat when powering on TV for optimal movie viewing temperature

Private Listening Support

While currently limited to Roku streaming platforms, select Hisense television models permit redirecting audio signals directly through Remote NOW into connected headphones. Listen to shows loud and clear while other home occupants sleep by tapping:

Remote NOW -> Headphones Icon

Ensure Bluetooth remains enabled on mobile devices to support this feature which eliminates purchasing separate wireless TV headphone receivers.

Gaming & Fitness Remote NOW Uses

The Hisense remote app allows getting creative expanding both video game and home workout opportunities:

  • Attach smartphone with RemoteNOW running to exercise equipment like treadmills, bikes or rowing machines to directly access television shows or movies during workouts.

Attach smartphone with Remote NOW running

  • Transform phones into gaming controllers by mapping touch gestures to joystick or button inputs when playing console games streamed through Hisense TVs

RemoteNOW Supported Hisense Television Models

Wondering whether individually owned Hisense television sets support RemoteNOW functionality? The app proves compatible with models across multiple product lines:

Supported Series:

  • U7 Roku TVs (2020 forward)

U7 Roku TVs

  • U6, U5 & A6 Models (2018 forward)

hisense U6, U5 & A6 Models

  • Select Laser TV Models

Select Laser TV Models

  • Most 4K & 1080p Smart TVs (2017 forward)

Confirm app backwards compatibility by checking individual model numbers here. Contact Hisense customer support with any version upgrade or platform questions hampering attempts linking gadgets.

Optimizing Streaming Box Functionality

Optimizing Streaming Box Functionality

In addition to directly commanding television settings, RemoteNOW also unlocks streaming stick capabilities for Roku, FireTV and Android/Google TV boxes when connected to Hisense sets.

Consumers frequently connect multimedia devices to televisions via HDMI ports to expand entertainment options. Control streaming boxes using the virtual remote as well!

Access Steps

Launch RemoteNOW then:

  1. Select ** Inputs Icon**

_Select Inputs Icon

  1. Choose streaming stick input

Choose streaming stick input

  1. Remote NOW changes to match interface
  2. Enjoy touch control of streaming box!

Toggling through inputs to juggle multiple remotes frustrates viewers. RemoteNOW consolidates command of attached peripherals seamlessly delivering silky entertainment handling.

RemoteNOW Subscription Services Access

One limitation of built-in Smart TV platforms involves accessing preferred video subscription services. While Hisense pairs excellent display panel technology with intuitive VIDAA software, owners sometimes still miss channels familiar from past television providers.

The official RemoteNOW mobile application bridges this gap for popular streaming services through dedicated quick-access buttons:

Supported Subscription Services:

  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hulu
  • HBO Max
  • YouTube
  • SlingTV
  • Android TV

Supported Subscription Services

Compare channel listings before cutting cable to ensure beloved programming easily accessible through RemoteNOW. Then launch customized mobile remotes and immerse into favorite movies uninterrupted!

The Best Gets Better: RemoteNOW Evolution

Hisense clearly sets industry standards implementing simplified smart controls through the RemoteNOW smartphone and tablet application. Consumers enjoy more ways interacting with high-tech televisions models evolving beyond conventional remote limitations.

Rapid software improvements continuously add extra functionalities based on customer feedback and emerging technological capabilities. Enhancements might include expanded wearables integration, fitness tracking ties or augmented reality overlays. Hisense ingenuity seems limitless chasing consumer entertainment dreams!

Hopefully this expanded guide offers helpful assistance setting up mobile device integration with supported television sets. Ditch frustrating sticky button remotes to embrace Hisense RemoteNOW application conveniences through interactive touchscreens, precision gesturing and intuitive voice command capabilities. The future of home entertainment control never looked so promising thanks to app-based innovations only growing more capable over time.

Getting the Most Out of Hisense RemoteNOW

The official RemoteNOW app from Hisense packs an amazing array of features into a free mobile software download capable of commanding compatible Smart TV models. But with great power comes great responsibility to fully leverage capabilities transforming entertainment enjoyment.

Let’s explore advanced ways to customize the app beyond basic installation maximizing command of your high-tech television. Uncover pro tips elevating the experience thanks to underutilized gestures, voice tools and connectivity perks tucked away within settings menus.

Creating Custom RemoteNOW App Layouts

Creating Custom RemoteNOW App Layouts

While Hisense pre-programs intuitive button positioning matching a traditional remote, the touchscreen format permits greater flexibility. Adjust the interface under:

Settings Icon -> Customize Buttons

Tweak button sizes, locations or menu layouts suiting personal preferences. Tailor a personalized remote matching ideal control comfort levels.

Recommended Adjustments

  • Increase playback button size for easy scrubbing through videos
  • Shift volume controls closer to edge for convenient thumb adjustment
  • Add or remove app quick keys based on frequency of use

Build muscled memory around optimized placements to interact without glancing away from the screen. Tap and hold any icon to rapidly make changes.

Exploring Advanced Voice Command Capabilities

While basic requests like “Tune to ESPN” or “Launch Netflix” scratch the surface, leaning into advanced voice tools unlocks next-level potential. Tap into the Google Assistant integration underpinning the virtual assistant features inside RemoteNOW.

Advanced Voice Command Examples

  • “What movies are trending on Hulu this week?” – Discover new release details
  • “Set sleep timer for 45 minutes” – Perfect for post-workout cool downs or mid-day nap sessions
  • “Search 4K nature shows on YouTube” – Gorgeous scenery without endless scrolling
  • “Turn on closed captioning” – Never miss key dialogue

Utilize conversational questioning, specifics regarding length or content and multimedia commands to cut through button hunting frustration.

Troubleshooting Tips for Freezing/Lagging Issues

Even awesome apps sometimes encounter issues. Notice sluggish response times, frozen screens or connection drops? Before despairing, attempt rapid fixes:

  • Force close and restart the RemoteNOW app
  • Reboot smart devices through power cycling
  • Toggle Airplane mode OFF/ON to reconnect WiFi signal
  • Limit running background apps draining processing capability
  • Delete and reinstall RemoteNOW app from scratch
  • Ensure latest software versions installed

Follow general consumer technology troubleshooting 101 by verifying Internet connectivity across gadgets and restarting everything. Embrace the wisdom once uttered long ago – “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

How to Control Volume On Hisense Tv Without Remote

Most Hisense TVs have basic buttons located on the side or bottom of the TV frame that allow you to access core functionality if your remote gets lost or the batteries die. Look for the panel with power, channel, and volume controls. To adjust volume, simply press the + and – buttons to turn it up or down. Newer Hisense models may instead have a touch-sensitive panel that brings up an on-screen menu with volume adjustment when tapped. Using this makes it easy to control volume from the TV itself without needing a remote handy.

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