Hallmark Mystery Schedule

Calling all mystery fans! If you find yourself constantly checking for the latest whodunits on Hallmark, this guide has you covered. Hallmark has consistently delivered high-quality, engrossing mysteries that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. 

From the iconic Murder She Wrote starring Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher to popular franchises like Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, Crossword Mysteries, and Ruby Herring Mysteries, Hallmark has carved out a niche as the ultimate destination for cozy, romantic, and heartwarming mysteries. 

This post will be your go-to resource for the 2024 Hallmark Mystery schedule, highlighting all the can’t-miss premieres, series, and made-for-TV movies.

Hallmark’s Mystery Pedigree

Hallmark’s success with mystery movies and series is no accident. The network has a knack for delivering suspenseful yet uplifting stories that bring together an appealing cast, charming locations, and intricate plots. Viewers have come to love and anticipate Hallmark’s signature touch on the mystery genre.

“What sets Hallmark mysteries apart is the combination of compelling mysteries with relatable characters and small-town charm,” said Michelle Vicary, Executive Vice President of Programming for Hallmark. “Our movies provide an escape into a world where justice always prevails and good triumphs over evil.”

Some of Hallmark’s most popular and long-running mystery franchises include:

  • Aurora Teagarden Mysteries – Based on the books by Charlaine Harris, this series follows a librarian-turned-amateur sleuth played by Candace Cameron Bure.
  • Crossword Mysteries – Starring Lacey Chabert, these films revolve around a crossword puzzle editor who helps solve crimes.
  • Gourmet Detective – Dylan Neal stars as a chef who doubles as a consultant for the police, set against a backdrop of mouthwatering cuisine.

With a proven track record and devoted fanbase, Hallmark is doubling down on mysteries in 2024 with an exciting slate of new premieres and returning favorites.

2024 Hallmark Mystery Movie Premieres

2024 Hallmark Mystery Movie Premieres

Mark your calendars! 2024 is shaping up to be one of Hallmark’s biggest years for mystery movie premieres. The schedule is packed with no less than 18 brand new whodunits making their debut throughout the year. Here’s what’s coming up:

MoviePremiere DateDescription
Deadly BloomJan 14A florist must solve a murder before her shop wilts
The Puzzle Piece MurdersFeb 11A jigsaw puzzle designer gets caught up in a real-life puzzle
Whispers in the LibraryMar 16A librarian unravels a mystery between the library stacks
Chilled ChardonnayApr 20When a winery owner is murdered, a wine expert plays detective
The Vanishing CabinetMay 18An antiquarian book dealer investigates a disappearance
Crafty CrimesJun 15Murder rocks a small town’s craft community

And that’s just a taste of what’s to come! Highlights include Deadly Bloom starring Brooke Shields, Chilled Chardonnay with Amanda Righetti, and the much-anticipated The Vanishing Cabinet featuring Jessica Cauffiel.

These original mysteries deliver the perfect blend of suspense, humor, and heartwarming characters that Hallmark is known for. Be prepared to be swept away into worlds where the amateur sleuth always cracks the case!

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While the full slate is stacked with must-see premieres, a few titles are already generating major buzz:

Whispers in the Library – This mystery set in a striking historic library promises delicious thrills for book lovers. Starring Lindy Booth as an imaginative librarian who stumbles into a real-life mystery, it’s giving strong “Beauty and the Book Lover” vibes crossed with Hitchcockian intrigue.

Crafty Crimes – Hallmark puts a unique spin on the cozy mystery genre with this quirky whodunit set in the craftmaking community. Laura Osnes stars as a successful DIY blogger who turns amateur sleuth after a murder rocks her craft circle. Fans are already crafting up theories on social media.

The Puzzle Piece Murders – Puzzle fans and mystery buffs will be doubly delighted with this film centered around a jigsaw puzzle designer (Alexa PenaVega) whose designs may hold the key to catching a killer. Early word is that the mystery is as ingeniously constructed as the puzzles at its center.

With such highly-anticipated premises and talented casts, these new movies are sure to have everyone buzzing and theorizing long after the credits roll!

Returning Hallmark Mystery Series in 2024

Returning Hallmark Mystery Series in 2024

In addition to the new movie premieres, Hallmark is bringing back several hit mystery series that viewers can’t get enough of. Here’s what fan-favorite franchises are continuing with new seasons in 2024:

SeriesPremiereSeasonWhat to Expect
Aurora Teagarden MysteriesApril 15Aurora takes on a new case involving a cold murder investigation
Crossword MysteriesJuly 153Tess’ crossword editing skills help crack a new baffling case
Ruby Herring MysteriesSept 32Ruby (Taylor Cole) faces her toughest mystery yet involving family
Gourmet DetectiveOct 17More culinary cases get served with Angie Arendt guest starring
PSYCHDec 15RevivalThe fan favorite series returns for a new movie mystery

Highlights include a revival movie for the cult hit PSYCH reuniting the original cast, Angie Arendt joining Gourmet Detective for a tasty guest stint, and Ruby Herring Mysteries taking an intensely personal turn for the amateur sleuth.

“I’m so excited to continue Aurora’s journey in season 5,” said star Candace Cameron Bure. “The writers really know how to keep raising the stakes while giving fans the warm, familiar vibes they love.”

After hugely successful previous seasons, the return of these beloved Hallmark mystery franchises is sure to delight fans looking for their next fix of cozy cases and charismatic characters.

Exclusive Interview: Behind the Scenes of Aurora Teagarden Mysteries

To give you a sneak peek at one of Hallmark’s biggest mystery hits, we went straight to the source with a quick Q&A with Aurora Teagarden herself, Candace Cameron Bure:

What can you tease about the mysteries Aurora will face in season 5?

This season we’re doing something a little different – Aurora is going to be investigating a cold case from over 60 years ago! The stakes are really high as she tries to finally solve this decades-old murder mystery. It’s a fun challenge that lets us explore Aurora’s investigative skills in a new way.

What has kept you entranced with this character after 5 seasons?

I love how smart, strong, and determined Aurora is. She’s an unlikely heroine who constantly surprises herself by how capable she is at cracking cases. She’s relatable and flawed, but also brave and never gives up. Playing her keeps me on my toes!

Any chance of a crossover with another Hallmark mystery franchise?

Ooh, you’ll have to keep watching to see! I can’t spoil anything, but I’d absolutely love to have Aurora team up with another amateur sleuth. Fans are always pitching fun crossover ideas, so maybe their dreams will come true. I’ll just say…nothing is impossible!

With teases like a chilling cold case and potential crossovers, it’s clear season 5 of Aurora Teagarden Mysteries is a true must-see for any Hallmark mystery fan.

How to Watch the 2024 Hallmark Mystery Schedule

How to Watch the 2024 Hallmark Mystery Schedule

Now that you know what killer mysteries are premiering in 2024, you’ll need to know how to watch! Here’s a rundown of all your options to make sure you don’t miss a single episode or premiere:

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel

  • The dedicated home for Hallmark’s mysteries, airing all new premieres and series.

Hallmark Channel

  • Many Hallmark mysteries also debut on the flagship Hallmark Channel before heading to the Movies & Mysteries channel

Hallmark Movies Now

  • This streaming service has a deep library of past Hallmark mysteries to catch up on, plus new premieres available live or on-demand


  • Check your local channel listings, as Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Channel are available on most major cable/satellite providers

Streaming Options

  • Hallmark movies and shows are available to stream live or on-demand through services like Frndly TV, PhiloTV, SlingTV, and more

No matter which viewing option you choose, one thing is certain – Hallmark’s 2024 mystery lineup is too good to miss! Consider upgrading to the Hallmark Movies Now service to get unlimited access and watch anywhere.

Some providers are even offering package deals if you want to subscribe to both Hallmark channels. Check out special pricing and sign up in time for those January premieres!


From haunting cold cases to culinary capers to clever crossword crimes, Hallmark has the perfect mystery tailor-made for every fan in 2024. Whether you prefer watching amateur sleuths or seeing how the professionals crack the case, this year’s schedule delivers a bounty of binge-worthy whodunits.

Mark your calendars for premiere dates, set reminders for your favorite returning series, and maybe even schedule a few mystery movie viewing parties. After all, unraveling these intrigues alongside friends is half the fun!

No other network understands the appeal of a cozy, charming mystery quite like Hallmark. With its signature warmth and uplifting stories of justice prevailing, Hallmark continues to be the ultimate destination for mystery lovers looking to escape into puzzle-filled adventures.

So grab a cup of tea, your favorite snacks, and settle in for a year of kompelling new Kmysteries! And be sure to bookmark this guide to stay updated on every thrilling premiere.

Let us know in the comments which new movies or returning series you’re most excited about. Share your fan theories while you’re at it! Or if you have any other burning questions, leave them below. The mystery may be solved, but the fun has just begun.

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