Dave Portnoy Believes Kim Kardashian Had A Say In Him Not Being At Tom Brady’s Roast

Controversial media personality Dave Portnoy has stirred up another wave of speculation, alleging that reality star Kim Kardashian played a role in him not being invited to the recent Netflix roast event honoring legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady. This bold claim has reignited rumors about Portnoy’s rumored romance with Kardashian and added fuel to the fiery feud between the two celebrities.

Dave Portnoy’s Ego ‘Grows’ Over Kim Kardashian Rumors

Dave Portnoy, the brash founder of the popular sports media brand Barstool Sports, is no stranger to courting controversy with his outspoken personality and attention-grabbing antics. Known for his unapologetic, larger-than-life ego, Portnoy has fueled ongoing rumors of a romantic entanglement with Kim Kardashian, despite the reality star’s adamant denials.

During a recent episode of his popular podcast, “BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Eddie,” the businessman doubled down on his claims, asserting that Kardashian wielded her influence to keep him off the guest list for Tom Brady’s highly anticipated Netflix roast event.

“There’s no way I wasn’t originally on the list for that Tom Brady thing,” Portnoy declared. “I’m speculating here, but I think the word got to Kim, and she wasn’t having me there.”

While Portnoy’s allegation may seem far-fetched, it’s worth noting that the Barstool Sports founder has a history of making bold, often unsubstantiated claims to generate buzz and controversy.

Kim Wasn’t On The Invite List, Apparently

Interestingly, sources close to the event have suggested that Kim Kardashian herself was not on the initial guest list for Tom Brady’s roast. This revelation raises questions about the plausibility of Portnoy’s claim that the reality star had any influence over the guest selection process.

Anonymous Netflix Source“Kim Kardashian was never intended to be part of the roast event. The guest list was curated based on Tom Brady’s personal and professional relationships.”
Event Organizer“We received no input or requests from Kim Kardashian or her team regarding the guest list. The decision was made solely by the production team and Tom Brady’s camp.”

Despite the apparent lack of evidence to support Portnoy’s allegation, the rumor mill continues to churn, fueled by the undeniable star power and media frenzy surrounding both Kardashian and Portnoy.

Kim Kardashian’s ‘Perfect Sunday’ Doesn’t Involve Her Kids and Fans Think It’s ‘Sad’

While the controversy surrounding Portnoy’s absence from the Brady roast rages on, Kim Kardashian found herself embroiled in another media firestorm after sharing a glimpse of her “perfect Sunday” on social media. The reality star’s post, which featured her lounging poolside without her children, sparked a wave of criticism from fans who accused her of being an absentee mother.

“Is it just me, or is it kinda sad that Kim’s ‘perfect Sunday’ doesn’t involve her kids?” one fan commented on the Instagram post, sparking a heated debate about work-life balance and the pressures of motherhood in the public eye.

Portnoy, never one to shy away from controversy, weighed in on the matter with his typical brash commentary. “Kim can do whatever she wants,” he stated during a recent podcast episode. “If she wants a kid-free day, more power to her. The haters just love to hate.”

This latest clash between Kardashian and her devoted fanbase highlights the ongoing scrutiny and mom-shaming that high-profile celebrities often face, particularly when it comes to their parenting choices and work-life balance.


As the dust settles on the latest round of drama and speculation, one thing remains clear: Dave Portnoy’s knack for generating headlines and stirring controversy shows no signs of slowing down. Whether his claim about Kim Kardashian’s influence on the Tom Brady roast guest list holds any truth or not, the rumor has once again thrust Portnoy and Kardashian into the center of the celebrity gossip cycle.

While some may dismiss Portnoy’s allegation as a desperate bid for attention, others can’t help but wonder if there’s more to the story than meets the eye. After all, the worlds of reality television, sports, and celebrity often intersect in unexpected ways, and the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

As fans and critics alike continue to dissect every detail and speculate on the motivations behind the scenes, one thing is certain: the drama surrounding Dave Portnoy, Kim Kardashian, and Tom Brady’s roast event is far from over.

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Dave Portnoy claims Kim Kardashian influenced his exclusion from Tom Brady’s roast, sparking rumors and controversy. Sources deny Kardashian’s involvement, fueling more speculation.

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