Unleash Style and Functionality: Best Hinged Wardrobes Designs

Modern hinged wardrobes offer plenty in terms of construction, functionality, and style. Some homeowners believe hinged wardrobes are a traditional décor fixture. Far from it! Today’s closets have a classic and timeless construction that blends with different decorations and architectural variations. That is one factor to consider when choosing the best hinged wardrobe designs. This blog gives you further insights.

Finding Value and Beauty in Hinged Wardrobes

The closet with hinged doors has proved its value as a classic storage solution. The modern models have much more to offer. Sometimes, people favour sliding doors due to limited space. If you have ample space in a room, hinged wardrobes are a luxury to enjoy for the following reasons:

  • Flooring Utility

Modern hinged closets offer the luxury of custom fitting. Owners can hire contractors to install the wardrobes to fit the available space regardless of their size or shape. They adapt the closet to the room’s design. It can also fit in a corner or a horseshoe position. The wardrobe can have multiple doors, as many as six or more. Consider the classy full-length doors for added sophistication. 

Hinged wardrobes can also function as walk-in closets. Such a closet can serve as a dressing room, while others use them as private study rooms. Some savvy owners also turn them into a pseudo-laundry room for ironing and folding clothes. Modern architecture allows the installation of such wardrobes in any room in a building for different uses. 

The wardrobes are useful for storing items that the owners occasionally use, such as festive decorations, seasonal attire, linen and furnishings. They can also store items they intend to thrift or give away.

Many wardrobes have mirrors fixed on their doors. The mirrors make dressing easier and eliminate the need for a standalone mirror, which enhances the utility of the room’s space. Fixing mirrors on the exterior of the closet doors creates an illusion of depth that makes a small room look bigger and airy.

  • Custom Storage Hacks

Storage needs vary depending on the nature and quantity of items that need putting away. Customising a hinged wardrobe’s interior space enhances its versatility. Additional hanging rods, shelves, drawers and hooks installed inside the wardrobe will ensure every item has its designated storage space. 

Such organised storage will reduce clutter and protect the items from damage caused by squashing, mould and creasing caused by poor storage. Also, hinged doors swing open, which displays all the contents of the wardrobe at a go, making it easy to locate things in the wardrobe, unlike sliding doors, which conceal a closet section where doors slide.

  • Easy Installation

A contractor can install a hinged wardrobe in a room anytime, and the assembly takes several days. Alternatively, numerous standalone wardrobes are available for sale by suppliers. The beauty of both types is in their seamless procurement and installation as they come ready for use.

  • Stylish

Hinged wardrobes are now modish installations with bespoke touches of style and sophistication. Walk-in hinged ones have LED lighting, and some have stereo speakers on WiFi and Bluetooth. There is also space for a TV. 

The wardrobes’ different colours and finishes make them a focal point in a decoration theme. They add zest to any décor style, from the traditional and rustic to the contemporary minimalist or industrial styles. Some materials, like wood, are solid and durable but costly. There are varied finishes in handles, knobs, skirting, and glass elements to beautify the closets.


Installing a hinged wardrobe is a fun and efficient way of adding sophistication and utility to what was thought of as a dated storage solution. Hinged wardrobes ensure the safe and convenient storage of items. They are customisable with accessories to make them stylish. Hinged wardrobes also increase a property’s appeal and value.

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