The Filipino Makeup Brands That Embody Generation Z

Generation Z has a different standard when it comes to makeup. They demand authenticity, inclusivity, and sustainability. In the Philippines, Filipino beauty brands are not just keeping up—they’re leading the charge with products that resonate deeply with this generation.

We’ve collated the brands that appeal the most to the values of Generation Z makeup lovers!

Colourette and Sunnies Face for Authenticity

If French Beauty has skincare and brands like A313 and Embryolisse, Filipino beauty brands include Colourette, GRWM, Issy, and Sunnies Face. Authenticity has become one of Generation Z’s trademark passion values. Two brands that come to mind are Colourette.

The first brand is Colourette, headed by Nina Ellaine Dizon. The brand is centered on “Filipino makeup for Filipinos,” with most makeup products produced and manufactured in the Philippines. There is no more perfect person to represent Colourette than the CEO herself, as she bravely and transparently lives a life of authenticity.

She documented her journey into becoming more socially aware and made improvements to herself. Last year, she bravely led her brand to get a high-value sponsorship from a prestigious Chinese conglomerate while also dealing with her ex-husband going viral on TikTok with his mistress. Aside from her serving as an extension of her brand, her brand has also championed queer creators, morena girls, and various charitable causes!

Sunnies Face has garnered international acclaim for its commitment to creating makeup that enhances natural beauty without masking it. Their marketing centered initially around their minimalist packaging.

Colourette and GRWM and Issy for Inclusivity

Inclusivity is another foundation of the values of Generation Z. Filipino beauty brands are now making and taking notes about this. Colourette champions diversity through supporting charitable causes, empowering queer creators, and using queer models in various campaign shoots – and through the production of the new Colourette First Base Skin Tint, which has diverse skin tones, from cool tones to deep shades.

Another brand known for its inclusivity is GRWM Cosmetics, Mae Layug’sLayug’s brainchild. Before GRWM Cosmetics, Layug was a successful content creator who expanded to create businesses. Her brand released a wide shade range for base products, which people followed. Her foundation has 31 shades, ranging from the shade shifters to your skin tone shade, and is divided into six sets of shade finders with six shades each.

Another shade range pioneer is Issy Cosmetics. Although its foundation leans more towards the skin, it has a better aesthetic. It comes in 27 shades and has a dewy finish.

Human Heart Nature and GRWM Cosmetics and Issy for Sustainability

Gen Z has an eco-conscious mindset. Many brands have stepped up to meet such standards, with Human Heart Nature among them. The brand offers natural and sustainable products, ethical sourcing, and eco-friendly packaging.

GRWM Cosmetics, Issy, Colourette, and Lucky Beauty are committed to being vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Vice Cosmetics For Community

Filipinos are a people that love engagement and have a strong sense of community. Vice Cosmetics was founded by social media and mass media queer icon Vice Ganda, which is also known for its base product formulation. The brand often collaborates with local influencers and has many initiatives that deeply resonate with the community, such as their Wonder Woman collection collaboration.

Wrapping Up

These brands stand for empowerment, inclusivity, and innovation. As the generation continues to make its mark on the beauty industry, these Filipino beauty brands help inspire consumers through their marketing, product offerings, and quality. Embrace the future with these brands!

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