Rise of Vietnamese Businesses’ Expansion to the United States

Vietnam is one of the contributors to the success of the Asian business scenario. Countries like China and Japan are surely at the top of the chain, but these days it is Vietnam who is claiming its place. Today, Vietnamese businesses are not just making a name in the Vietnamese market, they are also expanding to American and African countries. This highlights the importance of Vietnamese to English translation services, where they translate their content for global audiences to enhance their reach. One of those global countries is the United States.

Are you interested in knowing how Vietnamese businesses are making their mark in the United States and how it is translation which is aiding them in the process? We are here to tell you about that. We will also discuss some of the famous Vietnamese businesses in the US for you so stick to the read.

Vietnam and Its Famous Businesses

Vietnam is a beautiful country offering more than just tourism to the world audiences. People from around the world invest in its economy and generate a greater deal of revenue. This success of the Vietnamese economy has allowed it to enter new markets and further get on the journey of global success. Vietnam’s famous businesses include its dairy and tech industries. For instance, Viettel Group is a Vietnamese tech company that offers mobile phone services, internet access, and IT solutions. Viettel Group is not only successful in Vietnam, but its branches are present in other countries too, making it a reputable Vietnamese company. Vietnam’s banking sector is another success of the country with prestigious banks like VietinBank and Agribank.

Reason Behind the Success of Vietnamese Businesses

Vietnam’s shift towards a market-oriented economy through the Đổi Mới (Renovation) policy, introduced in 1986 is the main reason behind the success of Vietnamese businesses. This policy transitioned Vietnam from a command economy to a socialist-oriented economy. This made Vietnam free and it started collaborating with foreign countries. This brought success in the country as well as recognition for Vietnam and its business operations.

Vietnam’s easy access to major shipping routes is another reason behind the success of its industries. Other than that, the labor force is not only strong but mostly of young age which brings creative ideas to the industry. The government further adds to the scenario by providing incentives to the businesses such as tax breaks and easy business registration processes.

Vietnamese Businesses in the United States

From tech startups to established conglomerates, all are entering the global world by making their services accessible to the target audiences. Vietnamese to English translation services specifically help Vietnamese businesses when they aim to enter English speaking countries as these countries are present at the forefront of economic success. Why go far when we have the perfect example of the United States? It is America that has the world’s largest national economy and is one of the top global traders. 

Access to Large and Lucrative Market

English speaking countries like Canada and Australia have the highest GDP in the whole world. These countries have a lot to offer which is why Vietnam is taking a big interest in it. Well, truthfully not only Vietnam, but other Asian countries like China and Japan have every reason to enter these countries. With the help of Japanese to English and Chinese to English translation services, these Asian businesses easily get access to countries like the United States and Australia.

Advanced Technology

The United States has a very advanced and developed tech industry. When Vietnamese businesses enter this economy, not only do they get to generate revenue but also learn a lot from it. They get to learn about innovative processes and cutting-edge technology which allows Vietnam to continue towards global growth.

Skilled Workforce

By hiring Americans, Vietnamese get exposure to a more skilled workforce. There is no doubt that the workforce of Vietnam itself is very diverse. But when business with foreign countries is concerned, it is important to hire their people as they have more market knowledge, and so is the case here. Translating your Vietnamese content into English is one thing and hiring someone who tells you about the fluctuations of the target market is another thing. Right now, Vietnam is focusing on both points which is why its success rate is so high.

Famous Vietnamese Businesses in the United States

Vinamilk is a famous Vietnamese Dairy company that is responsible for producing and distributing condensed milk, fresh milk, yogurt, and other dairy products. It opened its branch in the United States in 2016. Since then, it has been one of the leading businesses in the United States. Though there are many other American dairy companies in the US, Vinamilk has earned its reputation for providing the most hygienic milk and its products and since 2016, it has been flourishing in the United States.

Final Words!

To sum up, Vietnamese businesses have started entering English speaking countries because of the ton of benefits and leverages they provide. The United States offers access to a lucrative economy and advanced technology which is why you will find Vietnamese companies like Vinamilk and Viettel Group staying in the American market. With the help of translation, Vietnamese businesses translate their materials for the English speaking communities so that their business gains the right recognition.

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