Evan Rutchik’s Journey to Mastering Advertising Technology

In this age of digital devices, Evan Rutchik stands out for his magnificent work in digital marketing. He has vast experience in both digital marketing and media and technology, making him a connoisseur of them.

As a tech geek, he has amazing ideas for making advertising more engrossing by including technology and human perspectives in appropriate proportions.  He resides in New York, where he worked, and his accolades spoke volumes around the globe. 

Now, let us know about Evan Rutchik and his incredible journey from education to his marvelous achievements:

Evan Rutchik’s Education

From childhood, Evan Rutchik was very interested in managing tasks and persuading people’s opinions through creativity. This interest ultimately led him to deepen his understanding of management and advertising. Finally, he thought of giving shape to his interest through professional education.

  • He chose to pursue a dual bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management & S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication to strengthen his management principles.
  • He also pursued an M.B.A. in finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing at New York University to comprehend the art of advertising in depth. 

Let us put a light on his achievements:

Evan Rutchik’s Achievements

Achievements are the shreds of evidence of extreme dedication to the work. Let us see a few milestones of Evan Rutchik, giving proof of his diligence:

  • When he was the senior vice president at Yieldboot, he generated revenue of $60 million while leading a team of 25 salespeople. 
  • Currently, he is the C.E.O. of Local Factor Group, a multifarious advertising solutions company.
  • Being Kind-hearted, he chose to be the managing partner of an angel fund, R.I.I. Ventures, which invests in high-tech ideas to improve people’s lives. 
  • In 2019, he was the Chief Revenue Officer(C.R.O.) of Ogury’s North American division, a global adtech company.
  • As of 2021, he is the president of Ogury’s North and South American division, leading its operations, revenue, supply, and marketing.

Evan Rutchik’s Role in Making Local Factor Group a Success

Local Factor Group is an adtech company offering multifaceted advertising solutions. Evan Rutchik founded it to assist brands with a unique approach to advertising. Let us see why Local Factor Group is unique:

Empowering Underresourced Agencies

The Local Factor group focuses on helping agencies overcome the scarcity of advertising resources by providing appropriate tools and strategies for complex digital advertising solutions.

Tapping Local Audience: Way to Enhanced Brand Awareness

Rutchik found that the local audience is one of the greatest assets that has been underutilized for so long. He started investing in and capitalizing on the local audience, knowing their power to enhance brands’ awareness. 

Finally, the Local Factor Group decided to create advertising content on behalf of the actual advertisers and publishers, which helped promote engagement with the local audience.

Cross-Channel Insights

Reaching the target audience is an important aspect of advertising, but it was somewhat difficult for the advertising agencies. On account of this, Evan Rutchik finally decided to integrate cross-channel insights with the strategies to provide flexibility to the clients and help them reach the right audience.

Privacy Compliance

The Local Factor Group stands out as a rare bird in an era in which industries often misuse the audience’s data privacy. Rutchik ensures that the consumer’s data is protected, building trust and engagement with the audience.

Rutchik is not only ambitious but also a person with a kind heart. Let us see a few of his contributions to the nonprofit organizations:

Rutchik’s High Involvement Charities 

As a proud supporter of charities, Rutchik is highly involved in improving people’s lives in need! Let us put a light on his various charitable initiatives:

Initiatives for Educating Underprivileged Children 

Rutchik always believed in Nelson Mandela’s saying, “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world!” Therefore, he supported and offered high financial assistance to nonprofit organizations such as CreativeSpirit and SuitUp.These organizations help the children of underprivileged communities get a better education and lifestyle.

Initiatives for Cancer Research Charities

Evan Rutchik has volunteered and donated to charities that help cancer patients live healthy and better lives. One such charity in the United States is the Jimmy Fund, which helps cancer patients recover, whether adults or children.

The other one is T.E.A.L.  Walk, which states that “Tell Every Amazing Lady About Ovarian Cancer.” It focuses on spreading awareness among women about ovarian cancer and ways to prevent it.


Evan Rutchik had an incredible journey, from finding his passion for management and advertising to being the C.E.O. of an adtech company. He not only invested in his education to deepen his knowledge but also in exploring unique possibilities to reach the target audience. He not only performed exceptionally well in his professional life but also volunteered for charities. He is truly an inspiration in the world of adtech and the advanced digital world.

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