Elden Ring: Top Five Dexterity Weapons from “Shadow of the Erdtree” DLC

This time, we’re diving into my top five dexterity choices from the “Shadow of the Erdtree” DLC. Be warned, there are obvious spoilers ahead as we’ll be discussing boss weapons and other elements from the game. So, let’s jump right in and explore what dexterity (Dex) has to offer!

First up, we have the Curse Blade Circ, a standout primarily due to its special move, Deadly Dance. This weapon is unique because it’s a backhand blade type, similar to dual scimitars, but with a twist. When you two-hand it, you wield it in both hands, giving you the quick one-two strike that dexterity weapons are known for.

  • Attack Style: The Curse Blade Circ is all about rapid, multi-hit attacks that slice through enemies with ease. The bleed effect on this weapon is a critical feature, making it deadly against tougher opponents.
  • Special Move: Deadly Dance is particularly effective against larger targets, providing a spin attack followed by a stagger hit. This weapon might not have the raw area-of-effect (AOE) potential of some strength weapons, but its quick follow-ups and bleed effect make it a formidable choice for Dex users.
  • Sword of Knight

Next, we have the Sword of Knight, a seemingly basic katana with a hidden strength: unblockable attacks. This katana can penetrate enemy guards, making it highly effective against shielded foes.

  • Attack Style: Like other katanas, it has a familiar move set and also features a bleed effect. This weapon excels in both PvE and PvP due to its ability to cut through defenses.
  • Special Move: The Witching Hour Slash can be executed quickly or charged for a more powerful strike. Its guard penetration ability is likely to make it a new favorite, reminiscent of the infamous Rivers of Blood katana.
  • Rasha’s Great Katana

For those who prefer a heftier weapon, the Rasha’s Great Katana is an excellent choice. Great katanas are a new addition in the DLC, combining the elegance of a katana with the power of a greatsword.

  • Attack Style: This weapon offers a balance of high damage and AOE potential, bringing dexterity in line with strength builds. Its heavy attacks are less likely to be interrupted by counterattacks, thanks to its built-in poise.
  • Special Move: The Wheat Cutter ash of war is straightforward but highly effective, allowing you to sweep through enemies with relentless attacks. This weapon is perfect for players who want a Dex weapon that feels like a strength weapon.
  • Fox’s Curved Sword

Fox’s Curved Sword is a dual-wield weapon that combines the speed and bleed effects Dex players love. This curved sword stands out due to its unique Revenger’s Blade attack.

  • Attack Style: Like other curved swords, it’s incredibly fast and effective against groups of enemies. The bleed effect ensures that you’ll deal significant damage over time.
  • Special Move: The Revenger’s Blade charges forward and then follows up with a series of devastating hits, making it particularly useful against larger enemies. This weapon’s ability to deal massive damage quickly and guarantee bleed makes it a powerful choice for any Dex build.
  • Spear of the Impaler

Finally, we have the Spear of the Impaler, a great spear that even non-Dex builds might want to consider due to its exceptional capabilities.

  • Attack Style: This weapon allows you to poke from behind a shield, combining solid physical damage with fire damage. Its move set is familiar to great spear users but comes with added versatility.
  • Special Move: The spear can be thrown, dealing significant damage from a distance. The charge attack causes an explosion upon impact, and its Ash of War is visually impressive and devastatingly effective. This weapon can hit for upwards of 2,000 damage on a charged throw, making it one of the most fun and powerful choices in the DLC.


The “Shadow of the Erdtree” DLC has introduced a plethora of new weapons that cater to various playstyles, especially for those who favor dexterity builds. From the rapid strikes of the Curse Blade Circ to the powerful and versatile Spear of the Impaler, there’s something for every Dex enthusiast to enjoy.

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