Can Rad Power Bikes Make the Journey Easy: A Complete Review

In busy lifestyles, adults often prefer to look for products that offer both enjoyment and consume less time. One such enjoyable activity is cycling. If you also love cycling, then you can consider Rad power bikes. They not only help you enjoy cycling but even help you reach your destination in less time, and that is too sweat-free!

But is it reliable? This rad-power-bikes-review will provide an in-depth analysis, including what it is, its features, and other information to help you decide whether it is worth it. Let us examine it:

An Analysis: Rad Power Bikes Explained

When buying any product, we often seek trust and, therefore, choose products with high brand value or that are partners of a well-known brand. Rad Power Bikes is also one of the most noteworthy US-based e-bike companies. It has partnered with Domino’s, offering bikes to the owners of the pizza chain franchise.

Rad Power bikes are a more manageable version of the RadWagon, an electric cargo bike. They are lighter and smaller, making them much easier to use in cities. 

Let us see a few of the important features of Rad Power Bikes:

Features of Rad Power Bikes 

Let us look at a few of the prominent features of the rad power bikes that make it unique from the rest:

  • Physical Features

It weighs just 64 lbs (29.02 kg). It has 20-inch x 3.3-inch semi-fat tires that provide good traction and comfort. Its capacity to carry a load is commendable: 300 lbs(136.07 kgs), including 120 lbs(54.43 kgs) on the rear deck. The rear deck also has a child seat. 

But if you want to seat an adult back, you can use the additional accessories given. These include a padded rear passenger seat, footpegs, skirt guard, motorcycle-style center console, front rack, and front and rear fenders.

  • Affordability 

It is the least expensive model of Rad Power Bikes, available at just $1,299. It is a single-speed bike without gear shifters with LED lights that indicate the need to charge the battery. It has a simplified drivetrain and display. All these considerable cost cuttings make it affordable yet qualitative.

  • Performance

The Rad Power bike’s top speed is 20mph. It is a class 2 e-bike, so it has both pedals and a throttle. Few of its other models have a geared hub motor of different powers, such as 750W in the US, 500W in Canada, and 250W in Europe. It has 25-45 miles of range per charge of its ion battery.

Let us look at a few of its benefits:

Benefits of Rad Power Bike

You must know a few of its advantages while reading about its features, such as affordability, good performance, etc. But apart from that, it also has a few more to offer:

  • Manuals are extremely necessary, especially for beginners. They provide manuals like brake guides, battery guides, wheels, and tire guides, which are essential for our safety.
  • It has a new safe shield battery, which is UL-certified to UL-2271 standards and has a heat-absorbing property that prevents accidents due to escalation.
  • It provides not only necessary accessories like lights, helmets, locks, mirrors, reflectors, etc, but also repair kits that enable one to solve considerable issues on one’s own without needing to go to servicing for petty issues.

Maintenance Tips

Although Rad power bikes need very little maintenance, you should still regularly check your power bike to avoid any inconvenience. To protect the electric controller from damage, you must ask for a skid plate to protect it from rain and muck. 


When you love to travel farther and faster, Rad power bikes are a suitable option. Their amazing features and benefits make the investment worth it! Rad is not only a trustworthy brand but also a safe and reliable one. However, you might need to go for its maintenance at required time intervals. Also, do not forget to follow the maintenance tips discussed in this rad-power-bikes-review.

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