Beautiful 4 Carat Oval Cut Diamond Ring For Everyone


Oval 4 carat diamond rings are in high demand since they incorporate a traditional design with a modern twist in them. They are admired for having a longer appearance from each angle, and therefore appear to be larger and brighter. It will help you have all the crucial data to enable one to make the right decision when selecting an oval 4 carat diamond ring.

Understanding the Oval Cut Diamond

The oval cut diamond, which is almost similar to round brilliant cut, has for facets 56-58. This cut is useful to increase the fire of the diamond while creating a pleasing and distinctive oval form. 

Quality Factors: The 4Cs

When selecting an oval 4 carat diamond ring, consider the 4 Cs: The quality of the diamond is determined by four parameters or features which are commonly known as the Four C’s namely; Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut. Several factors which determine the quality of diamond and its value are mentioned below.


  • Proportions and Symmetry: An oval cut diamond should have outstanding reproduction so that light conduction is perfect, and the oval form should be perfectly symmetrical.
  • Depth and Table Percentage: Fig 19: The percent ideal depth ranges between 58%- 66% while the percent of table ranges between 53%-63 % depending on the required light performance.


  • Colour Grades: Oval diamonds may show more colour than a round cut diamond of similar clarity grade. Strive for an H colour grade or even higher for the best effect and a nearly colourless beauty.
  • Fluorescence: Low sheen is desirable in order to have no bluish tint when the material is viewed under specific lightings.


  • Inclusion Visibility: Interestingly, in skins that are oval-shaped, inclusions might stand out even more than in other shapes due to the bigger surface. It is advisable to choose clarity grade above VS2 when dealing with eye-clean level of inclusion.
  • Position of Inclusions: Prongs or settings at the edges are also more easily camouflaged than inclusions that are close to the surface of the diamond.


  • Balancing the 4 Cs: Avoid a situation where carat weight affects the other features of diamonds that are equally important. It means that one should choose a reasonable approach that will help to improve the diamond and make it beautiful without losing its sparkle and purity.

Choosing the Right Setting

Diamond rings with oval 4 carat enhance the beauty of the stone and at the same time, offer a covering. undefined


  • Timeless Elegance: Solitaire setting eases accentuation of the diamond size and the possibility to show off the diamond brilliance.
  • Versatility: Complement a range of bands and can be worn with different metals, suitable for a traditional style.


  • Enhanced Brilliance: A setting of additional jewels encircling the central jewel enhances the shimmering effect.
  • Illusion of Size: The halo setting assists to appear to be a much larger diamond, making the ring even more prominent.


  • Intricate Details: Timeless designs in vintage menus with attention to workmanship like the milgrain and filigree will appeal to me.
  • Historical Appeal: Especially suitable for customers who prefer antique and historical ideas for their car designs.


  • Symbolism: Symbolises not only today, but also the past and the future, which is why the rings are given during engagements.
  • Additional Sparkle: It is important to note that side stones complement the centre diamond, making it more brilliant.

Care Instructions for Oval 4 Carat Diamond Rings

It will help you keep it looking as good as new and glowing for a long time by following these procedures on how to maintain a diamond ring:

  • Regular Cleaning: You might also want to occasionally clean your ring with warm water and just a few drops of dish soap. With a soft brush, it is essential to clean the area around the diamond and the jewel itself.
  • Professional Inspections: For optimum ring hygiene and brilliance, it should be checked and re-conditioned by a professional every six months.
  • Safe Storage: It is best to place the ring into a soft-lined jewel case or separate them in a way that will not cause any friction or scuffing.


An oval 4 carat diamond ring is a beautiful accessory that expresses adoration and intent to keep it. Cautiously considering the simple lessons about the oval cut, the 4C criteria, and various settings, you can make the right choice that will suit your personality as a woman and correspond to your preferences. 

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