All About Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery Operations

Dove Cameron, the former Disney star turned sought-after actress and singer, has long been a subject of plastic surgery speculation. Her dramatic transformation from a fresh-faced teenager to a striking beauty with chiseled features and an hourglass figure has many wondering what work she’s had done. While Dove hasn’t outright confirmed any cosmetic procedures, the evidence seems to suggest she’s undergone multiple enhancements to achieve her current look. Let’s dive into the alleged plastic surgery operations behind Dove Cameron’s remarkable makeover.

Dove Cameron Before Plastic Surgery

Before becoming a household name, Dove Cameron grew up in Seattle and got her start on the Disney Channel show “Liv and Maddie” in 2013 at just 17 years old. Photos from her early career show a cute but largely unremarkable young woman with softer facial features, a slightly wider nose, thin lips, and a more natural physique.

Dove Cameron Before Plastic Surgery

However, as she transitioned from a child star into an adult actress appearing in racy music videos and gracing magazine covers, Dove’s appearance changed dramatically – fueling rampant speculation about potential plastic surgeries.

Dove Cameron’s Rise to Superstardom

After wrapping up her dual roles on the popular Disney series “Liv and Maddie” in 2017, Dove quickly shed her wholesome child star image. She took on an edgy new persona, starring in the dystopian TV movie “Descendants” as well as its sequels while launching a music career as a solo pop artist.

As her fame exploded, so too did the buzz around Dove’s seemingly enhanced looks. Her Instagram following soared into the tens of millions as fans couldn’t get enough of her sultry photoshoots showing off a bodies transformation many suspect was surgically assisted.

All of Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery Operations

So what plastic surgery operations is Dove Cameron rumored to have undergone? Based on the striking before and after comparisons, the list appears to include:

  • Nose job
  • Breast augmentation
  • Lip fillers
  • Facial fillers or implants
  • Potential upper blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)

Let’s examine the evidence behind each of these alleged procedures.

Where It Started: Dove Cameron Nose Job

One of the most obvious changes to Dove’s appearance is her substantially refined nose. Comparing her side profiles pre- and post-fame reveals a much straighter, slightly upturned nasal bridge with a dramatically thinner tip and smaller nostrils.

Where It Started Dove Cameron Nose Job

“Dove Cameron undoubtedly had a nose job to make her nose look smaller, more refined, and create a straight nasal profile,” explains celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Deepak Dugar. “The tip looks refined, the bridge looks straighter, and the nostrils look pinched – all signs of rhinoplasty.”

Getting a nose job is one of the most common cosmetic procedures, especially for women in the spotlight. By streamlining and softening her once bulbous nasal features, Dove achieved a gorgeous, proportional look more fitting for the Hollywood bombshell persona she took on.

Dove Cameron Breast Augmentation

Another area of major transformation for Dove is her dramatic curve appeal. She’s gone from a modest bust size to sporting breast implants that accentuate her cleavage and hourglass figure.

“There’s no mystery here – this is a clear boob job. Going from an A-cup to a full D, with a nicely shaped cleavage and profile, can only be achieved through breast augmentation with implants,” says Dr. Maxwell Tuffli, a plastic surgery expert.

Breast augmentations can help boost a woman’s confidence, sex appeal, and ability to wear certain clothing. For celebrities constantly in the public eye like Dove, surgery provides an easy way to get more enviable curves.

Dove Cameron Lip Filler Not Just Speculation

Dove’s luscious, pillowy pout is a signature look – but those bee-stung lips weren’t something she was born with. Comparing old and new photos provides quite obvious evidence that she’s had lip filler injections to plump up her mouth area.

Dove Cameron Lip Filler Not Just Speculation

“The after photos clearly show significantly fuller, plumper lips with that characteristically smooth upper lip curve and sharp cupid’s bow associated with lip fillers like Juvederm or Restylane,” notes Dr. Ryan Neinstein, a plastic surgery expert. “Her lips went from thin to extremely defined and pouty, which is essentially impossible to achieve without injectable fillers.”

Lip augmentation has become one of the most in-demand “lunchtime procedures” as women covet Dove’s full, sensual lip look. While it may be temporary through dissolvable fillers, her plump pout has been a fixture for years now.

Dove Cameron Face Implants or Just Fillers?

In addition to lip fillers, experts suspect Dove may have also had other facial fillers or even implants to achieve her striking bone structure and chiseled features. Her cheeks look significantly more projected and sculpted compared to her earlier years, with a much stronger jaw and chin definition.

Dove Cameron Face Implants or Just Fillers

According to Dr. Michael Salzhauer, “Dove appears to have had injectable facial fillers like Radiesse or Voluma to augment her cheeks, chin, and jawline – creating more angularity and bone definition in these areas. It’s also possible she had cheek or chin implants for more permanent projection.”

By subtly enhancing and sharpening her bone structure, fillers or implants give Dove an instantly more mature, modelesque look tailor-made for the sexy roles she’s taken on.

Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery Might Include an Upper Blepharoplasty

Another aspect of Dove’s appearance that seems to have evolved is her bright, wide-eyed look. Speculation exists that she may have had an upper blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) to achieve a more youthful, “peachy” aesthetic.

“Dove appears to have had an upper blepharoplasty, where the outer skin is removed from the upper eyelids to create a crease and more open look,” observes Dr. William Portnow, an oculoplastic surgeon. “This gives her that signature bright-eyed, refreshed appearance.”

An upper eyelid lift opens up the eyes to counteract hooded lids or excess skin that can make one look older and more tired. For young starlets like Dove, it provides a perpetually wide-awake, almost doe-eyed effect perfect for the camera.

Dove Cameron Before and After Plastic Surgery

Seeing the before and after shots side-by-side really highlights just how transformative Dove Cameron’s alleged cosmetic work has been:

Dove Cameron Before and After Plastic Surgery

From relatively ordinary teenage looks to a smoldering bombshell transformation, the extent of Dove’s presumed surgeries is quite staggering. Many may argue she’s taken her enhancements too far, veering into an overly artificial territory. However, she seems confident and comfortable in owning her new appearance.

While fans can debate the ethics of so much work at a young age, there’s no denying the successful result in Dove achieving that classically glamorous aesthetic perfectly suited for Hollywood stardom.


Whether undergoing multiple invasive surgeries by her mid-20s is admirable or concerning, one thing’s for sure – Dove Cameron’s physical transformation has been truly jaw-dropping. The former Disney darling bears little resemblance to her earlier self, having seemingly indulged in a full body makeover including a nose job, breast augmentation, lip fillers, facial fillers/implants, and possibly an upper blepharoplasty to achieve her quintessential pop star looks.

Only Dove knows her true treatment history, which she remains tight-lipped about despite rampant speculation. But the before and after evidence seems to speak for itself. Thanks for joining our deep dive into Dove Cameron’s alleged plastic surgery journey!

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