4 Most Interesting Board Games to Play Right Now

Since board games date back to antiquity, it’s not unusual that this fun type of tabletop game has had its ups and downs. Every time it seemed they might be forgotten, they resurfaced and won over new players.

For example, many believed that with the advent of the Internet and modern video games, interest in these games would die out, but this simply didn’t happen. On the contrary, the board game community is pretty strong and growing year by year, as more and more families unite to play various board games in their free time.

Simply put, there is something that makes these games timeless. One way to find out what is behind their popularity is to analyze the best titles among them. Our article helps you get precise information about the four best board games you can play now.


What if the history of Europe took a different direction after the First World War? That’s the basic theme of Scythe, a board game in which you become the leader of one of the many factions that control parts of the old continent.

This title became available to board game fans in 2016 and has since built up a fan base of thousands. Interestingly, you can play it alone, although, according to many, having at least two players involved is better. The maximum number of participants is limited to five.

At its core, this is a strategy game where you have to balance the resources you have to build structures, create military units, and produce goods. Completing specific objectives earns your stars. Each player can get up to six stars. The first one to achieve this wins the game.

The great success of Scythe allowed the producers to make three significant expansions. In addition, several promo packages were created and received well by the fans.


You can’t publish a list of top board games without mentioning Monopoly. For many people, Monopoly is a synonym for board games. Interestingly, this game was released in 1935, making it the oldest on our list.

Unlike Scythe, Monopoly requires at least two players. The maximum number of players depends on the version. However, in most cases, that number is eight. The economy is the central theme of this release.

Every player can roll two dice to move on the game board. The main objective is to purchase and trade properties and upgrade them. Whoever drives the rest of the players into bankruptcy wins the game.

There are also a few features that make the game unique compared to many other board games. For instance, you can use Chance and Community Chest cards to earn (or lose) money.

Monopoly reminds us of a gambling game in a way. Players must roll dice, and the outcome determines their progress. There are situations when you can take risks, but you can also apply a strategy to improve your position.

It is no exaggeration to say that if you are successful in this game, you also have an excellent foundation to be successful in the casino. This is especially true for casino sites like the Bovada gambling website, where you can find dice games and other options that involve strategy and probability assessments, such as poker, craps, or blackjack.

Remarkably, much like poker, monopoly requires a combination of skill, strategy, and chance, as both games involve reading opponents, managing resources, and making decisions on incomplete information. However, obviously, poker’s complexity and the potential for life-changing wins set it apart from the board game genre.


Although the excitement of rivalry in most board games is one of the reasons why many players adore them, some titles also show that cooperation has advantages.

One of the most successful examples of what we are talking about is Mysterium. This cooperative board game includes card guessing elements. It also brings additional excitement because it also includes crime/mystery elements.

This time, one of the players must act as the ghost of a murdered man who can communicate with the rest of the participants through cards. The other participants are mediums who must find out what the cards mean. By uncovering their meaning, the crime will be solved.

In this case, we have a game that at least two or seven players can play. There is also a limited play time of 42 minutes. In terms of gameplay length, this title is shorter than usual.

Let’s not forget that Mysterium also has two expansions that extend the fun this game provides.

Small World

Although published in 2009, Small World is a board game that still enjoys enormous popularity. Parts of the concept behind this game match those of Scythe, but instead of humans, here, humans control fantasy races. So, this is a medieval fantasy-themed game.

This strategy game, which is available in several world languages, uses tokens as a means to help players conquer territories. The game ends when a certain number of rounds are completed. The player with the best score (most conquered territories) at that moment is the winner.

It’s worth mentioning that Small World can be played with two to five players. The game lasts between 40 and 80 minutes. So far, this title has received several expansions.

Additionally, this is a multi-award-winning board game. Finally, interestingly, there is also an iPad version.

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